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Singles Jan Issue feat. DBSK

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CHANGMIN IS WEARING EYELINER, I’m sure. And he’s looking very do-able. Yunho, on the other hand looks like he got stuck in some viscious wind tunnel. Jaejoong looks normal, thank goodness and Junsu looks okay; sort of weird but his haircut looks like someone from 2pm so it’s sort of acceptable (if you know what I mean) !? And Yoochun. Lol oh God, no comment.

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First thumbnail is alsjfjklassdfklfd. I’m almost 100% positive they’re in their usual stance which means that the one with practically his whole chest up for grabs is CHANGMIN. Also, there has been an explosion of Yoosu in all their pics recently. Check out the second thumbnail :P.


  1. ROFL The cover looks pretty funny !!
    Yunho’s hair is like … whoa what happened?
    ‘Yunho, on the other hand looks like he got stuck in some viscious wind tunnel.’
    Changmin is totally the model type. How can he look SO good? Nothings really different about Jaejoong but Yoochun and Junsu’s hairstyles are really funky. Junsu’s hair really looks like a guy from 2pm. (I’m not familiar with them but i love their song 10 points out of 10 <3<3) Yoochun looks a rich prince though (a player HAHA). hothot *_*

  2. ^LOL serious! It’s even worse than his wolverine hair; though, I was quite fond of his wolverine hair XD.

    Changmin is so a model type! He’s got such a good, tall body and a nice handsome face *_____*. OH YES I totally see the rich prince/player in Yoochun. It’s the bow tie and frilly shirt and the UGLY hair which rich players usually think is hot *thinks of Dao Ming Se from MG with his phoenix hair or whatever it was called*.

    Lol I’m not too familiar with 2pm members either. I can name them all, but only match 5/7 members to faces. (There are 7 members, right? XD).

  3. they look weird…

  4. lol i think Junsu looks like teacyeon from 2pm, and Yoochun looks like Domyoji from Hana Yori and i dunno why but Yunho’s pose makes me think that he’s preparing for like some “the day after tomorrow” event, maybe cause of the “viscious wind tunnel” look, and Changmin and Jaejoong look nice.

  5. wondergirls4ever_94
    Lol really? I think they look okay ^^

    Ah yeah Taecyeon! But also like Jaebum, I reckon. I remember Jaebum had hair like that with something glittery down the side for MKMF, was it? *cant remember*.

  6. They look ok…

    Yoochun’s hair is nice in a creative kind of you? you know? No idea why their hairstylist likes to get creative with Yoochun’s hair the most while changmin and jaejoong are usually “same same”

    Yunho’s hair is HORRIBLE!!! AHH MY EYES!

    First pic(the one where they are jumping)… you can see someone’s undearwear… “happiness XD”

  7. whoa! what happened to Yoochun & Yunho’s hair? it’s like their stylist ran out of ideas and just stuck them in front of a big fan so their hair would stay like that. I do like Yoochun’s hair color on him though :).

    In the second pic where they’re all jumping the only face you can clearly see is Yunho’s. I’m guessing they’re all in the same order still, and if so then I wish they showed Changmin’s stomach more ;P You can’t even see Junsu’s face at all :(

  8. oh yeah i remember Jaebum’s glittery hair now and it was like puffed up.

  9. I normally don’t think Candychu-ish thoughts about Changmin, but I really would jump that at the moment. Guyliner ftw. XD Yunho’s hair is funny, but his facial expression is like he just saw himself in a mirror or something. Jae and Micky look *.* as usual, but I think Junsu’s vest crawled out of the dumpster.

    Thumbnail 2 is so cute! Oh, Yoosu.

  10. Abdul
    Sometimes it’s Yoochun who wants the creativity all put onto his head. Like the FITB haircut was requested by him and the Mirotic one too, I assume – since it was so weird LOL.

    I think they always start off with Jae which is why he gets the normal/non creative ones. Then, inspiration hits them and they work on Changmin and Junsu. But by the time they’re at Yoochun and Yunho, they’re out of ideas and just use massive fans/blowdryers XDD.

    Mmhmm! ^^

    LMAOO “candychu-ish thoughts” XDDDD. ROFL like he just saw himself and was so shocked, yeah???

    Oh yeah, ew, I didn’t even notice taht thing was a separate vest. He should’ve taken it off and he would’ve looked 10x better :/

  11. Oh Yunho, what have they done to you? And why do I still think you’re the hottest guy in the picture? It’s official, my bias has made me blind.

    Crazy hair aside, I think their outfits look great (except that strange mold growing on Junsu). They all look like they should be sitting in the study, reading old books with (fake) pipes in their mouths. Very Sherlock Holmes-esqe.

  12. ^LOL it’s okay, biasedness is highly accepted here!

    ‘Strange mold’ LMAO, nice way of putting it! And yep, very Sherlock Holmes. But gah lakflsdjfadflksd can’t get over how gorgeous Changmin looks *____*

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