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2008 Golden Disk Awards

List of Award Winners

-Disk (DBSK)
-Digital (Jewelry)

-Disk (DBSK, Kim Dong Ryul, Sg Wannabe, Rain, Brown eyes, Shinhwa)
-Digital (Mc Mong,Brown eyed girls, Jewelry, Wonder Girls)

YEPP NewComer Award
-Disk (Shinee)
-Digital (Davichi)

YEPP Popularity Award
-Disk (Sun Ho Young, DBSK)
-Digital (FT Island, SNSD)

Trot Award
-Digital (Jang Yoon Jeong)

Rock Award
-Disk (Nell)

Special Award
Kim Chang Wan

Big Bang (and Epik High) won nothing WTH!?!?!?!? Big Bang and Hyori weren’t actually there tonight because they were at Hyori’s Concert. That’s about all I know because I can’t go on Soompi ^^”.

The other authors should be editing this post with pictures and more videos later but I just had to post up the SHINee ones first ;DDD!!! (And also because SHINee fans are super fast.)


I wrote like an essay for their Performance because I’m really excited but there’s no one to spazz with *glares at PAS and bec*.

Image Hosted by
Hello to Taemin who clearly isn’t 15

SHINee’s Performance – I can’t get past the first 30 seconds ALKDJASLD DAMNIT. But for those with good internet, SERIOUSLY WATCH. The boys have their Rainbow-Vomit outfits hidden underneath a black cloak and have ropes tied to each of their hands mmmm bondage. The stage looks like a Puppet Show and they start to dance like robotic puppets (because puppets aren’t really that stiff, are they?). They’re so freaking awesome but the video is not >:( I think they perform ‘Replay’, ‘Love like Oxygen’ & ‘Amigo’ but I wouldn’t know since it’s not loading for me. *BLOWS UP IN FRUSTRATION*

But you know, I’m glad it’s taking this long to load (no, I lie, actually) because it gives me time to rewatch everything over and over since I unfortunately only have two eyes and can only stare at a particular member at a time. But seriously, they look so cool. Even Onew. Yes guys, the impossible has actually happened. Onew looks cool! At least for the puppet part, anyway.

They fling off the ropes and rip off their cloaks for ‘Replay’. Beckery tells me that SHINee were seated on the same table as Shinhwa (how cute is that!?!??!) and during ‘Replay’ you can see them mouthing to the lyrics; even if it’s for half a second XD.

Onew is wearing purple pants!!! (Is that a sign for me? XD). I think the clothes themselves aren’t actually that bad – just the colours :/. Except I was staring at Jonghyun when I decided that and maybe I change my mind now XD. He really does get the nice clothes all the time, eh? Key should get rid of that black animal (it looks like one, doesn’t it?) hanging off of his chest and he would look fine too :). Onew and Minho also need to remove those rainbow tassles thingies off of themselves *shudder*.

(Why is Taeyeon sitting alone? As in not with the other SNSD members?)
AND THEN, guess who’s face pops up on the screen to sing along (with the adlibs)??? ONLY MY TRULY BELOVED CHANGMIN <33333 *fangirly heart dies a little*.

The boys then walk down the steps and onto their chairs!!!! I forgot to comment on this earlier but Onew’s hair is 18 (almost 19 :DD) years old again as opposed to being 10! And thank goodness Taemin isn’t wearing a hat like on the Red Carpet cause I can stop pedo-ing over him :).

The camera cuts to Junsu and you can still see Changmin bopping along. SO CUTE :3 !!

Of course none of these performances are the whole songs since the clip is only 5 minutes long so they go straight into ‘Amigo’ as soon as the chairs are removed. They have lame looking “AMIGO”s in the screen behind them flashing here and there which are of course extremely distracting XD.

Key’s smile at 4.09 askfjslkjjasfd why are you so good looking, boy!?!?! Then you see Taeyeon again sitting on the same table as Yunho. Are the rest of DBSK on that table too!? Then Onew at 4.18 was sooo cute!! *gobbles*.

VIDEO DIED OMG DDDDD: I only need half a minute more. *kills self* Video came back to life *PHEW*. That was the happiest half an hour of my day today :DDDD.

SHINee receiving Award – they won Best Male Newcomer ALDJALSDJALSDLJKASDLKA :DDDDD. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I haven’t watched the clip but someone go watch and tell me what happens.


Wondergirls’ Performance – I like the change in style & music but not so much the choreography XD. Video is lagging, failing to watch whole performance T______T.


Beckery: My turn, my turn!!! And of course I’m talking about none other than my beloved Shinhwa boys ♥♥♥♥


Shinhwa receiving their Bonsang Award – AKFDLFJWOWJEJLK I AM SO FREAKIN HAPPY ATM I COULD BLOW UP BALLOONS AND HOLD A PARTY!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of them. So proud of Shinhwa Changjo. So proud of everything this award stands for. I know they didnt snag the Daesang, which would have definitely been awesome since it would be their last chance for the next 4/5 years. However, I am still sooo mighty proud and happy for them. They deserved it so so so so much.

And lets remember that there were absolutely no promotions for their album what so ever. The boys never performed any of the songs on any music shows, they never went on variety shows as a group to promote their album. There was promotions and yet they managed to win a Bonsang! <33333 SHINHWA FTW. I am so biased, sue me =P hahaha.

Anyways, apparently it was the last Bonsang for the night, which is why you can hear the fans chanting “Shinhwa Jjang” really loudly when they were about to announce it. I LOVE YOU SHINHWA CHANGJO!!! And its so touching how they played “Destiny of love” (my ultimate Shinhwa song) when the boys were getting up to get the award. :'(((((((( If only Eric, Dongwan and Andy were there. Andy would be crying, I bet. That baby *hugs him and cries together*

I’m pretty sure I heard Minwoo mention “Andy goon” (lol), but I didnt catch Dongwan or Eric’s name. NEED TRANSLATIONS PLEASE!!! I’m so proud of my boys. I really am. I know Eric is probably at home watching TV and grinning like crazy and Dongwan is probably getting congratulated by his army fellows at training camp. The deserved it, every single ounce of it. They’ll snag that Daesang when they return 4/5 years later, you watch. They will. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

P.S Hahahaha I was ranting so much I forgot to mention that they look really spiffy in their suits. Especially Minbong *___* But then, when is that guy ever anything but sexy? Mother (Hyesung) and baby (Junjin) bird are looking great in their black suits too. But why is Sungie’s hair soooo straight and flat O_O LOL


Congratulations!!! I knew he would get it. How could he not. The power of Rainism lol! <33

11 Days + Rainism Performance – Ooohh no magic stick this time, but instead we get CHAIRS!!! Lol. And wow, he has guy liner on and looks soooooo smexy with it. *_* I dont personally like “11 Days” BUT the dance was really sexy and that girl dancer is so lucky!! I’m jealous :( haha…

The dance interval between the two songs looked really intense!! I wish they didnt have all that lighting effects. I cant see him dance properly T_T “Rainism” was hot! For once, I totally approve of all the fans screaming hahaha. Very supportive of them <3 Btw is this the “censored” version? Cuz I cant tell the difference hahahahhaa. And watch till the end!! That last dancing part was SO GREAT!!! Rain never goes wrong when it comes to dancing! And him wearing a wife beater is always a must watch LOL.

Receiving Bonsang – AWWWWWWWWWWWWW THIS IS SO CUTE, IM MELTING ♥♥♥ Before Rain gets up to the stage to get his award, he gets congratulated molested by the Shinhwa boys, Mc Mong and Son Ho Young hahaha. DO YOU FEEL THE LOVE?!?!?! <333 They’re so cute doing all those manly hugs and shoulder bumps. I think Rain even gives them a shoutout when he says his thanks hahaha.




DBSK’s PerformanceDBSK WON DAESUNG :DDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (though don’t tell me you were surprised :P)

Very energetic and powerful performance. But the clothes OMG WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *clutches head* they need to fire their stylists; THE OUTFITS WERE SO HORRIBLE, THEY MADE ME DIZZY >=((((( The outfits they came in (sexy butler suits) were a LOT better compared to that checked-fur-red gloves disaster DDD:

Anyway, they performed “are you a good girl”!! Really hot and energetic live performance. Micky sounded really good, and Yunho looked angry XDDD  I was hoping that they’d perform “You’re my melody” but it’s okay, they can perform that at the next award ceremony ^^ (there is another one, right??).

The Mirotic performance, ROFLMAO XDDDDDDDDD “I GOT YOU UNDER MY SKY” WTH!!!!!!!! In case you don’t know, the Korean government made SM “clean up” the lyrics for Mirotic, cos the government officials have a dirty mind =.= So they changed “I got you under my skin” to “I got you under my sky” and omg, SOOOOOOOOOOO LAAAAAAAAAAME XDDD It was such a sexy performance, and then suddenly you hear “I got you under my sky” WTH XDDDDDDD But it was a really good live ^___^ I really, really loved watching Jonghyun bop along to the song; SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE <33333333333333333

I’ll bbl to edit with the video of them getting their Daesung…idk how to save unfinished edits without publishing :SS

Daesung Acceptance Speech: – So humble *_* Yunho’s speech was a little sad though :( I wanted to reach out and give him a hug; WE’LL NEVER FORGET YOU, BB <333. But was anyone else amused by the medal? XDD Lol, I was so thrown back by it…idk…it just seemed a little strange that a music award show awarded a medal XD Maybe it’s just me~ I loved how SDY was on stage with them :D!!! I miss that man :( He’s so funny; “are you gonna eat the mic?” XD.

I know Golden Disk is supposed to be totally objective with high credibility, etc, but if that’s the case, HOW COME BIG BANG DIDN’T GET ANYTHING >=(((( I’m not a crazy BB fangirl, and I’m happy for all the winner, but BB worked so hard this year and released SO much stuff; THEY SHOULD’VE GOTTEN SOMETHING :(


  1. OMGOMGOMGOGM have you guys watched the DBSK Mirotic performance?

    What do they say in the clean version? o.O
    And near the end you can see SHINee singing to it =)

    AND they performed are you a good girl.
    Even rain was getting into it a little XD

    Oh and the SHINee video is on youtube now =P
    When I saw the whole puppet thing I thought a pedo noona is controlling them XD
    Who is the girl at 1:49 clapping? she’s really cute XD
    If you look at what changmin is mouthing it seems like he is singing a different song XD

  2. forgot to add the link XD

  3. I was grinning like a fool during SHINee’s performance. It was so freaking awesome @&!%^$*!! It’s hard to believe that they only debuted in May. They’re amazing!!! Minho looks good in anything. The rainbow thing looks good on him xDD But on Onew it’s a bit funny hahah. At least they don’t have an extremely weird outfit like Jaejoong’s when he performed Are you a good girl. Eek, that was strange.

    Rain looked hot on stage!! His dancing is just too good. <3 I think the song was censored because I didn’t hear magic stick. HAHA What was it replaced with anyway? I’m not too sure =X It wasn’t english like DBSK’s ‘Under my sky’ ROFL

  4. :D Shinee’s performance was awesome as usual. Like purplefanatic I can’t believe they just debuted in May, it seems like they’ve been doing this for years. I’m not really liking the rainbow theme outfits but whatever. That was cute when they cut to show Shinhwa members and Changmin singing along with them :)

    O_o I just watched the DBSK performance, Jae’s outfit …. don’t know whether to wish he didn’t bother wearing that furry vest and just go topless or to wish he was covered up more. *I’ll go with the first, since those abs are do die for* I didn’t enjoy the “Are you a good girl” performance as much as Mirotic. I think there’s something off I don’t know *I might be just imagining it*

    Rain’s performance was good, I got to admit that man can dance like no other. Lol he did the censored version ah well. Congrats!

    Have you watched the Wonder Girls performance yet? I really liked this remix version, the only other version I liked for “Nobody” was the Disco version they did at MKMF. Here’s the link:

    YAY!!!! Shinhwa WON :D Hearing Shinhwa Chanjo cheering was great. You can tell the boys are missed so much already. T_T Andy couldn’t make it, but it was great seeing the other 3 there to accept the award. :) Minwoo thanked their fan club first. Too bad Sungie didn’t win for his 3rd album that would have been great too.

  5. OMG. Did you hear the Mirotic performance? Under my sky?!? WTH? That doesn’t even make sense! They could’ve even gone with “I’ve got you, stuck in my mind” or something like that. But sky? That was hilarious. And I’m so happy they performed Are You a Good Girl!

  6. Ok, I watched the DBSK and SHINee performances, and they are SO GOOD.
    Highlights for me:
    – Junsu and Changmin sound sooooo sexy in Are You a Good Girl
    – Changmin’s little solo in the front was really really hot
    – Onew and Jonghyun mouthing the lyrics to Mirotic
    – Yunjae backflip
    – When they sat down on the steps and Yunho did some sort of dance.
    – Yunho’s dance solo.
    – A buildup that led up to one of Changmin’s best screams in a Mirotic performance. Oh my he’s talented.
    – Jonghyun bobbing his head emphatically and Minho smiling straight at the camera.
    – Hearing “I’ve got youuuuuu, under my sky.” LOL

    Their outfits were a bit eh though, especially Jae’s. I also thought the red gloves didn’t really match. But that was an awesome performance :). I also loved the puppet thing for SHINee. Very creative producers.

  7. Haha, you two are so funny, I loved reading your commentaries. ^^ Aww, candychu, I love how SHINee-biased you are – it gives me the warm fuzzies. I’m sorry you couldn’t watch the videos properly though but at least you could see it at all. I’m so happy SHInee won – and Onew cried and Jonghyun had his arm around him for support (CUTE!) and then when Onew couldn’t continue, Key took up the mantle and said the rest of the ‘thank you’s. Onew was the only one who really cried but Key was a little teary. And cutest thing of all-just before Onew broke down, he managed a big grin and said ‘Saraghamnida, SHINee World”. OMG, IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I’m kind of happy?

    Performance was super ot too – loved teh puppet entrance thingie with the pedo noona controlling them and Taemin’s little solo and seeing them perform LLO again – I cannot say how much I missed watching them perform that song -a nd seeing them perform and look happy and excited and into it – and seeing a member of Shinhwa and Changmin (I really love him now) singing along and Taeyeon looking all happy (btw, I don’t think the other girls were there) – it just warmed my heart. And I am very happy now.

    But all of the performances were fantastic tho, seriously – loved DBSK’s and WG’s and SHINee’s and Rain’s was pretty cool too. It was a good show – appreciate your spazz!

  8. Agh, so many typos – and what a long comment! Sorry! Let’s just say I’m too happy to be coherent.

  9. OMO! The SHINee performance was love. Bondage FTW~
    Ooh, and I WANT TO PINCH JONGHYUN’S CHEEKS SO BADLYYY when I saw him in the Mirotic perf. So cute, singing along to his sunbaenim’s song~
    -end fangirling.-
    Oh right, and Key’s too pretty for his own good; I envy that boy. D;

  10. Abdul
    Thanks for the links!!
    And the changed lyrics are “under my sky”. Wth, right?
    The girl you were talking about should be Taeyeon (from SNSD) since she’s the only girl I recall being shown in the audience ^^”.

    You should’ve seen me lol XD. I need to get the HQ dl when I’m back in Australia!! *writes note to self*.

    Argh I’m so tempted to rewatch it now lol but I can’t risk killing my net. Must save it for Jonghyun’s solo tonight!!

    I sort of ran out of patience with my comp during WG’s performance (sorry to them) but I left the computer while DBSK’s was loading and though I wanted to throw the comp out multiple times I’m glad I resisted. They were so good and Changmin’s note omg. I love him so much alskfjafks <333

    Haha but can you blame me for being SHINee biased? I just watched DBSK’s performance though and omg laksjfklsfjsd it was freaking amazing. I’m glad you’re loving Changmin loads now. He’s really an awesome boy!

    Alex Ryom
    I envy Key too. He definitely lives up to his name :PP.

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