Posted by: beckery | December 13, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 13

You Raise Me Up ft Westlife
Credit to spartan915 @ youtube


Leehom was born and raised in America, was high school valedictorian, received a perfect 1600 on SATs, was accepted into Princeton and Yale and I could keep going on about how smart he is, but I think you’ve got the point. He’s a genius full stop lol. So yes, its no surprise that he has perfect English *_* I love it when he talks in English, but man, when he sings in english, I melt into a puddle of goo. He sounds sooooo good!!!

This performance was at his concert with Westlife as guests. They look really cute together. All those man hugs and hand claps, d’awwww…..The song is really sweet and touching. They all sound absolutely amazing. The harmonization is just wow, it totally blew me away <33 And Leehom’s ending notes ZOMG! Oh and he talks a little bit of English at the end XDDDD


So on top of being able to play 14 instruments and knowing how to speak seven languages, this guy also scored full marks on his SATs and got accepted into Princeton and Yale? What? And he’s gorgeous too? OMG, LIFE IS SO UNFAIR :'(((((( [and he’s an amazing song writer and singer ;)]

I got goosebumps when I first watched this. “You raise me up” is one of my favourite English classics. Soooo beautiful <333 And Leehom didn’t let me down at all; he and Westlife did such a great job with this *_* One of my favourite performances from his Heroes of Earth concert.

Mary Says
Credit to dOrkus @ youtube


So saddddd *tear*. This song was written by Leehom about his ex girlfriend. His love life is so sad, like it came straight from a drama :'(( My poor bb! Absolutely great performance. He plays the guitar here too! So much emotions, such sad lyrics, such a beautiful song!! Lol I gotta say he looks kinda dorky here though XDDD Its ok, he’s the cute type of dorky. I’m so biased lol.


I didn’t know about this “Mary” person till Beckery linked me to this song yesterday XD And now that I know about her, maaaaan, she’s one lucky girl *_* I’ll just repeat all the stalker info that Beckery told me: Mary was Leehom’s first love (college gf) and they split up because he was too busy and she couldn’t take it any more :( She got married a few years ago, and Leehom wrote the song “Forever Love” for her as a wedding gift. And now it looks like he wrote this song for her too :D

I love the emotion in this performance *_* So amazing. In terms of vocals, he doesn’t sound AMAZING here, but the performance is so raw and gooood <333 And check out the English; YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE SONG. HOW COOL IS THAT :DDDD.


  1. OMG! You guys have totally converted me! There’s nothing I love more than smart, sweet guys. And he’s an amazing singer/songwriter/musician on top of that! *swoons*

    I’m off to check out his albums and find DVDs to buy. Thanks a lot! Now I’ll be even poorer than SM & Shinhwa already make me.

  2. lol you guys made me a wang lee hom fan<3 His stuff is amazing and hes so gorgeous. He’s like…PERFECT. ugh no other word to describe this wonderful guy with so many talents.

  3. I just have to say that I feel so sad for this Mary girl. Do you know how many fangirls probably hate her? That’s probably why she got married so soon. lol. I’m not a huge huge fan of Leehom (he’s one of those artists that I continuously have mixed feelings about because sometimes I’ll think he sucks, and other times he’ll totally surprise me, but either way, I think the man is super talented), BUT I think he is immensely talented and I really respect the fact that he doesn’t really fall into the ‘idol’ trap that so many Asian singers do. He’s an artist and he’s very classy about it; he manages to duck away from scandals and just composes and produces and sings music and never seen to be too bigheaded about it. So props to him.

  4. Lol i agree with nanshi. lots of fangirls probably hate her now or something. but that mary lady is really lucky to have leehom love her so much like that.

    my favorite line: “mary looks just like she did before except she doesn’t love me anymore”

    it’s sad. D: but i hope leehom is happy now? i mean, the girl got married already. there are other fishes in the sea! *LOOK HERE, LEEHOM! LOOK HERE!* lol

  5. Carmen
    HELLOOOOOO!!! I’m going to sound like a total stalker but I LOVE YOUR ARTWORKS!!! Haha I stalk your LJs cuz you have some of the best icons! ♥ Especially your latest Kpop text ones!

    “My fandom talks about eye boogers and nose hairs during 10th anniversary concerts” ROFL I KNOW RIGHT!! OMG, I was laughing so hard when they suddenly talked about that. And they kept mentioning it throughout the concert. *sighs* My boys <333

    Oh and “My favourite idol is a 4D leader who texts in ‘alien’ to his members and hides in closets to scare the crap out of them” LOLOL SHINHWA AND ERIC FTW <33333

    Ohhh and that Dongwan Bday Animation Spam was pure genius! Got me laughing and tearing up throughout the thing XDDDDD

    Anyways, I’m glad we managed to convert you!! Leehom deserves all the love he can get cuz he’s just too awesome for words XDD WEEE One fangirl down…a…million to go hahahaha.

    Ohh the first thing you must must MUST buy is his “Heroes of the Earth Concert” DVD! One of the best concert I’ve ever seen!! He’s an amazing performer and trust me, its worth every cent. He plays about a million instruments in that concert and sings everything live!!

    WEEEE ANOTHER ONE!!! Hahaha. I’m glad we’re not doing up all these pimp posts for nothing. PAS will be pleased like I am XDD Yup, he’s absolutely perfect. PAS and I were talking about who we would describe as “perfect” and Leehom was one of the first names that popped into our mind. He’s talented, absolutely gorgeous and has a heart of gold <333

    Lol. I just feel sorry for her that she let such a great catch go =P But yes, I’m sure many girls envy her, myself included. Having your ex boyfriend write one hit song after another when thinking of you is pretty touching.

    I’m obviously opposite to you lol. I loved Leehom from the start till now and my belief in him has never wavered. True, that sometimes there are songs that make me a bit disappointed. I would think “WTH Leehom, you can do better than this”. But then he’ll come out with this absolutely amazing song which will make up for all that disappointment XD As for singing wise, he’s probably one of my favourite voices! I’m definitely no music pro, but to me Leehom’s lives are always so amazing. I dont think I’ve ever watched a performance where he’s made me disappointed, vocal wise :D

    But yes, his talents are recognized by everyone yes yes?! And he really doesnt fit under the typical ‘idol’ category. Hell, sometimes he doesnt even fit into the ‘celebrity’ category. Such a down to earth guy <333

    Hmm my favourite line from the song?…..I’d have to say everything hahhaa. The lyrics are just too sad :( I’m sure he’s gotten over it, its been YONKS! And sorry honey, he’s already taken by me XDDDD *gets bricked* haha

  6. The Raise Me Up performance was freaking amazing
    Gosh, Lee Hom is like a gift from god
    ‘1600 on SATs, was accepted into Princeton and Yale’, plays numerous instruments, has a lovely voice, blessed with good looks? haha xD
    His english is amazing, sounds so awesome
    What more could you ask for? *____*

  7. OMG. I feel famous! First Candychu already knew who I was and now you. It’s nice to know my LJ has fans from all fandoms and places :D

    And thank you! I’m glad you liked the icons. I’ll definitely be working on a new text icon batch soon. Shinhwa inspires all my creative sides :)

    From what I’ve seen, that “Heroes of the Earth” Concert seems really amazing. I’m going to start saving up now.

  8. purplefanatic
    YES I KNOW!!! It was beautiful. The harmonisation, everything was great <333

    Lol PAS and I describe him as one of those rare, perfect specimens that ever lived. XDDD

    YOU ARE FAMOUS DARLING <3 Lol. Well, your icons are awesome and they involve pretty much all kpop bands, so its no surprise you have fans far and wide =P

    And yess, I’m definitely looking forward to your next batch XD “Shinhwa inspires all my creative sides” AWWWW THATS SO SWEET *hugs you* Dont you just miss them!? I do :(

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