Posted by: beckery | December 17, 2008

Boys over Flowers Teaser Trailer

Video: ffjrebmaster @ youtube

Oooohhh I think we’ve all been waiting for this!!XDD

2. I think the soundtrack is going to sound pretty epic lol. I have an OST fetish ok! =P
3. Hyung Joon looks sooooo pretty *_* I’ll be honest and say he doesnt really look like a “Rui” to me though haha. Maybe thats cuz I’m totally biased to Oguri Shun in HYD :/
4. They filmed at heaps of really beautiful places! That beach scene was so pretty <3
5. I’m actually looking foward to it. Just to see how this version compares to Meteor Garden and HYD. XD


  1. i think Oguri Shun made a really good Rui, him in Hana Yori and Hana Kimi totally killed me. I’m still looking forward to seeing Hyun Joong and Kibum. And i so agree the soundtrack does sound like it’s going to be epic, do you have a favourite OST?

  2. Yeah! I can’t wait for it either!
    Lee Minho looks so good as the leader of F4. Not Michael Jackson like at all. He still carries around some machoness–or maybe it was that shower scene 0:D !!

  3. uhhhh one of the scenes look like it was set in vegas. the one where they are indoors and ceilings are clouds. yeahh…cool. they didn’t shoot in vegas, right? haha i didn’t hear anything about that.

  4. I can’t wait to watch this! Though it’s going to be hard to not compare it to the Japanese one that everyone’s probably watched. I agree with nataly Oguri Shun was a good Rui!

    OMG I managed to finally watch the last installment of HYD and I almost died cause of Oguri Shun :D He looked DAMN good! Lol sorry fangirl moment!

    umm isn’t your hair suppose to get curlier when it gets wet? *shower scene assuming that’s F4’s leader* and where was the beach scene done? I’d like to go there some day!

  5. nataly
    I think Oguri made an awesome Rui. He totally owns that role. So quiet and mysterious, yet sexy *_* PAS and I both adore him <3 But yes, I’m looking forward to how the korean version will turn out.

    Hahaha. I have A LOT of favourite OSTs! But from the top of my head, my favourite overall OST would be from “Full House”, “My Girl”, “My lovely Kim Sam Soon” and “Goong”. By overall OST, I mean that I like nearly all the songs on there. Sometimes, I only like the main theme songs and not the whole OST XD

    Lol. Did someone say he looks like MJ?! HAHA. Thats the first time I’ve heard of it omg. He does NOT look like MJ =_=

    Haha I have no idea if they went to Vegas or not. But I know they went to Macau and Australia (where I live). I wanted to know where they were in Australia so I could stalk them :( haha.

    Yea, thats the problem with remakes. You’ll unconciously compare the versions with eachother. I watched Meteor Garden AGESS ago so when I watched HYD, I didnt compare them. But with HYD still really clear in my mind, I’ll of course end up comparing it with the korean version.

    The final installment? As in the movie? I havent watched it yet. But I really want to. The trailer looked really epic *_*

    Haha I dont have curly hair but umm I thought they go straight when they’re wet? I have no idea haha

  6. ^ yeah that’s gonna be my problem cause HYD *japanese one* is still recent so it’s gonna be hard for me not to compare.

    yup the movie. OMG you have to watch it when you have the time, my friends who watched it before me was like “make sure you have the tissue box beside you cause your gonna cry” and I’m not much of a crier but they were right I ended up crying in the end.

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