Posted by: lovediaries | December 16, 2008

Kangin to be on We Got Married

OMGGGGGGG. Read the article on coolsmurf HERE!!!

I knew it would be another boyband member but WOW omg … WOWWWW. How have ELFs reacted? So not going on SOOMPI XD.

I’m excited to see Kangin all lovey dovey especially because he was voted #1 for ‘Member to get married first’. But what do you guys think!?!!?!??!? Do Kangin and Lee Yoonji look like they’ll make a good couple? How did Leeteuk react when he found out? Will WGM win back ratings? Who else do you think will be on as the 4th couple? A DBSK member? LOLOLOL.


  1. Soompi suddenly seems like a warzone. I will not log on. ._.
    I THINK THIS IS WONDERFUL!! I’m glad they are treating them like adults, and YAY KANGIN! He’ll be so awesome. Ratings will be so high!! Now you have the entire ELF watching tv trying to either plot to destroy Yoon Ji, or just because they love and support Kangin<3

  2. lol. I think u are definitely excited. i laughed when I read this

    How have ELFs reacted? So not going on SOOMPI XD.

  3. Whaaaa!! Awesome *_____* I’m really looking forward to watching this! OoO

    But as for the DBSK member being on WGM XD Never *lol* Cassiopeia would never ever allow this I guess ^^’ But for me.. it would be a GREEEEEAAAT PLEASURE too see one of them as a groom *_____*

  4. well Korean E.L.F. cheered for her and asked her to take care of Kangin.

    Well I don’t know what to say. I have mixed feelings that I don’t know.

  5. sujucupcakes
    Lol I imagine ELFs will be >=( and then the more they watch, the more they accept? XD.

    Haha yes I am excited :DD/

    Yeah I think I’ll be less lazy to watch the show :D. Aww yes, in a tux ^^

    Oh, really? Well that’s good then! At least she shouldn’t be in danger!

  6. wow, rabid fangirls sure are changing nowadays, huh? that’s great! i hope they get WGM back on track!

    For the 4th couple… I’m thinking heechulx) lol, his partner would be so miserable…xP

  7. ^Haha I wonder if CASS would be that open-minded XDDD. Yeah I hope WGM becomes interesting & fun again xP

  8. AHHHHH!!! coolsmurf also posted that Junjin is another likely to join. Someone needs to sub Kangin’s & Junjin’s segments, can’t wait, oh and I’m happy korean E.L.F are taking this nicely, yay! as for DBSK doing this, maybe later, they’re so busy now, but it would be nice to have them on. Maybe Kangin can invite them sometime. AHHHH! i’m so happy

  9. I have been following WGM because of JoongBo and I was going to stop watching after they left. PDs are so smart. So I have to watch the show. I don’t know I should be happy for kangin or not. I don’t want him to get hurt by true or fake feeling whatever……. Since he has decided to join, what else ELF can do…Just support him. I have some feeling that he has experience :P IF IF if EunHyuk or one of SJ magnaes joins I think I am going to die…..
    I guess kangin will ask Lee yoon ji to show her feet ..:D

  10. *To meriken*
    If heechul joins as one of forth couple, I will support the girl.
    And the girl will be suffer more if they bring in Heechul’ s daughter from good daddy

  11. nataly
    Yeah I just read that! I wonder if they will find someone compatible for him :/ But actually I would’ve preferred maybe another SJ member only because Kangin already has variety show appearances and other scheduled work while there are some members I really don’t see anymore. Yesung immediately comes to mind. But I guess it isn’t about who’s busy and who’s not :/

    LMAO I thought that too!!! About seeing her feet XD *hi5* Yeah and think about how once they release their 3rd album, they’ll be busy promoting that and then will he have to leave? But I guess this is the only way to push up ratings again – invite popular idols :/

  12. I was ready to give up on WGM as soon as the Ant couple leave (they will be dearly, dearly missed) but this news is… fantastic, I just might keep watching.

    And they need another couple with as much chemistry as Crown J and SIY.

  13. lol yeah Yesung would totally make a good wgm crack version

  14. mooray
    Haha guess the PDs really made a good decision this time, eh? :P I love Crown J and SIY. Hope they get married :D.

    Lmao it would. But he’s looking so good these days with his orange hair <33

  15. O_o didn’t expect that! though I do hope that WGM becomes more interesting once the new couples come in. I was kinda hoping it would be Heechul if it was another idol or Yesung, but I guess Kangin’s going to keep me watching unless it gets boring.

    okay why Jun Jin, *don’t shoot* I was just wondering cause wasn’t he reported to be heading for the military in Feb or something like that? so won’t they have to find another new couple by that time? It would be nice to see a Shinhwa member though since I miss them already! They should bring Taebin from 1TYM or even Se7en, haha that would make my day :)

  16. ^Is Heechul still doing that ‘Good daddy’ show? I think he has a lot to do too. I said I wouldn’t mind Yesung too but I can’t really see him having chemistry with any Korean artist XDDDD.

    They so should’ve gotten Sungmin & Joo; they were so cute together <33

    Haha yeah! When I heard Junjin might be on it, I quickly asked beckery when he was off for military service and yeah, looks like if he is going to be on, they’d need a new couple soon again :/

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