Posted by: lovediaries | December 15, 2008

081214 JongHyun – Y Si Fuera Ella on Inkigayo

Thank you tristabelle for linking me <333

{credit: KOREAPOP10 @ youtube}

Again, it’s just the short version :( I really hope one day Jonghyun can perform a full song. Maybe at a SHINee concert? XD.

This time, Jonghyun has his own little podium. Reminds me of ZLY’s debut stage performing ‘Timeless’ except they were more so in a ditch than standing up … XD. The stage lights are really pretty too. They’re red (symbol of love and passion lmao) and they’re like in a heart shape. Awwwww. You know what, I think I’d like to be a Stage Director/Designer person. How awesome would that be!?!!?

Hmm, not sure if it’s the mic or what (shouldn’t be sound quality though cause I hear the music loud and clear) but he sounds really soft at the beginning.

And I like how when Jonghyun sings he doesn’t have too many hand movements. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course because Changmin’s little pinky is cute ^^; but it’s less distracting, I think.

It was another great performance but I think the one from MBC’s One Love Concert was still the best :). Also, Leeteuk at the end. We can all imagine the sort of reaction he’d have after the performance, right? XDDD

You know what. They need an MV for this. Like a really well filmed MV that isn’t too cliche but it has to make viewers cry because it’s such a waste!!!!


  1. hey hey! dbsk performed don’t say goodbye and wrong number at an open concert on the 14th (: go check it out!
    dont say goodbye:
    wrong number:
    i love their wrong no. performances but changmin is not teasing anymore D: either that or the camera man is not doing his job well enough! >:(

  2. Really really really good performance!
    Ahaha I put this song in the car and my dad thought it was nice XD
    Go Jonghyun ahahahaha~

    Except he breaths too much… well that’s my opinion anyway… His breathing reminds me of me playing the clarinet… and it’s not a good thing… You spend alot of time practicing how to make it not noticable, breath the least amount possible… but it gets better in the second half =)

  3. tristabelle
    Ahhh I love you for always linking me to clips <333 I’ll be sure to watch them soon; thank you so much!

    Aw even your dad liked it, that’s great! Hmm maybe at the start the breathing was to create sensuality? I found it alright cause I’m just super impressed with Jonghyun :D

  4. wowoow!! niice~!!^^

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