Posted by: lovediaries | December 12, 2008

081212 Jonghyun – Y Si Fuera Ella @ Music Bank

{credit: randy19972 @ youtube}


GUYS. I have waited for this since forever! I started refreshing my YT page like crazy from a few hours ago and I did it so much that I gave myself a headache and ended up napping for 2 hours (the lengths I go to for SHINee T____T). That’s how much I have anticipated this performance alfjkdfaklsfjsd. And I was not disappointed at all !!!!!!


‘Y Si Fuera Ella’ is one of my favourite songs off the album because it is so heartbreaking and Jonghyun’s voice is so gorgeous. I held my breath throughout the entire performance (but it wasn’t the full song unfortunately) and I think so did Jonghyun; I swear he only took one breath in between. He is so amazing omg. It sounded as good as the studio version (though the timing is really hard to keep up with and he must’ve had a dodgy headphone or something) and I only wish he performs the full song on the 14th.

I’m so touched right now I feel like crying. I am totally wow-ed by Jonghyun *______*.


  1. Thank god my connection is back again! Just in time to watch to this epic moment! I’ve been dreaming about this ever since they’ve announced that he’s doing a solo. LOL

    OMG Jonghyun!! Cries tears of joy! It was breathtaking! Although I think he struggled at some parts but nonetheless it was awesome! I just love him and this song!

    I think Jonghyun leveled-up the standard for idol singers especially since they’ve just debuted not long ago but his improvement was amazing! I have never heard someone this good from their newbie counterparts! XD

    And I read one comment from his rehearsal vid that he’s got problems with his voice at that time. If it is true, he still delivered. *_*

  2. ^Is that why you haven’t been on that much? Cause of your internet? :/

    Are you talking about the parts where he was sort of not in synch with the music? And no way did he have problems with his voice lol. It sure didn’t sound like it. (But I hope he’s okay.)

    And yeah I’m so proud that although he’s still a newbie, he can still sing this well live :DD.

  3. WHOA THAT WAS AMAZING. I realised that anyone else singing this song could easily have sang out of tune, the background music didn’t provide much guidance (if you get what I mean), but Blingbling sang it so well!

    (anw I always thought he sounded like he was saying Super Junior at 2.11 :S)

  4. That is one of the reasons. XDXD
    And work.. ><

    Yeah, I also didn’t think there was a problem with his voice. LOL

    But someone said that his voice was not in good shape. I just hope it’s not true but if it is.. I hope he is ok! :)


    OMG YOU have just made me die and go to heaven. Why do I not keep up with Shinee news? I had no idea this was happening!!!!

    I LOVE THIS SONG. It is like my working home at night song. True story: it was snowing and cold but this song came on so I worked around the block just to listen to it outside (which makes it even better).

    I think he did a wonderful job. I don’t know if it was timing as you said? The thing I noticed was that he seemed to cut everything short. Like each line. Which I guess it just a consequence of it being live. That does not change the awesomeness thing. <333 YES.

  6. omg i’ve only read your post and i’m already crying, now to go watch the clip.

  7. ahh omg<3 I was like “Should I check up on SHINee?” right at this momentXDD

    I think after shineesubs went off youtube, i haven’t been up to date as much T_T

    But wow, it was totally beautiful. It must be really hard to keep on exhaling and matching the singing well along with the music. Its so fast and a difficult tempo to follow.

    But he sounds amazing as always.
    He’s like the Junsu of SHINeeXD Seriously, SM probably wanted to make a mini me DBSK out of these boys lol.

  8. mel
    It was, huh? The song really is so hard to sing and Jonghyun did extremely well (especially for a newbie). I thought the bg music wasn’t good enough either; so yeah, I know what you mean :)

    Super Junior? OMG You’re absolutely right LOL. But now I don’t know whether I should love you for pointing something as funny as that out or hate you for making the song cracktastic for me. Omg…Super Junior XDDD LOLLLLLL. (It’s okay, I decided I still love you <3 Except, that really is all I hear now O.o NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~)

    Ah, icic. Well I expect to be seeing more of you for this month :D.

    WOW. Really? ME? And not Jonghyun? Lol I didn’t know I had this sort of power ;) Yeah! Why do you not keep up with SHINee news? >:( I’m overseas and still making such an effort while you’re making snow angels XDDD. Haha only kidding <333

    Oh, cut everything short? Lol I don’t really know what you mean XDD. But yes, still awesome :D.

    Lol really?? My post made you cry? XDD. Well I’ll say I was definitely covered in goosebumps :).

    You sure came at a good time!!! Yeah I haven’t had much time to go on SHINee forums either so I’ve been failing at keeping up too :/

    It is a difficult tempo to follow but I’m so proud of Jonghyun for singing so well! I’m really looking forward to Sunday’s performance!!!

    Haha actually I see Key as a Junsu too because Junsu is multi-talented in that he can sing and dance extremely well and write his own music. Key can sing, dance, rap and is another all rounder :D.

  9. lol. I was a bit late. but this performance is amazing.

  10. lol. I was a bit late. but this performance is amazing.
    you can download it here. remember to leave a thanks. ^^

  11. what a wonderful performance~i love his voice so much n dis song wit his voice was really amazing!

  12. oh bling performed his solo at one love concert today (: another lovely performance and it’s up on randy19972’s channel.

  13. potensvita
    Gmail never notified me of you commenting :( Thanks for the link but I’m not at home so I cant dl anything now :(

    Ah I know! Have you seen the one from last night?

    Gmail didn’t notify me of your comment either :/ Thanks for the heads up! I’ve just posted ;D

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