Posted by: potensvita | December 18, 2008

Younha singing ‘The Moon represents my Heart’

I am a chinese. So, I grew up listening to oldies songs loved by my parents. There is this one song that was always played during the Lantern Festival. It is Teresa Teng’s song ‘The Moon(light) represent my heart’.

Younha sang that song recently on a music programme. Her pronounciation is fantastic. ^^

credit : lond0nface @ youtube.



  1. haha, my mom loves Teresa Teng too, I was actually named after her

  2. LoL, my mum and dad listens to this too
    I grew up hearing it~
    It’s a lovely song <3

  3. yeah. it is a song that is the MUST of the lantern festival.

    so, your name is teresa. did your friend ask whether you were named after her? lol.

    brings back memories, ne?
    i remembered i burnt my first paper tanglung. lol.

  4. Her voice suits this song to a T! I can’t stop saying how much I love her voice, OMG *____*.

    Yeah her pronounciation is really good. But I laughed a little at the “yue” part, though xP.

    This wasn’t recent; the video descriptions said last year ^^. She still had her long hair back then, I kinda miss it. So pretty! (She’s still pretty now though xD.)

  5. ^ I agree her voice suits the song :) I Love HER! I should find this song so I can listen to it on my mp3 while working

  6. bleaghh,
    yeah, it was from last year. I know I sucks. lol. so slow at watching her performance. but this is like one of the best ever. ^^ she is really pretty, despite being a tomboy. lol. short and long hair suits her. lol. her face is like a doll.

    you mean the original singer? lol?

  7. lol nope Younha’s version :)

    I seriously need to learn how to rip mp3 out.
    please share. I swear I will be entirely grateful.^^

  9. well I have the mp3 from this video so you hear the audience in the beginning, if you want that I can give it to you. though i have no clue on where I’m gonna upload it.

  10. no problem. I still want it. lol.

  11. ok well here’s the link

    if you want other mp3’s ripped just let me know and I’ll do it for you.

  12. babe, can you check your email? I had mailed you something important. lol.

  13. WOW! never knew her voice could be so goooood :)

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