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081213 One Love Concert

One Love askfjsdjfjsasjdfds One Love alksjfjklfsd memories are beautiful, always be my girl~

According to wondersmurf

Music Core was basically repackaged as a special concert where 500 children were invited to watch their favourite singers perform.

DBSK: Wrong Number – Argh, I haven’t seen very many performances of ‘Wrong Number’ because…I don’t even know why ;__; Actually I do. One word: SHINee. Oh and cause I suck and get easily distracted. They’re in black suits with…*looks closer*…EWWWWWW leopard print ties EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. *gags, chokes on tongue and DIES*. Okay, they totally threw me off but don’t think I missed Yunho feeling himself all over at 0.36 while Yoochun was singing~ Well he didn’t really but I seriously haven’t seen enough of these to not be surprised at the choreography anymore T____T *fail*. Changmin has black hair again :D. Wait, that’s a recent change right? Omg why do I feel so out of it :'(

Loved all the footwork from 0.58 to 1.04 :D. And wow how does Jae still see with his sunnies on? BUT he looks really good *___*. AH, I now remember why I don’t always watch this. It’s because of BUMHAIR. OH GOD.  But Changmin…and his voice…and…aksjlfklsda. Junsu has been the best dressed out of all of them at all their recent events. Just thought I’d add that in from nowhere. And again, the JaeMinSu *__________*. LMAO at Changmin at 3.05 though. He’s looking very into the lyrics; meaning, he seems extremely distressed that a stalker is calling the ‘wrong number’. LOL IDEK XD.

Jonghyun: Y Si Fuera Ella – (Thank you tristabelle <3333) And there’s gonna be another one from tonight, right? :DDD. His voice is so beautiful here, I think he sounded better than on the 12th (so maybe he really was a bit unwell?). I really like the set out of the stage, it’s so simple and lovely with just the right amount of light and the instrument people standing there being statues, awaiting their turn :). Ah, this song is so painful to listen to. I could feel my goosebumps standing when Jonghyun was nearing the chorus. His expression at 1.54 is so heartbreaking ;____;. And then from 2.13 onwards *________*. Then his “ooh~” at the end *happy sigh*. My face was just like Solbi’s though probably less cute XD.

(OMG mel I went through the song without hearing ‘Super Junior’ :DDD)

Wondergirls: Nobody – They start off with their ‘Love Message’ but I have no idea what they’re saying (except for “saranghae” hehe). Ooh Yoobin looks really pretty here and so so good in yellow. She has long straight hair (actually, they all do – in a ponytail) :DD She looks much better than she did on the Red Carpet for Golden Disk XD. Sunmi does too many things with her eyes lol. Not really sure what sort of expression she’s trying to achieve here lol XDD.

I’m really looking forward to like the next hit song from WG.

(They’re the only performances I’ve watched. If any other artists’ was really good, do share :D. I’m just being lazy here XD.)


  1. lol i actually like the leopard print ties, kinda makes it look …kinky? and what an awesome performance by Jonghyun!

  2. whoa wait, i just realized Jonghyun covered Alejandro Sanz’s song! My korean lover and spanish lover both sang this song. Dies.

  3. hey!!!!! it’s out! jonghyun’s solo on inkigayo is up on youtube :D here’s the link:
    gosh he looks so 帅 here! (:

  4. Hahaha although DBSK’s perf was hot.. I can’t help but think they look like pimps because of the leopard print ties! XDXD

    Jonghyun.. <3 He never fails to blow me away. He keeps getting better every perf.

    And have you watched their cut on Band of Brothers? LOL It’s hilarious! SM family <3 And Key spoke a little bit of English. A sentence to be exact. He’s so cute.

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