Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 14, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 12

Forever Love
Video: rasckita @ youtube



So yesterday we mentioned out Leehom wrote “Mary Says” for his first love, and today, we present you with “Forever Love” the song that Leehom wrote as a wedding gift for Mary.

We were going to use a live performance of him singing Forever Love, but we both love the mv, so we thought we’d share that instead. But do go youtube him performing this song live :D. The mv uses Leehom’s personal story as the plot, so that’s why you see a girl getting married and Leehom sitting in front of his piano looking sad (and those flashbacks). What I love about this mv is how he plays the grand piano with an orchestra behind him *___* It looks so coooooooooool. I’m not going to say much about the song, cos it’s really something that you have to listen to yourselves to get why it’s good. SO GO LISTEN. GO GO GO.


Not my favourite Leehom song cuz I can never pick my favourite Leehom song but its definitely in the top 5 XD

And the MV is definitely one of my favourite MV ever!! I know the whole plot of the MV is very typical asian drama type, but the fact that its real life and it happened to Leehom makes it so much sadder </3 Seeing the girl so happy on her wedding day with her new hubby then seeing flashbacks of her happy time with Leehom is just so heartbreaking.

The song itself tells a million sad words. You can hear the love, the anguish, the regret. IDEK. JUST LISTEN TO IT! Its so beautifully heartwrenching. If you really want to feel the emotions of the song, its better to watch a live performance of it without all the distractions. You can hear the raw emotions. Zomg Leehom *__*

Zai Mei Bian/ Beside The Plum Blossums
Video: spartan915 @ youtube


I love the rap in this song!!! It’s so FAST, omg, when I first heard it I thought they just fast forwarded him talking XDD. This is another one of Leehom’s “chinked out” songs (check the first countdown post for a definition of that). Leehom composed the song and Mayday’s A-Shin wrote the lyrics (they’re really good, go check it out).

When I first got my concert DVD, I remember watching this song straight after my favourite tracks just to see if he could really say the rap part that fast XD Rofl, I’m so evil XDDD


LOL. Like PAS, I thought the ending rap was computer modified, but man after watching the live of it in the concert DVD I had my jaws dropping to the ground. ITS SO EPIC!! And after jumping all around the stage during the whole song, he still managed to pull off the rap perfectly! And yo thats my homeboy right there! “yeah B-boys” “Chinked out yo” HAHA WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE!?!? <3333 You might not like the song at first if you’re not use to the whole “chink out” thing and the rap, but seriously, the song grows on you sooo much!


  1. lol i can’t stop laughing at the word chinked out. Oh lordy, boys who play violin are my weakness, why did i quit the violin. Cause of your post, i think im liking this guy more and more everyday.

  2. Hello! I’ve been a Lee Hom fan for a while but never had the chance to watch sooo many great videos (especially the Westlife one, I love it when he sings in English too) so thank you so much for your effort!!! I shall check out every Leehomism post from now on XD And yeah my heart melts whenever I see him with a violin.

  3. I love Leehom too, so does my mom (she’s the bigger fan) … we went to see him when he came to Mohegan Sun for his Heros of the Earth concert back in ’06 … I think. He was awesome there, he spoke english too, it was total love.

    I really like how he created ‘chinked-out’ style, it brings positive things to a negative word, words only mean what you want it to mean, if you don’t focus on the negative then that would won’t hurt you, I have been called a ‘chink’ a few times but thanks to Leehom, it doesn’t upset me at all.

  4. I love your guys’ Chinese music posts! They make me happy (especially because I have a hard time keeping up with Chinese music lol). ^_^

    To be honest, the only Leehom song I know is Kiss Goodbye, so I guess I better start listening to these songs now ;-)

  5. hi ^^
    i have never listened to leehom before this.. but he is really good!
    thanks so much for posting this~
    i love finding new artists to listen to ^^
    (i mostly only listen to korean, so i dont notice many chinese ones)
    thanks again♥

  6. Nataly:
    I’m glad our posts are turning more people into Leehom fans :DD

    You should check out his Heroes of Earth concert!!!! Definitey worth watching :D

    Omg your mum is so cute!!!!! My mum would NEVER go see him with me :(( I’m so jealous that you saw him live!!!!!!! WHAT WAS IT LIKE????

    Lol, I don’t really know what the word “chink” means, cos we don’t use it here in Australia…I just thought it was a funny term XD

    There’s a LOT of good cpop out there~!!!! And Leehom has so many songs (200+) so go youtube him!!! :DDD

    You’re welcome ^______^

    Have you tried JJ Lin??? AWESOME GUY :D.

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