Posted by: potensvita | December 9, 2008

All I want for Christmas is … that mic

Laughs. Recently, I think Korea started their Christmas festivals. That means festive songs are being performed. If I’m wrong, Tae Yoong and the WG did a collab, right?


YounHa sung All I want for Christmas is You. And I just want to have that mic, to hang it up in my room. laughs.

credit : hweeriric @ youtube.

She performed Scars Deeper than Love too. Maybe you will find this a bit deja vuish? because this is the same song that Jae Joong performed with Lina at the SM concert. The whole fiasco was because it ended with a hug from Jae Joong to Lina. laughs. I love this pairing. Anyway,

watch this performance here, with YounHa and JK Kim Dong Uk.


  1. lol why do you want the mic, is it cause Younha held it? i don’t know much about her, but from all the artist setting out for America, i would pick her.

  2. yes. of course it is because Younha held it. lol. YEAH. i would definitely pick her. besides, have you heard her cover of Kelly Clarkson – Because of You?

    Do listen. ^^


    Hearing this song gets you in to the spirit of Christmas, even when your sick (like me). hehe her cover of Because of You is awesome. I wish she’s promoted more by her company since she’s really talented.

  4. aww.. you are sick? I think you better rest more and then, you can celebrate christmas with ur family.

    I hope that she is promoted also. But in Korea, it is like you seemed to be unable to gain fame unless u are in SM.

    But I still love her. ^^

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