Posted by: lovediaries | December 17, 2008

081214 DBSK performs at Open Concert

Thank you tristabelle for the links <333

Don’t Say Goodbye – Black suits, striped shirts with red spotted ew ties. Wow, this performance was amazing. HD is so freaking awesome; I think Jae and Junsu were wearing eyeliner. Changmin looked so handsome I really can’t imagine how much better he could possibly look in real life *____*. Jae’s eyebags were really big though :(. Yoochun had on black frames and looked really good. I liked Yunho’s hair but I loled when the camera was panning along and he had his hand in his pocket. Hehe, idk it’s just funny. But the HoSu and YooSu and MinSu and just Junsu, omg. A fan in the audience looked like she was about to cry. Though I can totally understand why!

Wrong Number – Okay, the computer is totally lagging on me T_T. Didn’t manage to watch it properly but still, it was a great performance! I swear Junsu sung “faggy” at the beginning even though there’s no ‘f’ in the korean alphabet XD lol. Not sure if it’s the clip or cause I’m wearing headphones but the sound is so so good (so everyone, watch with headphones :D). And tristabelle, you’re right, Changmin hasn’t been teasing much lately :/ Also, WTH since when was ‘Fish’ in Jae’s rap!?!?!??! ‘Cash’ is okay though I’ve never read the lyrics and don’t know what he’s talking about; but, fish? Really? XD

I know I’m being greedy here, but I really want to see them perform their other new songs off Version C!!!!! (Just because Changmin and Junsu sing the most amazing notes…and to see Changmin and Kyu on the same stage without having the entire SMTown would be amazing :D)


  1. Jae sounded so sad when he sang “Don’t Say Goodbye” and really tired. *totally heartbroken for him*

    And yeah the eyebags were very noticable. DK if it’s because of the HD TV or bc he’s so tired the makeup does nothing for him.

  2. ^Hmm, yeah good point. Maybe he always has big eyebags but we hardly ever notice. (But he does sound and look especially tired T_T)

  3. lol these clip have better HD then my own tv! umm lol when he’s singing about the fish it goes something like “like a fish caught in a net”

  4. loool @ “Wrong Number.” I have a a post about it on my blog somewhere, but the FISH makes sense in the translations (he raps about being a fish trapped in nets, or something), but it’s the CASH that’s totally out of place. haha. both random Engrish is so weird, but it makes sense cause Jae wrote the rap himself (duh).

  5. I feel like they’re running for U.S. presidents XD
    I kept thinking about how they would be so beautiful in the oval office…they would match everything…
    And I didn’t read your comment until after I watched, but Junsu…HE DOES SAY FAGGY OMG!! I heard it and was like, naaaah…but you thought so, too, so I don’t feel so alone now!!
    Jaejoong needs English lessons…hahahaa…I’ll teach him!!

  6. nataly
    I know! Especially with the wider YT screen, everything is so much clearer.
    And ahhh okay that makes sense ^^”

    Haha lol okay well I’ll still laugh at his input of english words XD.

    Lmao yes! I was totally reminded of that Mr Bean episode where he went to see the queen and he had no handkerchief so he like ripped off the corner of his postcard to put into his pocket!?!? Something like that XD.

    And good! I wasn’t the only one who heard it XDDD.

  7. Changmin’s teasing smiles are like 90% of the reason I download every since Wrong Number perf, I’m not even joking. :/ It was crazy adorable. Why would he stop. D:

    LOL Jae’s English. omg. The thing about “cash” is that it’s just thrown in there randomly. Like Jae just decided he really really wanted the word “cash” in his first rap and put it in there even when it makes absolutely no sense. idk. I would say Yoochun could help him with English, but I think we’ve all heard My Girlfriend and are in agreement that Yoochun’s english rapping skills are complete fail. XD I still think SM would totally benefit from a “Henry Lau Teaches SM Town English” tv show. ELF would probably protest, but since they protest SM every time a SuJu member breaks a nail during their schedule, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

    sexchu, you need to watch Wrong Number subbed~ Jae’s rap is pretty hot. He’s all “I’d appreciate it if you shut up,” and it’s like. dang. idk, I like bad boys. :( ♥

  8. ^You didn’t use your secret code name which isn’t that much of a secret nor much of a code DDD:

    If you hadn’t had called me sexchu, I really wouldn’t have known it was you ;________;

    I don’t know why Changmin would stop with the teasing. I’ll go call him and ask :P And yeah I clearly need to watch Wrong Number subbed though it’s funnier this way xPP.

    Also, yes they need a “Henry Lau Teaches SMTown English” TV show. Oh and hopefully the staff behind SJ’s 09 Carendar get a few tuition lessons too ;)

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