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SHINee Arirang Monologues

::EDIT:: The last of SHINee’s monologues has been uploaded! I can’t help but be a little sadface.

WOOOT~!!! I was looking forward to SHINee doing these :DDD. The best thing about Arirang vids is, of course, that they have english subs :D. And they’re also a good way of learning more about each member because they won’t have to steal the camera from each other lol.

Every time I think of Arirang Monologues, though, I think of how Kyuhyun talked about liking nice legs and then he pointed to the PD (or the woman interviewing him) and said “You have nice legs” XD. Then I also think about how Donghae talked about his favourite day and his father and cried ;_______; I miss Super Junior, in particular the SJM members :((((

Anyway, shall edit this post as they’re uploaded!

OnewSHINee’s Leader with a Pure Soul

Ah, I loved all the footage of Onew they showed at the start ^^. Especially during their uniform shoots with his dorky *saranghae*. The monologue starts off with “Onew’s Thoughts on Music”. Getting distracted by his adam’s apple and not really concentrating on the subs XDD. Onew picks “Replay” as a significant song because it was a result of his hard work in achieving his dreams ^^. Not to mention the song was genius ;). He describes music as his life. Can’t wait to listen to some compositions or lyrics (thinks back to his music sheets that Jisun messed up XD).

He then talks about SHINee. Aw, flashback to May 25th lol, their debut stage. I don’t understand why none of them weren’t fully happy with their debut performance lol because that was what got a lot of fans interested in them, so they have a lot to be proud of! Onew describes what it felt like when “Love like Oxygen” topped the chart. (Guess he’s talking about when they came 1st for Mnet?) Then they showed footage from SMTown Concert and SERIOUSLY, ONEW HAS A RLY NICE BUTT *O*. It’s plump like Junsu’s LOLOL. Omg I’m such a perve XDDD.

Next, he talks about Fans and his dreams. There was a touching moment when a large group of fans prepared presents for SHINee after an interview. And aw, when they stood up, they formed a heart. How cute! And a goal he wishes to achieve is for SHINee to become role models ^^.

I love the caption at the end which says “Onew became a member of SHINee…and SHINeee became a part of his soul”. And basically everything else they said in the blue writing lol.  ♥♥♥

JonghyunSinger with Unrivalled Vocal Skills & Passion

When Jonghyun was doing his intro, I thought he looked so sweet :). Sweet like when he took his noona on a date instead of all sexy and hot like in Amigo. Jonghyun is very humble and says that when it comes to vocal skills, he still has a lot to learn. He talks about becoming an artist who produces and writes his own music. I’m so looking forward to when he does :D! Jonghyun mentions his love for Brown Eyed Soul and how he’s memorised all their music (lol I used to be like that back when I was obsessed with Boy’Z ^^) so he sings a bit of “Promise You”. His voice is so pretty *______*

Jonghyun talks about how during training, he was in a slump, physically and mentally exhausted :(. Yeah, so this must be why he was so happy to receive an award – it shows their hard work paid off! And Jonghyun really is so so handsome. I kept looking at his face instead of the subs and had to keep rewatching XD.

And shivers, I just realised that it was Heechul I stared at and found had a nice butt ROFLLL. Heechul of all people … !?!?!

Jonghyun picks their first performance of “Love like Oxygen” as the most unforgettable. It most definitely was very different to “Replay” lol. They sexed everything up 10x XDDD.

Jonghyun mentions God while he’s talking about learning different instruments and I find that funny because the other day I read on SHINee forums that he was an atheist? But then he says “but it won’t happen” so I guess he really doesn’t believe ^^”

He also talks a little about his duet with ZLY and says he wishes to do a duet with BoA as well!

I think the reason why he wasn’t able to reveal a bit more about himself though was because the questions weren’t really that personal ^^”. Ah well, next time maybe? But his smile at the end is to die for *________* So cute!!!

KeyMultitalented Singer with Exceptional Dancing and Rapping Skills (Rofl, do these get longer with each member? But I wouldn’t describe Key in any other way ^^.)

I’ve been looking forward to Key’s Monologue for extremely obvious reasons. Just listening to his intro gave me butterflies in my stomach XD. It’s the soothing way he talks and how confident he is when in front of the camera. Charming, yes? ;) I don’t understand why Key’s Monologue is the shortest though; I thought he’d have the most to say :/

Key starts off talking about SHINee, different from the others. He picks their debut performance May 25th as the most unforgettable and “Replay” and “Love like Oxygen” as the two most precious songs. Apart from those two, he says “Graze” would be the best song on their album. Lol I guess he picked that cause he must’ve liked his rap ‘Have you, tried thinking bout me, given any thought about me. The times we spent together like lovers flying free…’ ^____^.

I cracked up so hard at Key’s “ahhhh~” when thinking of an ‘Unforgettable Moment’ XDD. He really likes slapping things eh? If Onew were beside him, I bet he’d be the one slapped XDD. He chooses the birthday celebration he had with fans where he was able to sing LIVE.

I think they’ve changed the format of the Monologue a little because then Key talks about the other members. I loved how he thought Onew was younger than him on their first meeting LMAOOO. (I bet he still thinks that now – I know I do XP). He also said that Minho was a little scary LMAOOO. Aw, I wished they asked this question before. Well as long as they keep it for the other two monologues :). And oooh they lived together for 3 yrs. Woah, Taemin would’ve been 12 O.o Key also mentions what it felt like when Minho went to do the fashion show for Andre Kim. It’s really sweet ^^.

Then Key talks about his daily life and dreams. Omg he’s so cute. He says that family comes first because if it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t even be here doing his interview XDD. “My family is my treasure no.1” Awwww :(. AH He is really so so adorable. He said that he wishes for a pad which allows him to write down whatever and let it come true lmao. So imaginative XDD. The first thing he would write would be for SHINee to win Best Rookie and that’s come true already!!! (You can so tell they filmed this a while ago XD)

And what!?!?!? I couldn’t even tell Key had a blocked noise. His voice was sexy anyway lmao XDD. From this Monologue you can tell that Key is actually very mature. Key <333333!!!

(Rofl even though this was the shortest clip, I wrote the most on it, didn’t I? I’m not biased; not at all 8D)

MinhoA silent Flame Burning with Passion and Charisma (woah, that’s really beautiful *___*)

Lol I love how the voiceover described Minho as ‘strikingly handsome‘ ^^. And why am I not surprised that Minho’s monologue is less than 7 minutes? Probably less than 6 (or even 5) if you minus the extra footage at the start and end XD.

Minho starts off sharing his thoughts on Music. He says that he tried learning from different great singers and as expected he talks about DBSK!!!! And Super Junior too :DDD. Lol fanboy ftw!! When asked to pick a meaningful song, he instead says that all SHINee albums are meaningful :). You can tell Minho is a deep thinker by the way he chooses to word his answers. All songs are important to him because of the ‘priceless moments‘ shared with the other members and ‘working on the album against all odds‘. Ain’t that sweet? <33

For Minho, music is like oxygen because he can’t live without it. Okay, though most of what he says is really corny, you can tell he’s totally being genuine; and I like that about Minho :).

AND CAN THEY PLEASE STOP BEING SO HARD ON THEMSELVES ABOUT THEIR DEBUT PERFORMANCE XDDDDDD. I think they all say that because they were all nervous and it is after all a debut performance. But really, it was magnificent and it won them lots of fans. I hope one day they think back to it and say “Hey, actually, it was great! And we’ve only gotten better!”

He lists many memorable moments but picks when ‘LLO’ topped the charts as the most unforgettable one ^^.

(*______________* His Adam’s apple alfaslfaklfsj.)

Then they showed footage of Minho at Andre Kim’s fashion show where he was the youngest model (well you sure hope there weren’t any other models younger than 16). Minho goes to say that though catwalking & singing seem different, they are essentially the same in that it’s all about delivering a great performance. See, deep thinker!

And ooh interesting question! Minho is asked who he thinks is ‘the best fashionista among the SHINee members‘. He says all members have great sense (though I would pick Key as my answer – but I do know what Minho means) and so he’s asked to be more specific by giving examples XD. His smile *___*.

Wow, I really enjoyed Minho’s monologue. I guess I was surprised in that Minho really was able to give me something different from what I usually see in him, and that was interesting :).

TaeminYoungest Member with Mighty Musical Prowess

Wow, Taemin’s monologue is like the longest. Almost. I think XD. And lol I love his little wave, it’s so cute :3. I’d like to see Taemin play the piano some time. Just because we only ever see him dancing and well, I’d like to see him sit down with an instrument and start playing it :).

I love how everyone was ‘Thoughts on Music’ but Taemin gets a ‘Thoughts on Music & Dancing’ ^^. Taemin says that he found interest in dancing when he was in 2nd or 3rd grade. He went for his first audition in 6th grade (omg, I was 10 and had only learnt to take the bus home XD) and passed! Wow, on his first audition and when he was so young. (Lol but we’ve all seen that video, we should know why :P).

You really can tell how much Taemin loves to dance. It’s all he ever did when he was young (but he’s still young T_T) instead of kicking a ball lol and it’s all he talks about. To him, dancing is like walking. And his favourite songs are the ones he dances to. Aww, he’s so cute.

Taemin then talks about his Daily Life. He says his family & staff are his Treasure no.1 and the most memorable gift was a hand written letter. Aww he then says that if you have money, you can buy what you want but you can’t buy a letter. That’s so … nice and sweet and alsfdjkfjdaf. Then he talks about his nicknames; he loves being called ‘baby’ lol. He then describes the advantages of being the youngest. His hyungs are so nice to him <333.

Taemin talks about memorable performances and says that one time he was on stage with his family in the crowd and he was so emotional he almost burst into tears. AWWWW. He talks about his performance from SMTown Concert and explained it was to ‘shed his existing image’. LOL I rather he never did his letter shirt rip XD. He didn’t need it anyway. Just a bit of hair fixing was all it took for me to pedo him XDDDD.

Anyway, Taemin speaks really well :). I really enjoyed his monologue too. I hope they do more of these things in the future!


  1. OMIGAWD SHINee MONOLOGUES!!! *tears of joy*

    At least I don’t have to wait for two months to finish each members’ monologue. SJ was just….. ;_____;

  2. umm…i have a question when are they airing shinee’s monologue?


    I love these monologue things.
    Its so interesting to watch, has subtitles!!!
    Heeee, i really want to watch Taemins!

    (I cried so much with Donghaes..T_T)
    I wish more bands would do monologues!!

  4. I love Onew <3 His smile is so bright~
    Can’t wait to see the other monologues!

  5. squeee i got abit teary upon watching Onew’s monologue.
    such a sweet dubu leader-sshi~ <3
    i was half-hoping they’d ask him some questions about his Onew Condition, but ah well…

    can’t wait for the rest!
    esp Minho… talking for 8 mins…?
    *remembers what a challenge it was for him to speak for even 1 min in the Pop Magazine vid*

  6. ohmy you’re so true! I’ve never paid attention to his adam’s apple before *always getting distracted by Key’s presence*, and now I found that it’s quite attractive heh? *shoves away perv thought* ;)

    aww, his smile is always so genuine and the way he laugh is soo adorable! *squish*

    at 04:28 and 05:23, I just had to cap it!! He’s so cute even in serious way.. <333

  7. when was shinee monologue originally aired in showbiz extra??? please reply to me at thanks!

  8. moonynim
    Lol yeah they’ll probably air one a week? :/

    I’m not sure, but so far only Onew’s has been uploaded so I assume they’ve only aired one monologue…

    I KNOW EH! Lol the subs are the best ^^

    Onew’s smile always makes me smile too :D!

    Yah~ He’s so pure and sweet. I love him <333 Lol I’m looking forward to Minho’s. It’ll probably be short like Kibum’s was lol XD

    WHAT DD: You’ve never noticed it? It’s one sexy thing about him (the other being his butt) !!!

  9. oh, he’s an atheist? wow, I never knew that.. How bout the others? *curious*

  10. ^Apparently. And the others are all said to be Christians :)

  11. Jonghyun looked so pure and mature here.. *dreamy eyes* it’s so different from his usual, this one gave him a calm and soft aura(?) idk, lol.
    Gosh, I cant wait for the other members’ to be up too! But apparently this show aired once a week eh?

  12. Jonghyun!! <33333333
    singer with unrivalled vocal skills and passion… i agree! :D

    love the way he talks whn he goes on about music. you can totally tell how much he loves music!
    and he’s still so humble and sweet, even though he’s so talented. awwww~

    i agree with the fact that he is so handsome. he is SO handsome. <3

    i think they’re airing Key’s monologue next? :D
    can’t wait~ ^^

  13. kandie
    Yeah I’ll have to watch the other ones while overseas ^___^ I think Jonghyun becomes more playful when he’s like around Key and stuff :3

    Mmhmm, you can totally see his passion for music :) He is very handsome. I assume so … I think they’re going in age order? ^^

  14. Finally Key! :)
    ahh, how i love his voice.. <333
    mp3+laptop+friends+family=same thing here! I cant live without them! XDD
    but now with that stupid cold is catching on him, i feel that the boys need more rests :/
    so, next is Minho? we’ll see how is he able to endure talking 8minutes long.. keke XP

  15. ^I know! Though Key’s voice isn’t my favourite when it comes to singing, it’s still awfully sexy :P

    Haha I bet Minho’s will turn out to be the shortest…like 6-7 minutes XD

  16. Hi. I love each member’s monolougue for different reasons. Onew spoke so well. Music is his life, he is very passionate about music, I can’t wait to listen to songs/lyrics written by him, he showed he could be quite poetic in his iple messages. Jonghyun is truly the most passionate one for music and he listen to many genres of music. And he’s such a humble pie. <3 I love the questions asked to key and the way he answered it tickles and warms my heart. He does slap things randomly. Haha… (I’m writing this from an iPod touch on display with staffs looking at me, my heart is thumping fast. And I don’t even know how to paragraph this thing.) have fun in hong kong!

  17. ^A very good analysis *clap clap* :D And yep I agree with everything you said. Jonghyun is very humble lol and aww @ tickles and warms my heart … very well said :)

    And oooh its always interesting hearing readers talking about going on the net through their phone/iphones :) Shows their dedication LOL XDDDD.

    (lol I’m recounting my HK adventures on my other blog if you’d like to read ^^)

  18. i liked the questions for Key’s monologue alot more! or maybe it was just his adorable responses to them that made me like it :P

    the way Key talks about how they felt a void when Minho went to participate in Andre Kim’s fashion show was so cute. like a real umma missing her grown-up son who’s gone out to work XD

    next up is Minho’s… much anticipation! i do hope it’s not brutally short though. :/

    have fun in HK~! :)

  19. ^I liked them a lot more too ^^ They were sort of less .. “standard” than the other two, I think.

    Haha I think everyone is looking fwd to how Minho will surprise us :P

  20. hi,hehe this is my first comment
    i just got this website from my friend

    ahaha..onew,idk what to say bout onew
    because sometimes he doing weird
    ‘whatever he does,it’s onew condition’

    i never know Jonghyun is an atheist before..
    like heechul rite?
    i like jonghyun lips,HOT~~

    key umma such a good son..aww~
    he always want the best for shinee..ahaha..
    everybody seems cant wait for another monologue,
    so, me too

  21. ^Hi rainbow!! Yay! We love having new readers. Thanks for commenting on your first visit <3 We hope to see your commenting around more~

    Haha it’s odd seeing Onew that serious do you mean? I’m not sure if Jonghyun really is an atheist, but that’s what people are saying :/

    Only 2 more monologues left ;____;

  22. hey candychu, they’ve just added minho’s =]]

  23. …and i TOTALLY forgot but it was his birthday yesterday X_x haha OOPS.

  24. minho’s monologue is up!!! *shed tears of joy* finally got to see him talking all alone with no other members gushing through haha XDD

    oh and yesterday was his birthday also!!! happy bday to our mr.flaming charisma~!!! *throws confetti* may God bless you with more of talking and crack-making ability so that you could join with all the members spreading cracks.. ahaha XDDD

  25. AMShakeIt
    Thanks so much for the heads up <333. Haha yeah we didn’t do a post here but I wrote up a lil bday msg over on my own blog ^^

    Ahh *runs off to watch*

  26. sighs. (XDDDDDD HAHA)

    Should I watch Minho’s? Will it make it worst for me?

    Aish why am I even asking you, you evil, evil girl who keeps giving me pictures of Minho and his awesome sex faces *glares at you*

    *runs off and asks PAS instead*

  27. ^I say no. LOL idk some people found his monologue boring and I think you would fall into that category since you only like him for his SEX FACES >:(

    Ahahaha. But watch if you want. It’s only 6.52 long :D

    p.s I shall come on msn, I have something important to discuss with you.

  28. The captions they gave at the end of their monologues pretty much sums up each and every member of SHINee. I love it.

    I love how they’re doing this at an early stage of their career. XD Then one day they can look back and think of these times and realize that even at a young age their awesome already. ROFL.

    Onew’s monologue gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I just love how he sucks in air and makes “sss” sounds whenever he answers. XD

    While I was pretty much caught off-guard with Jonghyun’s humility. Not that i see him as a show-off, it’s just that he has every right to brag.. but still, he’s so humble. And his passion for music is pure <3. I hope one day I get to hear one of his compositions.

    Key is just Key. I love his animated faces as well as his answers.. He’s getting more and more sexy too. How can that be possible?

    And the recent one, Minho’s! I am soo proud of how he was able to talk and share his thoughts for more than 30 seconds. LOL I had a hard time reading the subtitles coz I was just staring at his face and gosh his voice is so sexy. XD

    Because of these monologues, I realized that these boys were more mature than me, thinks way better than me and is just tooo young for me. *Sigh*

    Can’t wait for Taeminnie’s! Ah~ sorry for my long and boring comment. XD

  29. ^It wasn’t a boring comment :). I like reading other peoples opinions and stuff. And I totally agree with what you said about Jonghyun. Sometimes, I’m so surprised by how humble he is just becauuse he does indeed have every right to brag.

    Haha yeah Minho’s voice is so deep and it just lulls you to sleep XDD.

    And lmao I know! I feel like a child hearing the way they speak. Why is it that they can be so coherent for candid interviews!?!?! They make me feel like I fail XDDD.

  30. Taemin’s monologue !!! Gosh, that kid is just so adorable. He’s beaming throughout, he talked alot too and is very well-spoken. I’m surprised at how he’s sooo dedicated even at a young age. I mean I know he loves dancing but spending his time dancing while other kids are playing? 0_0 LOL I feel so little because I never did my best for anything and I’m already at an age where I should have achieved something that I can be proud of! While he already did and he’s like what? 15!!! XD

    What struck me the most was when he said “you’ve got to have an ambitious goal”, I was never ambitious because I can’t decide what I want and what to do with my life. hahaha! Now I’ll have to thank him for putting in some sense in my empty brain!!

    I love how I can fangirl and learn from them at the same time!!! XD

  31. ^Omg I forgot to reply to this comment T____T.

    Agree that Taemin is really well-spoken! I find it interesting that you have SJ members which are all dorky and crazy and then you have these SHINee members which are all so deep and thoughtful XD.

    Hahaha and I think you can learn a lot from SHINee :D!

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