Posted by: lovediaries | December 9, 2008

Lee Hyunji feat. Onew – Vanilla Love MV

The Official one is finally out aslfjkfjfasd!!!! Watch it HERE!!!!

I don’t really like this song because it’s so happy and girly but I do listen to it because I love the way Onew sings “secshii~”. I also really like Lee Hyunji. Idk, there’s something really cute about her that appeals to me which sort of contradicts why I don’t like the song…but anyway XD.

Internet is taking forever to load the video, so bbl!

Hmm, it’s basically only got some new snippets :/ They’ve included some parts from the last video released where Hyunji and Onew were recording the song. Onew is so smiley aslfjalfjsd *________*. And then at 1.01 how in love did he look!?!??! *heart skips a beat* lalalaa~


  1. ondubu
    credits to randy19972
    it’s so retarded i think i almost died xD
    heehee ENJOY!

    happy birthday minho! (:

  2. Onew = ♥ Whyishesocute? 8DDD

    Haha, I agree, Hyunji is cute…. in a dorky sort of way, puahaha.

  3. ack my comment got cut off T_T anyways i meant to say was that there is a parody of amigo about minho’s birthday on randy19972 youtube channel go watch! :D

  4. Hi!!! It’s been a while since I commented!
    And so many things have changed around here..
    I have a lot to catch up too. LOL
    How are you guys?

    Anyway, I like Vanilla Love. It’s such a sweet song although a little childish XD And Hyunji is cute but I know there’s many who doesn’t like her. :) I think she will be promoting this song since they’ve released a part 2 ( a remix ). I hope so, more Onew! XDXD

    And the best new is…… JONGHYUN IS GOING TO PERFORM Y SI FUERA ELLA on the 12th and 14th!!!!!! I’m excited!


  6. :) Onew is just to damn adorable! I have to listen to this song more, it’s a sweet song. I love the fact that Onew’s all smiles in the MV.

  7. *dying of cuteness overloads* ONEWWW! <3333
    now i’m just gonna wait for the live perf of this, and after that i could go to straight onew.heaven lol XDDD

  8. tristabelle
    Ooh you have a really pretty username lol is it your real name? And thank you for the video! ^^

    Yeah I can’t believe Hyunji is like 20 something already. She acts like she’s still a young teenager XD.

    ITS YOU!!! *clings* Where have you been!?!??! I’ve missed you and your comments SO MUCH. You disappeared for so long DD:

    We’re all holiday-ing atm so we’re all good, thanks. And you? Has work kept you busy or what? :/

    ALSO THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW!! That’s tonight omg alsfjasdfskjf. I’m so glad they’re performing more songs off their album. Ahhh Jonghyun!! Hope fans are quick tonight :DDD.

    I know! My love for Onew just keeps growing stronger and stronger! :DD

    The lyrics are really cute actually, you should go read them!

    Omg imagine a life performance! That would be so cute ^^

  9. Hey! I missed you too! *Gives you a hug!

    I’ve been busy with work, yes. :( But now I’m on vacation!!! Only one month though but still enough for me to catch-up on my fandom. XD Gah, I’m thinking of tricking my supervisor into allowing me to choose my work schedule. Haha!

    I hope you guys are enjoying your holiday. I read your in Hong Kong? Must be fun!! I’m just stuck at home. XD

    I haven’t read other entries yet. Still catching up on SHINee. XD LOL priority. :P

  10. ^Yay *huggles*. Ooh one month is still good! Have a good holiday! Lie around all day and do nothing. Haha well its been lonely so far but it’ll get funner, I’m sure :D.

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