Posted by: lovediaries | December 13, 2008

SHINee 2009 Desk Calendar Scans

A huuuuuuuuuuuge thanks to yumimaki for uploading them for me <33333 Um, PB totally failed on me and won’t link correctly to the photos I’ve copied to my album so I’ve just linked to your album. I hope it’s okay – tell me if it’s not!


*prods & squishes & cuddles* ONKEY

For more, CLICK HERE!

Minho is on my mouthmonth (typo, lmao) :D. I would’ve been ecstatic if it was either Key or Onew but since it’s SHINee, any member is still a cause for celebration :DD.

And omg this is another calendar to add to my list. Wth, am I going to be getting 3 desk calendars this year, or what!?!?!! Argh…I want Yoosu and Changmin pouting but the SJ calendar also has gorgeous pics (drools @ Hae pics). And now OnKey. I can resist them as much as Onew’s butt. Argh. Damn SM boybands T___T. Why can’t they have an SMTown Calendar like how TVB have one. Shove all the good looking people into one calendar and that’s it. Problem solved. If it’s more pictures they want, have a pic for each day as opposed to month. (But then that sort of becomes a planner, eh?) Fine, SMTown Planner. That sounds good to me :).



  2. lol yay the picture you used is actually my birthdate!

  3. omg! my heart like skipped so many beats it probably stopped beating while i was spazzing over those pics xD oh my goodness such a pretty smiley key on my birthday month! <333 i want that calendar! but no $$$ D:

  4. My first time commenting here! I just discovered your site recently and I love it!

    Anyways, as much as I love SHINee, I could never buy this calendar. Because if my friends ever walked in and saw this picture on my desk, they would scream pedophile and taunt me forever. lol.

  5. Oh, it’s no problem, really. In fact, I just got the rest of the calendar so I’ll try to upload the other shots to the album as well.

    Ah, after seeing all, I really think I want this – they look so cute and happy and hot and cool and I totally agree that they should just have an SMTown calendar or planner so that way I wouldn’t have to agonize over getting SHINee’s or DBSK’s (My gosh, their calendar’s gorgeous) but then again, SM’s not really trying to save us money, are they? If only…

  6. Uploaded the rest of pics.

  7. Teehee ♥ Taemin’s on my month (: And your typo is perfectly acceptable, I did it too XD

    It was so much easier to choose a calendar when there weren’t as many people to fangirl TT-TT I ♥ your SM planner thing, it’s like…. 50 pictures of each and 56 of Super Juniro because they have lots of people XD

  8. paperteuk
    AH YOU LUCKY. I have the two babies of the group on my month. WHY??????????

    Oooh December baby :DD

    Key is on your month too!!! *jealous*

    HIIIIIIIIIIII!!! Welcome, welcome ;DD. Glad that you’re commenting so soon already (we love hearing from new readers). And I’m gonna sound stalkerish but I know you!!! Off LJ, anyway XD. Lol, yeah I sorta stalk your comms over there hehe. Anyway, hope to see you around more!

    Ah thanks a BIG BIG BUNCH <333333. And I saw the new pics!! I wonder if theyre part of the same calendar cause they look kinda different but only the Desk calendar is up :/ I hope they dont haev another version because I still dont know which calendar to get ;____;

    He’s on my month too T____T It’s a sign, isn’t it? I know!!!!!! Too many to choose from :'(

  9. i have a question, are the darker background imagines with the whole month spelled out printed on the back of the ones with the abbreviated month with the white background?

    because im getting the calendar for christmas and im planning to sorta get them off the calendar itself and putting the pics up my wall in order from the date and wants to see if its possible.

    i never had one of these before, im a fan from america and i never been into korean bands before. ha.

  10. ^Um, I’m sorry I really have no idea because I’ve only seen these photos. How bout get the calendar and then decide? Or else wait a bit because knowing SM they’ll probably release a Wall Calendar for them too?

  11. ^ thanks for the info. i never knew or thought they would have a wall one! lol

    hopefully soon since 2009 is around the corner and it wouldnt be cool if it was already 2009 and the calendar comes out. ha

  12. ^No problem; I’m glad I told you something useful ^^. Haha yeah they should all be released soon :/

  13. Sorry for the late reply, final exams kind of took over my life. But I’m totally surprised and honored that you already know me. Lol. *feels famous* Now that my classes are over, I’ll definitely be checking out your posts and commenting more :)

  14. ^That’s okay! WP is definitely not as convenient as LJ when it comes to replying comments :). I hope you did well in your exams and glad that you survived them! Haha yes you should feel famous *strokes your ego* :PP

    Woohoo, another potential consistent commentor ^^~

  15. i have this calendar at my bed table, right now it’s Minho’s face I can drool over ^^

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