Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 12, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 14

[Did we mention that he’s gorgeous?]

Credit to Chibinokaze @ youtube


One of my favourite Leehom song EVER EVER!!! Shangrila, along with “Heroes of Earth”, “Hua Tian Cuo” (more on those later XD) etc pretty much represent Leehom. They all fall under Leehom’s “Chinked Out” category which means they are a fuse of Chinese traditional music and Western hip-hop and RnB rhythms. The results are FANTASTICAL! Ok enough background information.

This performance right here is AMAZING! A MUST WATCH!!! The boy pawns in live performances, no joke.. Everytime he performs, the song sounds different from the original CD version and its just pure genius at work. ♥ He also plays the er-hu in this. I used to think er-hu were for old people, but he definitely proved me wrong. Dont trust me? GO WATCH IT!! He looks so hot *___*


Like Beckery said in her comment, this guy is AMAZING at lives, absolutely incredible. His lives are so good that they sound BETTER than studio recordings. The technology actually masks how good his lives are *_* And he always changes things up a bit with each performance, so his performances are always great to watch~!

Leehom created the “Chinked Out” genre, which like Beckery said, is pretty much a mix of traditional Chinese music with western hip hop, and this song is an excellent representation of it. In the song, you can hear the use of traditional Chinese instruments, but it’s still “hip” enough to be pop music. Beautiful song <33333 AND HE PLAYS ER-HU IN THIS PERFORMANCE. OMG. Er-hu is a traditional Chinese instrument, no often seen nowadays, but Leehom plays it so well *_* Absolute genius, I tell you


This is the first countdown post that we’re doing on Leehom. We’ll be posting one of these everyday until his new album (Heartbeat) comes out on the 26th of December ^^. Any thoughts?


  1. He played the 二胡 so well!!
    And he sang great live.
    Gosh, is he talented or what? *_*

  2. I KNOW, RIGHT *_______*

  3. Man he’s like the epitome of perfectionXD
    He looks like kim tae hee’s brother lee wan and a hankyung mixXD

    His voice is so gorgeous T_T his vocal’s really fluid and makes Chinese even sound better than it already doesXD

  4. This song is like traditional Chinese fusion Trip-Hop. ..Hmm..I’m going to have to check out more of this guy.

  5. I love you guys so much for loving Leehom!!

    Kiss Goodbye is still my favorite song ever (it is constantly fighting with Forever Love for the top spot) but Hua Tian Cuo and Falling Leaves Return also vie for my attention as far as ballads go. Perfect Harmony wins my love with the guitars.

    And his lives are just fantastic. I played his concert over and over on my computer for a month.

  6. YOU GUYS. I had been refreshing all last night for this post to show up and then I fell asleep at my computer lmao. But YAY LEEHOM! What a yummy picture you chose too alsjdfklds.

    This guy is so perfect, it’s insane. How can you be THAT talented, THAT good-looking, and THAT intelligent all at the same time. HOW UNFAIR XD.


  7. lr:
    He sometimes reminds me of Wuzun, actually ^^

    Yes, please do :D!!

    I loooooooooooooved his concert!! (heroes of earth) I go the special edition with the two live CDs, so I’ve always got that on repeat in my stereo. Studio recordings do not do his voice justice :\

    Lol, we were procrastinating, sorry XDD

    We’ve still got 12 days to go, but it’s okay considering how he’s released 200+ songs for us to choose from XD Let me know if you want to join us for one of these posts~!!

  8. I’m interested to see what type of music styles he will have in his newest album!


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