Posted by: beckery | December 12, 2008

DBSK 2009 Wall Calendar Photos

More yummy photos to feast our eyes on *__* I really like the theme of this calendar. It gives off a very laid-back and relaxing feel. Their clothes are all really simple, poses and expressions are natural and relaxed and THEY LOOK SO CUTE AND HOT!!!<333

I still cant find any Changmin solo ones yet, I can only find one Changmin solo shot, so will edit when I find more XD For now, just stare and drool at the others haha =P

Junsu’s second solo shot looks so adorable!!! I wanna steal him and put him in my pockets haha. Actually, I have a better place to put him but I dont think its suitable to say out loud *giggles to self* XDDD

Yoochun’s second shot *___*

HAHA Yunho’s first photo makes him look like a kid with ENORMOUS guns! His face is so cute and kiddish and pure, then your eyes travel down to his arms and its like “woah bb, what are you on =P”

I am loving these photos of Jaejoong!! The second one makes h

is lips really pink and edible *_* yummm hahaha. And zomg that pout in the last picture!!! *clutches heart*.

Credits as tagged; GoYoonho; YunhoBaidu; 2uAngels;DNBN; Babyjaejoong; tvxqmania; suzism; Soompi


  1. Changminnie, where are your solos? Yunho’s arms, well all of Yunho, kind of make me want to go cannibalism. Why must I be so jealous of Jae’s lips! Junsu’s pose kind of brings out this motherly feel in me, or it’s just that I want to have his children. YoochunA, I want to lay my head on his shoulder in the 2nd pic.

  2. gah…
    these pictures are so cute and adorable but also yummilicious…haha..
    i think imma have to get a calendar too…
    *goes off to ask my sister to order it for me*…

  3. Have a look at some pictures of the Bigeast Desk Calendar:

  4. TCH. Where are my Changmin pictures *glares at fans*.

    LMAO @ that third pic of Yunho because his pose and face is all “im sexy” but then he has that thing on his head XDDD.

    p.s I’m at a cafe right now :) I feel very unsafe.

  5. nataly
    :((( I WANT CHANGMIN SOLO PICS!!! I’ve only found one so far grrr…But I’m sure they’re lovely..hahahah at your cannibalism comment. You’re so funny XDDD I really like their poses and expressions. So damn irresistible!!

    Lol. I want it too!!! But I dont use calendars so it’ll be such a waste of money :(((

    frying pan
    Oooh thank you for the link <3

    Gosh be patient bb!!! It’ll come…i hope :/

    P.S why are you at cafe O_O



  7. LOL. Dont thank me! Thank SM! He’s the genius behind all these money sucking plans hahaha.

    and I’M DYING AT ALL THE PICS *drools*

  8. Jae you are so hot i love you Jae

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