Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 8, 2008

Leehom’s new song – “Heartbeat”

Video: MistaCooL17 @ Youtube

::Edit:: Here’s the teaser for his upcoming album (LOOK. ABS.)

Click here for the translation of the introduction and lyrics (it’s under ‘more info’)

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore this guy??? Put it this way, if I had to choose between Leehom and the whole of DBSK, I’d choose Leehom. YES, THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE THE GUY *________________*

I’ll save all the “sldkh;sdajghsadOMGITSWANGLEEHOMILOVEHIM”s for the LEEHOMISM pimp post that Beckery and I are working on. But this is the title track that’s going to be on his new album which will be released on December 26th. Leehom composed the song, penned the lyrics, and personally played all the instruments that you can hear (piano, bass, guitar, drums) during recording <33333333

Basically, the message of the song is to stop, rest, and pay attention to the small things *_* This is just a radio preview and it’s already got me going sldksakgfhsadlkghw;oihga;dkj.,mkjhsdafglksa XDD. This song has sooo many layers; I remember reading an article about how he set some kind of record with this song because he mixed together so many layers, lol XD It’s not one of my favourite Leehom songs yet (hellooo, Forever love, Kiss Goodbye *_*) but I really like the message of the song and the melody and his VOICE. OMG HE SOUNDS SO GOOOOOOOOD *____________________________________*

I’ll let Beckery come edit this later, cos I know that she’ll have lots to say about the song too :P

You’re damn right she does!!!


All these hearts dont show you even a little bit of how much I LOVE THIS BOY!!!! WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT LEEHOM!?!?!

There are hardly any songs that gets me falling head over heels on the first listen but Leehom songs are always a BIG BIG exception. This one is definitely no different ($&(*$&*(#&(*&. That voice does wonders I tell you!!! Oh em gee, I’m so in love with the song already and its my second listen. HE NEEDS TO RELEASE THAT ALBUM LIKE YESTERDAY!!! And the lyrics are beautiful. He always writes such beautiful and touching lyrics <333333 And yes I dont think I’m making sense, cuz I need to drop everything now and concentrate on that voice and that song.





    *bows* That is all.

    *will check song later but omgajdfkaldjfoasd LEEHOM*

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. ahh okay so i just looked up leehom on wiki and he is from rochester new york which is where i live! :O he went to pittsford sutherland a high school really near mine!!!!!!
    okay i’m done spazzing now. this is the first time i learned of a celebrity who i liked who was from rochester. i don’t know why i didn’t figure this out before but i think he should definitely come back to rochester IMMEDIATELY so i can run into him “accidentally” ^O^

  4. Omg, so you’ve like, breathed his air :O!!!!! I AM SO JEALOUS :'((((( Have you heard him speak English? HIS ACCENT IS SO ADORABLE <3333

    I’m hoping to bump into him “accidentally” when I got to HK next month *_* And then I’ll kidnap him and fly him to Australia. MWAHAHAHAHA

  5. I have to admit that I am forever a lurker and silent reader (here and everywhere) but because you guys love Leehom as much as I absolutely love and adore him, I have to give big fat hugs and kisses all over!!

    I was starting to feel alone in my Leehom-loving world….

    (I have heard him speaking english and and I die a little each time)

    • HI :DD

      Yep, Beckery and I love Leehom. Actually, “love” is a bit soft, more like we’d give up all the money in our bank account to meet him and then kill each other for that chance XD We’re planning a LEEHOMISM countdown post for his Heartbeat album release; suggestions are welcome :DDD

      His English songs are soooooo much love <333333333

  6. I’m loving the song :) I can’t wait for his album to come out. I seen a picture of the album cover and he just looked so yummy :D

    why don’t you guys do a post of your favorite songs from him or do a post of his previous albums for those who hasn’t discovered him till the day his album is released.

    • Yea, that’s what we were planning to do. And I think we’re gonna add in a few pictures too, cos um, he’s gorgeous *_*

      Which album cover picture did you see? Was it the one of him naked with the orange heart??? Lol, bad description ^^;;;

  7. Haha nice, a countdown! And you and Beckery might have to fight me for him. I missed the chance for him to fall in love with me last year when I missed his concert..and I had 2 chances!!! Stupid, why did I cheat on him and go to Jay’s concert instead??

    I have no suggestions. My brain is absolutely fried for ideas at this time. Art universities are killer on the creative mind.

    • 13 Leehoms? OMG THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC *______________*

      You went to Jay’s concert last year??? How was that? Jay Chou, JJ Lin and Leehom are three of the artists who are on the top of my “MUST SEE” list. Their concerts always look so fun *_* Plus, all three sing live, which makes a concert that much more worthwile ^^

  8. Just to add:

    I’m running on no sleep and high on spray paint fumes…but I would give up Super Junior for Leehom…imagine 13 Leehoms all around you…oh yeah. . … . ….. . . . .. . . . .

  9. any chance anyone knows if his parents/family still live in rochester?? because i just turned into a super creepy stalker and checked to see if there were any wangs living in pittsford and there are two which both are like 10 minutes away from me basically..if he decides to visit his family i could totally run into him at the grocery store or something..ahhh i have to stop fantasizing about this


      But um, so am I cos I actually know the answer to your question, ROFL XD. His parents are still there, and I think his grandmother is too? He has two brothers, an older one who’s married, and a younger one who’s in college atm (i think) so there’s a really good chance that you’ll see his family members wandering around your area :P I’m not sure how often he goes home though…..last year he went home for thanksgiving ^^

      Omg why do I know all that. *goes to wash mind out*

  10. PAS and all you lovely people at IMOP….


    I love Leehom and aaaaaaahghgjhhikhjkdlwjef!!! Just thank you. You made my day.


  11. jujubeans is talking about Jay Chu? that guy is amazing, loved him in Secret, he had a concert in Toronto like last month but i couldn’t go because it was actually really expensive, it had me wondering if they forgot to change the currency lol.

  12. Pinkandsparkly:
    Leehom, Jay, and JJ are my loves and in that order. What i’d give to see all 3 performing together…a girl can dream. There’s nothing wrong with stalking…I prefer to think of it as getting well aquainted and loving from afar. Its just their bad judgement that they don’t love me back.

    Yep..Jay Chou! I haven’t watched Secret but Yu Hao was there and they did their little “battle” from the movie. (Yu’s so cute!) Stupid USC wouldn’t let the concert go past 10:30..I wanted more encores!!

  13. PAAAAAAAAAAAAS ♥ I ♥ you so much right now ♥♥ LEEHOM IS SO MUCH A;SLDKHALS;DF. And JJ Lin. Those two are so much love together I can’t even fathom. And and and this soooong ♥ I’ll try not to (il)legally download his album for as long as I can because uh I found JJ’s Sixology album in a magazine store near a restaurant I go to like every week, but I already downloaded it so I was sad *draws imaginary tear*

    OMG a Leehom pimp post. It’ll be PERFECT ♥ (I’m not sure how I know that but it will be). And oooh…. absies (: Yum.

    To summarize….. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥^92835729834720. Do the math.

  14. Monnynim:


    Yea, idk why their concerts overseas are always sooooo expensive (tickets can’t cost that much, can it :S) I remember that Rain’s concert in Australia went for $500AUD a ticket O_O

    I’d love to see ANY of them perform XD I’m hoping to catch Leehom when I go to China in January….I’m going to HK, Beijing and Shanghai….he HAS to be at one of those places!!

    Lol at their “bad judgment”. I like the way you think, girl ;)

    P.S. I LOVED THE PIANO BATTLE IN “SECRET”!!!! I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I’ve seen that bit like, 10 times XD

    Oooo, I always download the entire album first, and then if I like it, I go out and buy it ^^ I still haven’t bought Mirotic or Sixology…..I’m planning on buying it from HK when I go there next month ^^

  15. PAS:
    Isn’t his Music-Man tour going on right now? >< He’s already passed through Shanghai but he’ll be in Macau in early January!! GO GO GO!

  16. PAS: yup that’s the album cover I seen :) Lol I’ll be waiting for your pimp post :D

  17. lol I feel bad if I download something and I just buy the album after because I start feeling like I’m ripping myself off. Is that weird? D:

    And another thing: a gift for you ISN’T THAT SO COOL? And look at the top of the test- I got 100%!! It’s like your name gave me strength to finish my test (: Because on all of my other tests I only had one other 100% ♥

  18. I never been into mando-pop before *too occupied with k-pop fandoms*, but seeing you guys very excited about this, i guess it’s worth a try then :)

  19. Jujubeans:
    Macau in early January, eh? I’ll be in china from late jan to early february :S His album is coming out at the end of the month though, so he has to be doing some sort of promotion…right??? :DDD

    Btw, Candychu missed out on JJ Lin performing. He went to TVB station yesterday (or the day before?) to perform “little dimples” with Charlene LIVE and CANDYCHU DIDN’T GO because she said it was too “late” :'((((

    I think we’ll have the first one out by Friday (hopefully ^^)

    AWWWW, I FEEL SPECIAL :DDDDDDD You’re so cute *hugs*

    Trig used to be my favourite topic in maths, to ^^ Except I think I got 98% in my test… yay for you for getting 100% :DDD Smarty pants :P

    And I get what you mean about the download thing. Cos I rarely listen to CDs now, so when I buy my CDs, it’s normally just to look at, then shove in my drawer and forget about XD Kinda a waste of money, which is why I always wait for the LAST repackage to come out before I buy anything now :P

    There is a LOT of great Cpop out there! Have you seen the pimp post that I co-wrote with Spazzes??? Tell me if you need a link ^^

  20. Leehom composed the song AND penned the lyrics AND personally played all the instruments that you can hear? I love the song already! <3

  21. lol NO, I actually don’t like Trig. And the Laws of Sines and Cosines are evil ): My brain is hurting D:

    XDD I know huh. It’s just the sense of pride I have about physically OWNING the CD that makes me want it, even though I know I can just download the songs. But YOU have self-discipline. Me? I’m too impatient (: I wouldn’t be able to wait for the last repackage if I tried. Which is why I feel sorry for myself since I’m probably not getting the repackaged SHINee or Mirotic albums because I already have it ><
    But I DO have some self-discipline. I’m feeling really sorry for myself right now, but I’m not going to JJ’s concert in Vegas in December TT-TT I’d love to, and I can get the tickets, but it’s a rip off and I kind of want to save the money. So right now I’m feeling really depressed, but I’m trying to feel good about saving and not spending ♥

  22. alsjdkfl where did my comment go? :( :(

    LOL ANYWAY!! WRITE THAT LEEHOM PIMP POST WRITE IT WRITE IT WRITE IT <33333333. I fail at keeping up with this guy, I didn’t even know he had a new album coming out lol. I can’t wait for it <333333.

    (Also, I am finally done with stupid finals and will e-mail you after I sleep off this ginormous headache from pulling an all-nighter last night XD. But I love you and miss you and will chat with you soon!)

  23. Purplefanatic:
    Lol, exactly, after reading that, I was like I DON’T CARE IF IT WILL SOUND LIKE TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR, I MUST LOVE IT :DDD

    I remember SOH CAH TOA :D I think it was that anyway XDDD

    Lol, I don’t buy it for the pride issue, cos I never actually show my CDs to my friends XD They lecture me on how I should save up the money to buy myself a pair of Jimmy Choos/an LV bag instead of spending it on pretty boy merchandise =______=;;; So I just buy it for the shiny pictures and DVDs XD

    You’re not going to see JJ Lin?! AND YOU CAN GET THE TICKETS?? BUT YOU’RE NOT GOING????? DDDDD: WHYYYYYYYYYY. I’ve already yelled at Candice for blowing JJ off (he performed in HK yesterday and she didn’t go cos it was “too late”) now it’s your turn. WHYAREN’TYOUGOINGTOGOSEEJJLINWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYYYY

    Wordpress ate it :D

    YAY, YOU’RE DONE WITH FINALS, I’VE MISSED YOUUUUU. How’d your exams go? I’m sure you did great ^^v

    My friend is in Hawaii atm; I told him that if he sees an asian girl listening to asian music while staring at pretty boys on her laptop, to say hi from me XDDD He was like “um….sure…..”. So if a random guy comes up to you and says “Jenny says hi” then that’s my friend, rofl XD

    Hope you have an awesome break (summer break or winter break? lol, I have no idea what the weather in Hawaii is like XD) Your friend is visiting, right?? HAVE FUN :D

    Talk soon <3

  24. epicism:
    JJ’s IN VEGAS?? How is it that I totally missed that? And here, I was going to be in Vegas too from 25-27 to go see another concert. But you’re right. I just looked it up and tickets are $$ (I’m almost sure its because he’s at Ceasars). Instead, I’m going for Hacken (I love his voice and it’s cheaper at MGM. Go fig).

    Maybe I’ll attend both………

    To whoever is taking Trig, I feel for you and your head. My head hurts right now too. Having to come up with room/space and furniture designs and then building them requires too much thinking. And the lack of sleep mixed with paint and glue fumes don’t help any, I’m sure.

  25. Okay…this is what happens when one does not sleep!! I was looking on the site for JJ tickets…and OMG!! LEEHOM IS COMING TO VEGAS!!! Guess who is soooo totally going to be there??

  26. ^^^^



    You HAVE to tell me all about it, okay?????? EVERY DETAIL. When is it, btw?


    P.S. Your uni subject sounds fun :D Do you do interior designs?

  27. PAS:
    I’m not sure if fun is the word I’d use to describe it right now (too much stress!!). I’m starting my Interior Architecture and Design studies and its crazy…week after week of project and drawings.

    The concert it at the end of January – the 29th to be exact. I have to find someone to go with me. You and beckery come over and lets all go! Forget Shanghai and Beijing.

  28. I used to want to do interior design (back when i was in my Sims phase XD) but then I realised that I can’t actually draw :\ lol XD;;;


    I wish. I really want to go to LV to visit the M&Ms museum :( STALK LEEHOM FOR ME ;__;

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