Posted by: lovediaries | December 13, 2008

Preorder Big Bang – 2008 Global Warning Tour With Taeyang 1st Concert DVD

Click HERE for all the different versions :DDD.

Wow, do the tracklists look awesome or WHAT!?

Three discs in total: 1 & 2 are BB’s ‘Global Warning Tour’ and the 3rd, Taeyang’s ‘HOT’ Concert (aklsjfklasfkjsdf he performed ‘Cracks of my Broken Heart’ !?!?!??!?!?!?!). Not only that, but they have ENGLISH subs!!!!!!!! Very thoughtful, eh? :P.

It comes out Jan 8; so hopefully, I’ll be able to find it in HK and buy it here for cheaper than $466.72 as it says on YA :/


  1. gah, so sad that i cant commenting for the next few days :/ still have a week of exam to go :(( *restrain self from clicking to other posts*

    oh and of course, happy bday to our bb’s maknae Lee Seungri! Yay I’m not a nuna anymore \^^/
    and also there’ll be another bdays in a row, Onew’s and Junsu’s!! an early happy bday from me then!! :D
    *sings happy bday happily before goes offline :(*

  2. ^Awww, well it’s okay; study hard for your exams, we’ll still be here :DDD!!!!

    Ah yes happy (belated, now) bday to Seungri!

    And Good luck!!!!

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