Posted by: beckery | December 18, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 9

Big City Small Love

Video: chinesecivilization @ youtube


We mentioned the song before and here it is. A full live performance of one of my favouritest (is that  word?) song of Leehom. I ADORE THIS SONG SO MUCH <33 It seriously pawns! He performed it at his Heroes of Earth concert playing the guitar and all. It was the best “Big City Small Love” performance ever. This one is pretty good too. As always, he modifies it a bit here and there. Adds a few pro adlibs and wham bam, the song sounds even better than the original haha. Trust me, you’ll love this song. So TRY IT NOW!!!


Leehom always changes his songs when he does live performances; so talented *____*. Lol, this song isnt’ my FAVOURITEST Leehom song (that would go to “Forever Love”, “Kiss Goodbye” and “Can You Feel My World”) but it’s a good song and really good to listen to when you want to chill-out ^^

Change Me

Video: rasckita @ youtube


First thing I must point out is that you know the band in the MV?! Well thats called the “Change Me” band, which consists of Leehom as the guitarist, Leehom as the drummer, Leehom as the bass player and oh, Leehom as the singer XDDD HAHA How flippin’ awesome is that?!?!! I forgot who is who but their names are ” Xiao Wang”, “Xiao Hong” and “Xiao Li” haha. I gotta admit that Leehom dressed as a sexy, rock guitarist makes me happy. Very happy XD

Anyways, this song wasnt love at first hear, but again, it totally grew on me <33 Its another “deep” song of his where he talks about changing yourself, changing your environment to make life better etc. Very thoughtful and wise XD Absolutely love the chorus, especially the “na na na na na” and the “gai bian” parts. Gets me singing everytime <3


AHHAHAHA, THE CHANGE ME BAND XDDDDD Lol, like Beckery mentioned, they’re ALL Leehom, just Leehom in different outfits :P I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove the guitarist Leehom, omg, so hot and moody *_________*. I er….don’t really like this song (sshhhhh) and I’ve listened to it under five times (wasn’t a HUGE fan of his Change Me album, actually) but the music video is really fun, and the Change Me band is funny XD


  1. Lol yeah I think Big City Small Love’s the kind of song I can have on replay for an entire Sunday afternoon. I don’t know why but I kinda find it reminiscent of retro cpop too.

    Somehow I got the idea that Lee Hom had loads of fun filming the Change Me MV ^^

  2. ooo thanks for the videos :D I’ll have to watch Big City Small Love another time as my internet is running slow :( I love the Change Me MV, I bet he had loads of fun doing that.

  3. kuroi_katzchen
    I absolutely love the song. Its kind off those sweet, nice, soothing songs which reminds you off home? HAHA IDEK. Its just really nice for the ears and makes you all relaxed and happy XDDD

    I’m sure he had fun dressing up and playing all those instruments <33

    I’m glad theres someone watching the videos (or will watch the videos) lol. The lack of response lately has made PAS and I a tad sad :((( No leehom loooveeeee </3 But I knew I could depend on you <333

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