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081213 Mnet Band of Brothers – SHINee Cut

Thank you nylenuol for the link <3333. Ah, remember the good ol’ days when I used to post everything uploaded by shineesubs? Hehe, I’ll try my best to do the same for shineesubs02 XDD.

{credit: shineesubs02 @ youtube}

I don’t usually watch ‘Band of Brothers’ (sorry, Heechul and Knagin…buahahahhah) and I’m also not too familar with the TRAX members (some of us authors only realised the other day that ex member Rose is a boy LMAO) so if I get anything wrong, please forgive me xD.

(Omg, I’m watching with headphones on – trying not to wake my Aunty up – and SHINee’s intro just burst my eardrums XD)

SHINee have come to audition for Band of Brothers…isn’t this exciting :DDD. Like Minho, I’m curious as to how their hyungs will let them off :PP. I quickly went on Wiki and I now know that it’s Typhoon/Jay who shares Jonghyun’s birthday; so then Xmas would be the other TRAX member. RIGHT lol.

SHINee come in and they make comments about how they dress the same, as expectedly, because they’re idols LOL. Then they giggle at their intro ahaha. Oh, I’m so gonna enjoy this…

Heechul starts off by asking them why their manager chose this schedule of all the ones they could’ve gone to. Little sweat drops appear beside Jonghyun’s head and Heechul goes “I can see the shape of your lips form swearing” LOLOLOL.

Onew volunteers to go first; Kangin suggests he redo it in Chinese. He says simply “Hello everyone, my name is Onew.” His accent is pretty good, better than the first time he introduced himself in Chinese. Ah, I still remember that – all the other members sort of just went O.o and there was a moment of awkward silence XD. And Heechul goes “We do that too!” XDDD. So then Xmas asks Onew to express how he feels today in Chinese and Onew goes “Really good” which sounds like “good bread” so Heechul teases him some more and Key bursts out laughing. Kangin then asks Onew to sing a bit of ‘Kiss Me’. I thought his voice was beautiful but they say they’re not doing trot today XD.

Taemin gets up next and Heechul and Jay (omg I keep typing Jae XD) exclaim that there is a 10 yr age gap. That is SO weird and hard to imagine that while them two were about to start High School (or whatever it is in Korea), Taemin was only just born XD. Heechul asks if Taemin knows the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and says that he even watched the 1988 Olympics LMAOO. Kangin wants to see Taemin do some poppin’ but thinks it’ll probably be hard to do it without music (awww) while Heechul is all ‘he should still be good at it’ XD. So he dances to ‘Kiss Me’ and omg was he trying to be sexy!?!?! IDK but they all said it was cute so maybe I’m the only one watching him and going O_______________O. Ah but he’s so cute and so was Onew’s smile ^______^. Then Heechul wants to see his solo in ‘Replay’ (love how he full stutters while saying the name) and does his swimming move buahahaha. So then Jonghyun starts singing :DDDD and Taemin starts dancing. Kangin complains Taemin doesn’t have the ‘feel’, whatever that is, and tells Heechul to get up and show them how it’s done ;). Heechul puts on Taemin’s shoes & jacket and even asks for his wig LMAO. And OMG FAIL. COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAIL. Poor Taemin XD. He was so suppressing his laughter, not wanting to offend Heechul ahahahhahaha. Kangin’s laugh is sooo cute :3. Heechul then switches places with Taemin telling him to be a judge while he goes and stands with the other members to do SHINee’s “Hi everyone, we are shining SHINee!”

Jonghyun is next :D. He says he’ll do a Michael Jackson imitation, but it’s not that similar XD. Which was sort of a lie. Guess he was being humble cause WHOA he is so awesome. Even the harsh judges were complimenting him! Then he does ‘Love Like Oxygen’ MJ style LMAO. Again, Jonghyun lacks the ‘feel’ so Heechul does his part in ‘LLO’. Oh god, I’m reminded of when Teuk tried imitating Jonghyun but at least Teuk actually sounded like he was singing XDD. Did you guys ever watch that clip? Cause it’s been removed from YT :( Thanks so much to Lili for finding the link!

Then it’s Minho’s turn! Heechul mentions some special fate between them…eh? He introduces himself as Flaming Charisma and the judges started laughing; well Heechul and Xmas!!!! XD. Minho does the rap from ‘Mirotic’ (DBSK fanboy :DDD) AND THEN OMG KANGIN. He freaking scared me with his attempt at doing Changmin’s scream. I did a really strange laugh where I scraped my throat … with my throat :(.

And last but not least, KEY!!!!! Kangin is so slack lol telling Key to open a door XD. But that’s pretty funny hehe. Then Heechul tells Key to ‘do everything he knows’. Lol that’d take a while ;) So Key says he’ll do a conversation in English. Then I think Jay (according to the caption and from what I know of reading Korean characters ^^) asked Key to introduce himself. Then Key is all smart ass and says “I think I have already introduced myself” LOLOL. Go KEY! And Heechul an English major. Is anyone else totally shocked by that!?!?! PAS went on his baidu last night and found that he’s doing something in English Tourism, I think? So yeah, it’s true XD.

Then when it’s final judging time, Kangin says he thinks all of them did well. Aw, he’s so sweet. He says that since Onew, Jonghyun and Key mostly sing, it’ll probably be better if Minho and Taemin do as well. I think that’s what he meant :/ Heechul fails Taemin because he’s young and Minho cause he’s tall.

And omg just when I’m down to the last 2 minutes, I have to leave the house ;______;. Someone tell me the final result XD.

3 hours later and I’m back :D. Again, Taemin fails cause of his age but since Jonghyun has the same birthday as Jay, he passes. Jay also passes Key though he did get upset before XDD. Xmas passes Jonghyun for vocal reasons which then upset Heechul lmao. So in the end, Onew, Jonghyun and Key each got 3 votes.

Then they perform ‘Kiss Me’ together with Taemin and Minho sitting off to the side shaking maraccas LMAOO (hope I spelt that right). And wow first time seeing Heechul on the drums O_O LOVED the ending XD.


  1. Rofl XDDD Great recap ^^ Onew, Jonghyun, and Key gets picked to be in the “showcase” which they were just singing the backup vocals to some song, while Minho and Taemin were waving these spanish instruments around XDDD;;; I CAN’T THINK OF THE NAME RIGHT NOW -.-\\\ This episode cut is absolutely hilarous :D My favorite part is the Taemin/Heechul interaction. I just wish Heechul wouldn’t be so..blunt? cold? I mean, I know that’s not his regular personality, and it would be fun to see a nicer side of him sometimes ^^

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing when I got to the part where Heechul imitates Jonghyun’s part in LLO. Epic lulz. XD

    I was also immediately reminded of this clip: (Is this the YT clip you speak of, or is that another one?)

  3. Sorry to spam this post with something totally unrelated, but I have to link to *the* most amazing SJM picture I have ever seen. It’s way too good not to share with somebody, and this is the only place where I can spazz SJM without digging through gazillions of forum pages :P

    Without further ado, this is from their most recent (?) fanmeeting. I think they were asked to do a sexy group pose or something:

    LOL@Donghae. Never change, guys, never change.

  4. lovemelodies
    LMAO I watched the rest of it XDD. The spanish instruments hahaha I knew you meant maraccas :PP. Lol I think you that side of Heechul behind the scenes more :).

    Call me loser or a crazy fan but omg I seriously hyperventilated when I saw that pic. No joke, it was like I had asthma. And then I felt faint. It’s actually hard to type now cause my fingers are so weak. Omg thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for sharing that. I have not been on Soompi for who knows how long so ahh ILUSM right now!!!!!

    AND YES that clip is the one I was talking about. ILU even more <333333333

  5. oh man your not the only one thinking that Taemins dance was sexy.. i just kept replaying that part…haha..

    and who does not love Heechul… he was really hyper in this episode..

  6. ^Haha okay! Cause I remember once Taemin had to do a ‘sexy’ dance and he had the same embarrassed sort of expression XD.

  7. LMAO I seriously died watching this.
    No wonder heechul’s my favorite, he’s simply so evil and hilarious.
    I actually enjoy him being blunt…XD Just makes the show much more fun. SHINee seemed to be enjoying it too haha.

    lol key with his “I already introduced myself.”XD
    Totally opposite from “Gotta introduce myself.” on purple lineXD
    I was like, “DBSK rebel huh key? :D”

    poor Taemin and Minho thoughXD Just because Taemin = younger than ten years for heechul and jay and minho = too tallXD Just cause he beats Heechul’s semi tallness lol.

    But I’m so happy shineesubs is back<3 Back with 02XD

  8. ^Yeah, I didn’t find anything wrong (or anything out of the ordinary, I should say) with Heechul’s behaviour. But I guess some SHINee fans are overprotective and don’t know Heechul very well XD.

    Ahaha it was so rigged that the 3 main singers be the ones to get through. Seriously, being too young and too tall??? What sort of reason is that XD.

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