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081215 SJ-M @ Star Grand Ceremony

{credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube}

Ahhhh Congratulations to Super Junior M for winning ‘Most Popular Group’ :DDD. I think it was pretty obvious they would win though (no offence to the other two groupsbecause they were the only ones who got cheers while the video of nominees were playing XD.

I need Chinese subs ;~; but my mando has improved lol so I made out most of the video :D. They all look so so good especially…EVERYONE lol. *trying hard not to be biased*. Henry’s lost his cheeks though :( That makes me sad….

Hankyung signed ‘SJM’ on the star and placed it at the bottom of the big star to represent (according to the male MC) ‘starting again and taking a step at a time to move forward’ or something like that XD. Zhou Mi talks first (Kyu nudged him forward ^^) and says ‘Hello everyone I’m Zhou Mi. I’m happy to be able to attend this Award Ceremony. Thank you to (didn’t hear who) and fans who have been supporting us. Thank you everyone!’.

Siwon goes next; I love how he goes “Hello everyone I’m Choi Si Yuan *beams*” cause he’s hot and he knows it *prods his dimples* XDD. “Um, very grateful for all your care. I hope that you will continue to support us Super Junior M.” and I couldn’t make out the last thing he said but I heard ‘body’ xP. The male MC compliments Siwon’s Chinese but Donghae probably had no idea and begun his speech and OMG HIS CHINESE. I was pretty amazed at the amount he spoke at their Sohu Interview when SJ had their SuperShow in Shanghai but this time I’m even more impressed. I just kept squealing in my chair. He’s so freaking good now!!!! His accent has also improved; I’m so proud of him ;~;.

Anyway he says ‘Hello everyone I’m Dong Hai. Today we are attending this event so we’re very happy. Thank you QQ…*speaks the rest in Korean and mentions members and SM*…E.L.Fu I love you’. (He pronounced elf as elfu, did you guys hear!?!??!).

Then Kyuhyun, my other love goes to the mic. And ahhh *dies some more at his voice and his chinese and just him*. ‘Hello everyone I’m Kui Xian. I hope everyone won’t catch a cold. Wear more clothes. Thank you’ *__________*. He’s so wonderful alfjkaklfkjfksd.

Then it’s my 3rd love, Henry’s turn. I hope the cheek fat loss is because of puberty and not because he hasn’t been eating well </3. ‘Hello everyone I’m Hen Li. First of all we, Super Junior M, are very thankful to QQ for giving us such a good opportunity. I think that, I, *stutter…stutter some more*, should, we should thank the most, is you, our fans.’ Then the male MC said that Henry is very mature (well, says he thinks well which implies maturity XD).

Ryeowook goes next and omg his hair is SO flat XD. He says, ‘Hello everyone I’m Li Xu. Thank you to my dad and mum (LMAO), Super Junior M fans and members. Um thank you everyone. I wish you all happiness.’

Hangeng goes last and says ‘Hello everyone, I’m Hangeng. Very happy today as this is the second time Super Junior has attended this ceremony. To us, this is a very good start. In 2009, we will continue to work our hardest and present the best of us to you. I love you all.’ :DDD. Awwwwww <33

Last year Super Junior had attended this Ceremony and won the same award but they had gotten it as 13 members, says Hangeng. (Can’t stop staring at Donghae *___*). He says that receiving the award after working 6, 7 months acts as a very big encouragement. Hangeng also mentions a new Chinese album for next year in March/April :DDDD!!!.

The interviewer then asks them to show off some Chinese and Ryeowook says ‘Merry Christmas’. He’s so adorable :3. Henry gets the mic and he’s like ‘Oh, do I say it too?’ Lmao he must feel offended cause he’s Chinese and he’s treated like one of the Koreans XDDDD. It’s okay bb <33 So he says that having won the award, they’re all very happy and grateful :D. And OMGGG at 5.36 he’s TOWERING over Donghae. HENRY IS GROWING UP *WIBBLE*. The interviewer said something like how long did it take for you to memorise that? How mean XD. I think that’s what she said, idk. But she also said that his Chinese has improved!

Donghae goes next and he stutters as much as Henry did on stage XD. Basically, he said ‘Recently, it’s cold (but it sounded like it’s long). Because. So. Wear. Everyone. Wear more clothes. Thank you. Don’t catch a cold. Happy New Year. Thank you.’ XDDDDD.

Siwon also wishes a Happy New Year and that ‘the you of tomorrow’ will still be happy. Aw, ain’t that sweet ^^.

AND OMG KYUHYUN. I love this boy so hard. I bet he like watches all these shows and learns random phrases off them cause he addresses the audience as “Viewer friends”. Okay, the translation is weird but it’s one term which incorporates viewers and friends into the greeting so that the viewers are friends. Sorry, that is totally confusing. But ITS FUNNY!!!!! Everyone else laughed too XDDD.

And Zhou Mi says a lot of Chinese New Year happy wishes :DD/

Okay it’s decided. I’m so spending $800 if it means I get to “meet” ALL 7 of them and get their signatures :DDDD.


  1. I love how you sound like a doting mother when you talk about Henry and his weight loss and growth xD.

  2. And I would definitely pay that $800 (~$100 USD) to see them all <3.

  3. LOLOL.
    Ryeowook: I want to thank my dad and mom…
    HE IS SO ADORABLE!!! I really like his hair this way.
    And Henry, when he was like “Uh…I need to say this too?” *offended look* was funny xD.

  4. ^Noooo I’m not supposed to sound motherly XD. I’m supposed to sound like his future wife!!!! Haha yeah I’ve asked a friend to come shopping with me that day so I’m sure we can spend the $800 :D

    And yeah lmao Wook is so cute XDDD.

  5. Congrats to SJM :)
    Siwon and his dimples :D
    Henry’s Chinese has improved so much, same with Donghae’s and Kyuhyun :D
    what’s happening to Henry’s cheeks? are they not feeding the kid or what? I’m hoping that it’s because he’s still growing and not because he’s not eating.

  6. Lol, I’m gone for a couple days and I come back to find all this amazing stuff to spazz over. XD Thanks for the shoutout candychu, ILU too for bringing us all these epic posts. <3

    SJM is so much love. Kyuhyun picks up all these random phrases and spouts them out, I love it. “Tai bu xiang hua le!!” I remember he did the same thing with Thai when SJ was in Thailand, haha. And Henry, oh gosh. He totally makes my day. I just hope he’s eating enough.

    Ohmygosh, you have to bring us an account of the concert when you go. I really hope you can meet all 7 of them! <3<3

  7. babiegel
    It’s sad seeing Henry’s face growing thin because I miss the chubby him XDDD. But at this rate, I think he’s going to become really handsome :D.

    Haha, I blog too much, don’t I? XD I’m overseas but I’ve written more posts than the other authors…combined!!

    And no problem, it’s definitely comments like yours which encourage us to continue bringing epic posts :DDD/

    Omg I love when Kyuhyun says that, especially when it’s totally random. Ooh so are you Chinese too then? ^^

    And of course I will!!!! Can’t wait :DDD In a week, SJM will be in HK lasjfalfsdlfjsdj!!

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