Posted by: beckery | December 12, 2008

2009 DBSK Desk Calendar Photos

Not exactly HQ but these will have to do for now XD

::EDIT 1:: With higher quality pictures XDDD

::EDIT 2:: Bigger Solo Pics! YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT CHANGMIN’S POUT! *dies* Oh and Yunho’s horns, Yoochun’s wink, Junsu’s whatever he’s doing that makes him look so cute and JJ getting lost under his beanie HAHA <3

GAH WHY ARE THEY SOOOOOOOO CUTE!?!?! Squishes and hugs them to death. ♥♥ I really want a calendar now :(((( All their faces and poses makes my brain explode *______*

AND DO YOU FEEL THE YOOSU LOVE? ♥ HAHAHA Gotta love Junsu’s puckered lips. Bb you gotta save that for me! And Yoochun is blindly closing his eyes waiting for it!!! lolololol…Fanservice ftw! Changmin pulling Jae’s red thingy and Yunho looking ridiculously cute zomg <333

Credit baidu; applepieprincess @ Lj; fangirlmitz; arika@sawasdee ,tvxq@pantip,kakalala @YOOSU-PARADISE

Better quality:

Credits as tagged; tvxqmania; suzism

And more…(lol)

Credits: DNBN


  1. Quoting most fan girls:

    I wasn’t so sure about buying it before but I REALLY REALLY REALLY! want one now =_=/

    Grrr…. I wish I could sneak it into the house and avoid my mom being like o.O!

    *sigh* goes back to studying with thoughts of DBSK being cute =_=

    The December picture is really cute!
    And the pictures where they have 5 poses are really nice! Kind of like the sides to their personality…

    Yoochun looks like such a loser in his =P and I say that out of love XD

  2. cute :) I like the pics of all 5 of them together YOOSU so damn adorable!

  3. if i get any more drool on my laptop it’ll malfunction!

  4. Abdul
    HAHAHA at your quoting part XDDDD

    Dont pretend to be “quoting most fan girls”. Im sure you’re just quoting YOURSELF!!! =P

    And same! I really want it too. But I dont use calendars and it would just be a big fat waste….unless someone buys it for me XD haha

    Tsk should be studying with no distractions. How on earth are you going to be able to study now huh?

    I think they all look like losers and yes, I say it out of love too XDD

    I KNOW!! I was cooing the Yoosu love <333

    HAHAHAAHA. EWWWWWWWWWW!!!! *looks down at my own desk and quickly gets a tissue to clean* =P

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