Posted by: lovediaries | December 17, 2008

Entry Condition for SJM’s Signing Event in HK

I called up Landmark North and have confirmed details – aren’t I brave :D?

Okay so CLICK HERE to see the poster for their Boxing Day Event (you’ll have to scroll down).

To be able to exchange for a CD (they’ll only sign the HK version so I’m wondering if they’re marked or something) and a “signature coupon”, you’ll need to spend $800 from a maximum combination of TWO stores. And you can do the shopping on either the 25th or 26th.

The sign/fanmeet will start at 5pm on the 26th and SJM will be playing games with fans. You won’t need your concert ticket to participate in this event.

So…who’s planning on going to this fanmeet because as of now, I have no one to go with T___T? And who’s planning on spending the $800? Or are most of us just going to stand on the side and take photos? ^^


  1. If you want to meet them really badly! I’d say “Go for it!”, I would xDD. But it depends on what they’re selling in landmark North.
    When I was in Taiwan last year, to shake hands + get autographs from S.H.E, you had to buy a watch which was $150 (which their autographs engraved). I still wear it to this day ^^

    Actually, I’m thinking of asking what friends I have here to go shopping there on the 25th/26th with me so that I alone don’t have to spend $800 XD. But it’s seriously such a bother travelling all the way there because it is like on China borders T________T. And I was thinking of going some time before that date to see if there are posters up and stuff with 100% confirmed information. Being so close to Christmas means that I’m busy as well :/ Argh, whyyyyyyyy.

    And $150 for a watch you still wear with S.H.E autorgaphs sounds totally worth it!

  3. If I was you, I’d decide when I get there. I mean if you get to see all 7 of them and get autographs, a few pics too then it’s worth it, but then again it also depends if you want to buy the stuff they’re selling there right? If you don’t like any of the stuff, then you didn’t spend your hard earned money ;) I’m sure there’s a place where you can stand in the side lines cheering for them/take tons of pics of the boys.

  4. ^Oh my friend told me the shops in Landmark North and they sound like places I can get good stuff from! But you’re right, I could probably stand on the side and take pics. Actually, I think I’ll call up the shopping center and ask for info :/

  5. I want to join this fan meeting ^______^

    But I’m foreigner fan. How can i do??? TT^TT

    How many people can join in this meeting????

    i will arrive to HK at 26/12. i want to join somuchhh

    can i go with you????? ^_________^

  6. ^Woah arriving right on the day O.o What time will you get to HK? Because Sheng Shui is pretty far and I’m not really sure how long it would take for you to get there from the airport or wherever you’re staying at. Do you have anyone that can take you there?

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