Posted by: beckery | December 11, 2008

Suju Boys in the City Season 2 Pics and Scans

::EDIT:: More pics added!

I’ve only found some pictures so far (mostly Siwon’s haha), but I’ll keep editing in more when I find more.  XDDDD

The desk calendar pictures look really nice so far *___* They pose with alot of instruments which is a big PLUS. Boys playing guitars and drums make me swooooooon lol. Not really digging Siwon’s hair in some of them, but THIS PHOTO of him and Kangin totally make up for everything. They look too cute <3


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  1. damn you, super junior. why do you tempt me so?

  2. *__* BEAUTIFUL~


  4. hua..i want more kibum =)

  5. Beautiful pics :) Siwon still had his long hair :D
    I like the pic of Donghae and Leeteuk together & of course Korea’s F4 (Siwon, Heechul, Kibum & Han Geng) well that’s what I call them anyways.

  6. paperteuk
    Lol. I KNOW RIGHT! SM and his smart plans grrr

    Hahahah yes, i’m glad they picked up on the mistake =_=

    Drools with you =P

    I’m sure theres more Kibum, I just havent found it yet :(

    LOL. I have mixed thoughts about Siwon and his long hair, so I shall not comment on that =P Ohhh yeaaa the whole F4 thing. I remember they had an old photo where they called themselves F4…right?

  7. I actually found the CARENDAR mistake cute. ): It fits the Tokyo theme perfectly so it’s not THAT bad a mistake. D:

  8. HAHA. I thought it was embarrassing for them XD

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