Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 17, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 10

Heroes of Earth

Video: spartan915 @ Youtube


One of my favourite upbeat chinked-out songs by him. When I first heard this song, I HATED it cos I was like “omg he’s trying so hard to be hardcore XD;;”. But then I tried it a few more times, and the song was just too catchy to keep hating :P. It’s one of his classic chinked-out songs; he mixes hip-hop with Chinese opera (that’s why you can hear an opera singer in the middle of the song). I remember reading somewhere that Leehom wrote this song after he watched one of his dad’s old Chinese opera tapes XDD He normally doesn’t say the rap (in the recording, Jin says it) but this clip is from Leehom’s concert, so he did it himself).

His dancing is funny in this (see, even geniuses can be dorks :P) BUT HE PLAYS ELECTRIC GUITAR AT THE END. AND HE RAPS IN ENGLISH. GO WAAAAATCH.


LOOOL. I’m exactly like PAS. I totally hated the song at first!!! It was one of my first Leehom song and I was thinking “OMG, this is the so called famous chink out?!?”. But I loved the “Heroes of Earth” album, so I had the whole album on replay for ages, which meant I kept listening to this song and it just grew on me more and more. I absolutely love it now!! The chorus is insanely catchy, especially the girls’ background vocals part. Since the rap is in english, I memorised the lyrics and actually rap along with the music hahahaha FAIL XDDDD

This performance was the first song he performed at his concert and it made everyone really hyped up!!! The electric guitar part was soooo HOT!!! *___* Wait, he’s always hot, what am I talking about haha. Watch watch!!!

You and I

Video: rasckita @ Youtube


One of my favourite Leehom songs ever (lol, I say that about EVERY Leehom song, but I really do like this one a lot). It’s from his “Unbelievable” album which came out awhile ago. I love playing this song in the background when I’m doing homework cos it’s so relaxing and happy, and it lowers my urge of burning all my textbooks in a giant bonfire XD. I’d never actually seen the MV till I had to do this post, and rofl, it’s so funny seeing him goofing off XDDD


Yeap, one of my favourite Leehom song too hahaha XDD We totally fail at rating his songs dont we?! Maybe we should use a scale next time, cuz you’re probably sick of hearing us declare our love for every, single song ROFL. But this song was on repeat for agggeeeesss~~ I even had the name, “Ni He Wo” in my msn pm lol. The lyrics are really meaningful too!! Kind off promoting world peace etc <333 He’s so dorky in the MV lol.

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