Posted by: beckery | December 8, 2008

[Poll] DBSK’s Suits Galore

One major thing that I look out for whenever DBSK performs ‘Wrong Number’ are their spiffy suits. Its always changing, its always making them look hella good and it definitely always makes me go “goo goo gah gah” haha. I’m actually waiting for the day they wear tuxes to perform *___* (Tuxedo Mask ♥ LOL)

I seriously have a hard time picking my favourite out of all of them, so how bout you tell me which one rocks your socks the most XDDDD

ROFL I have no idea what the technical terms for the different suit styles are so yes, bare with my dodgy descriptions lol. If you dont remember or cant decipher from my awesome descriptions, the photos for each one are under the cut XDD

Credits to DNBN


  1. Ah you couldn’t chose one at all?!

    I like number two or winter style LMAO. I just laughed for like 10 minutes when I saw the plaid pants. And I think Junsu looked real good.

    But OMG I could have gone Grey just because Chun wore specs. Pure sex. He was Inspector Gadget! :OO

    I can admit that pinstripe was probably the hottest though.

  2. My answer would be: birthday suit.
    Changmin would look best in that.


    *runs away*

    p.s LOL omg your descriptions do suck AHAHAHHAA. But I say that out of love XD.

    p.p.s are you going to write [Poll] in all the posts with polls from now on? Does that mean Ill have to edit that into our old posts?

  3. I pick the all black suit or the pin stripe suits they wore. Lol for me they looked really HOT in those, but then again I have a thing for guys who look like they just walked off the cat walk on some fashion show haha.

  4. lol leave it to me to vote for the wrong one, thank god this wasn’t the presidential elections. Well they look good in anything, and i agree with candyshu, birthday suits should be an option, i guess SM missed out on that.

  5. Pinstripe for sure. Nothing gets me more than a hot guy in a pinstripe suit.

  6. Ringy
    Haha actually I was leaning towards the pinstripe suits a bit more than the others, but seriously, suits in general are SO DAMN HOT ON BOYS *_*

    I actually cringed at the winter styled ones hahaha. The pants must go!!! Otherwise it would have been pretty nice….

    T_____T And here you’re telling the world that *I’m* a bad influence!

    And yes, I agree my descriptions suck, but bb I’m pretty sure you cant do any better =P And umm I dont know why i wrote [Poll] haha, but dont have to bother putting them in all our old posts. Too lazy XDD

    I agree!! I think black suits always looks best.. It oozes so much manliness hahaha…I have a weakness for guys in suits. Especially with a few buttons at the top undone, the tie a bit loose and messy. The whole rugged, “i-dont-care” look is too sexy *__*

    HAHA Remind me to tell the government that you shouldnt be involved in any important elections in future =P And honey, your just as naughty as Candies!!!

    Lol. Yesh, I was leaning a bit more towards the pinstripe aswell. They look good enough for me to kidnap and make them walk down the aisle with me XDDD

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