Posted by: lovediaries | December 19, 2008

081219 SHINee on Music Bank

Backstage in Waiting Room – WHY SO CUTE? They all have present boxes and are playing around with them – all but Minho who is just standing there XD.

Amigo – THEYRE IN RED & WHITE FOR CHRISTMAS :3333. They’ll be the death of me, these boys XD. I suddenly want Onew to dress up as Santa Claus so that I can sit on his lap :D. I hope these boys get to rest over the next few days as they have to fly to Taiwan soon. (I found it extremely creepy that their flight details & hotel they’re staying at were posted online O.o). And Key is so hot my god; he just kept looking at the camera during the second verse (and at the end, too) even though he was off to the side – it was like he was staring straight at me *giggles*.

I LOL @ Minho though because his little accessory was really awkward and during his rap he kept grabbing at his sweater and…lol idk it was funny xP. Except he face molested himself at the end and that was hot ;)

(mooray, if you’re reading this, stare at Key’s thighs, please, and you will understand. But that might be hard since I had trouble tearing my eyes from his face and you know how obsessed I am with his legs XDD.)

Btw you guys have heard of SHINee’s special stage with Kara, right? It’ll be on tomorrow and they’re performing “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bell Rock”! Hope they’re both in English :DD I love hearing Onew singing in English.

Also I hope to suit the changing season, they perform ‘Four Seasons’ soon :PP


  1. I miss seeing them perform Amigo on music shows and was sooo happy coz they brought something new on today’s performance!! I love Taemin’s new moves during on his solo!!

    And their special stage with Kara! I’m excited and hoping it’s in English too!!

  2. ^:( I didn’t see his new moves. It’s actually really hard for me to YT because it tends to lag so that the music keeps playing but the visuals have frozen and when I go to rewatch, my comp freezes. Do you feel my pain!?!??!?!! But thanks for telling me he had new moves! XDDD. I’ve been missing SHINee performances too *sigh*

  3. ah i love all of their amigo performances! but in this one, onew and key seem to catch the camera A LOT! of course the more the merrier xD and taemin’s new dance moves are cool :D
    cant wait for their special stage with kara :D
    SHINee <3

  4. “I suddenly want Onew to dress up as Santa Claus so that I can sit on his lap :D.”

    This made me lol!

    Their clothes are soooo cute! =)
    *agrees with the key comment*
    Ahahaha if you compare the happy 5 SHINee members with their dark and gangstery back-up dancers…

  5. I can totally relate LOL! My comp always freezes especially when the vid I wanted too watch just finished loading! So i can totally feel your pain. XD
    Taem changed his dance moves for their amigo perf on todays music core too!


    Okay, but I think all of them probably have better legs and thighs than I do.

  7. tristabelle
    Yeah!! Like together, right? Cause I used to think “Omg no Onkey :(” even though they sing together but that’s cause the camera only ever shows one person at a time. Yep, this was def. a good performance :D

    Lol I’m serious! I really want to sit on his lap XD. Haha which Key comment? His hot face or hot thighs? XDD

    Lol yes, it’s painful indeed. Ooh okay I’ll go watch that too :D

    I know I’m so jealous of them. But I imagine Key’s thighs to be pretty muscular too ^^

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