Posted by: beckery | December 17, 2008

DBSK Bigeastation 90 – Love Situation


ROFLMAOOOOO at Junsu’s voice *clutches stomach* I can never get sick of his oh so girly “Junko” voice XDDD Its so high and squeaky and omg…….PAS AND CANDIES, IS MY VOICE LIKE THAT?!?! O_O Lol. Totally irrelevant, but according to those two, I have a “baby voice” which is ultra “high” and “squeaky” and “cute”. I surely hope its nothing near as squeaky as Junko’s :/

Anyways, the story this time was quite…bland XDD But I kept laughing at Junsu’s voice so its ok. Oh watch out for his “Kyaaaa~~” Pure gold!! HAHAHA. And Changmin is soooo cute at the end. What a greedy bum =PPP


  1. when i clicked the clip i got a “video disabled by request” but i did see this later and junsu’s kyaa is so adorable/funny when he mistook the guy for changmin

  2. Thanks for telling me XD LOL at Junsu’s “kyaa” I was laughing soooo hard :DD

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