Posted by: beckery | December 15, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 11

We decided to put more emphasis on Leehom’s pro instrumental skills in this post, instead of bombarding you with continuous clips of him singing (not like thats a bad thing, how can you get sick of that voice?!?!) XDD

Leehom playing 10+ Instruments
Video: oleanderx @ youtube


A big kudos to the oleanderx! The title pretty much describes the clip. Its a compilation of all the instruments that gorgeous, smart, talented Leehom can play *__* Violin, piano, drums, er-hu, guitar, chinese flute just to name a few. Theres some pretty old clips in there, so dont mind the dorky hair and clothes hahaha. Just watch him pawn all those instruments and oogle ♥♥

At 0.24; sweaty Leehom in wife beater, playing the violin. Omg my heart! Lol, I dont even know what instrument he looks best playing cuz he seems to just enjoy them all so much and plays with so much passion, yes yes?! I thought the “Khoomei” was hilarious though HAHAHA. It sounds like his imitating a train XDD



Leehom plays 10+ instruments in this, omg, I can’t even name some of those instruments XDDDD My favourite bits are the ones of him playing Er-hu, the part of him recording on the grand piano in the red jacket (he composed that song, btw) and the Khoomei bit, cos he looked like a blowfish, lmao XDDDD

Leehom at 2007 Global Chinese Music Awards Show
Video: zzu1 @ youtube


(Performance starts at 1min) Beautiful performance! He plays the grand piano whilst singing a compilation of Big City Small Love, Impossible to Miss You, Release Your Heart. “Big City Small Love” is in my top 5 favourite Leehom list! The song isnt exactly heartbreaking, nor is it crazily catchy, but its just soooo nice ♥ (More on that later, cuz it deserves half a post all on its own XD Especially when he’s playing the guitar for it *_*)

The other songs are good songs too! Very fun songs XD And he changed the beat of them a bit compared to the original. See what I mean about how his performances are always, always different!!


Awwwww, I love “Big City Small Love” too!!!! And “Impossible to Miss You”. It was the last song he performed at his concert (excluding the encore) and it was such a cute performance :DD

From the two videos we’ve embedded in this post, can you now see how talented this boy is?!?!?!?!!?! HE’S SO PERFECT, HOMG. And don’t forget that he WRITES HIS OWN MUSIC, TOO *_________________*


  1. I watched the instrument ones.

    O…M…G!!! Does he have like a separate brain for like EVERY instrument he plays?
    I can’t even play piano fullyXD So admirable.
    I wonder if he forgot any of these cause some of the clips are old…but I hope he continues >_<

  2. Watching him makes me feel like my life was wasted =(


    I knew I could count on you guys for these kind of stuff. Hahaha! He is so frackin’ talented and the fact that he is majorly fine makes him even more kjahbdl;ijgshk;shfslrg!!!!! LOL.

    Candy told me that you guys saw that vid of him dancing with Takako (I hope I got that right) for the Heartbeat MV….man, Leehom looks so HOT! That was one lucky girl. XD!

  4. Ir
    Lol if he did have separate brains for every instrument, then he’d need a million. But omg he’s pure genius isnt he!?! I seriously love the boy so so much cuz he’s so talented <3

    Awww there there. I know what you mean though. If it makes you feel better, he’s in his thirties so maybe by the time you’re his age, you’ll be a millionaire XDDD haha.

    Of course, we’re the best *puff chests out* LOL. We gotta share the Leehom love and hopefully convert a few fans because this boy deserves all the love he can get <333

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