Posted by: lovediaries | December 18, 2008

Robots dancing to ‘Nobody’

“Nobody” Dancing Robot has been created by students of Seoul University.

{credit: CJWTown @ youtube}

At first I thought it was like the ‘Robotic version’ of ‘Nobody’ lol. But wow, you guys have to watch this!

I wonder if it was an assignment or just for fun but the robots dance really well O_____O. Wonder how long it took to program them. Half way through though, one of the robots at the back is facing off to the side lmao.


  1. that was sick.

  2. ^Agree ;D

  3. Lol this was sick! I wonder how long that took to program? I remember in high school *wow I sound so old* my friend made a robot dance for his project and he said it took a while to program and get the robot to do what he wanted it to do.

  4. I made a robot once…out of Lego’s. It didn’t work so well…

    That was so cool.O_o

  5. babiegel
    Ooooh you guys made robot dances in high school, that’s so awesome!!! Yeah and think how much longer it would take to get them to choreograph robots :S

    LOLL out of lego XDDD That means it didn’t move right? XD

  6. lol omg it dances better than me T__TXD


  8. ^ yeah it was for physics actually. it was just for fun, but I wasn’t much help cause I was sick during that week, but I remember him trying to explain what he did to me while I was still recovering and everything he said flew over my head.

  9. ^Physics. Ew. I did 4U maths and we had to do stuff like motion. HATED IT. The only science I could do was genetics :).

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