Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 19, 2008

DBSK SINGLES Magazine Individual Shots [JaeHo Edition]

Pictures: As tagged + Baidu

We’ve already posted three group shots here; still waiting for the YuMinSu scans. ::Edit:: MinSuChun ones are here

Enough of a teaser?

Lots more Jaeho after the cut. I think my favourite picture is the one of Jae with his head in the washing machine XD You can’t see his face, but idk, there’s just something about that picture that’s really cute XD. I love this photoshoot, even though some of the shots made it look like they’re endorsing Calvin Klein underwear ;P


  1. Mmmm, Yunho. He’s *sparkling* in the sun!

    “You’re beautiful”
    “*growls* this is the skin of a monster/murderer” WHATEVER since the script was so lame, sif I’d remember it XD.



      And I think it was “This is the skin of a monster” ;)

  2. Are you sure they’re not endorsing Calvin Klein underwear? ROFL. They’re sticking them out whenever they get the chance.
    First picture… What a tease LOL
    And YAY for the 2 YunJae pictures ^^
    Btw, what’s the concept of the photos? Everyday life?
    I can’t wait for YuMinsu shots! Maybe they’ll be Yoosu and MinFood Lmaoo xDD

    • Lol, it sure looks like they’re endorsing CK, doesn’t it XD

      No idea what the concept is, I just know I really want to get my hands on this magazine; IT’S LIKE A DBSK PHOTOBOOK :DDD

      And ROFL @ “MinFood” XDDD THAT’S SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!! (Maybe I’ll dress up as a burger for that shoot :P)

  3. ROFL, burger.
    Instead of Jaejoong who’s sticking his head into the washing machine, Changmin will be sticking his head in the fridge (and his Clavin Klein underwear will also be sticking out, HAHA) xDDD

    • The fridge idea is actually really good. It would’ve been funny AND hot AND would’ve sold quite a few pairs of CK underwear ;)

  4. they are very good I very love jae joong:) n_n

  5. “You can’t see his face, but idk, there’s just something about that picture that’s really cute”…um his rear? I find Jae staring at the camera really cute, it’s like his trying to figure out how to work it.

  6. Is it just me or does it look like Jaejoong is throwing up in the pic where his head is stuck somewhere? XD
    I have to say hot pics… until I got to the one with Yunho’s hair being all… blech =)

  7. i, um, wants some CK underwears now.
    actually, Calvin Klein is my brand of choice. Their jeans fit and flatter me perfectly and I always love their casual, yet classy & timeless clothes. Egads, I almost bought this gorgeous white wool coat by CK that, literally, made me look TALLER. How does a COAT make one look taller? I duno, but it did it. Yeah, I need some of those underwears now.

  8. Holy Hell. I’ve died and gone to JaeHo heaven. Excuse me while go hyperventilate in a corner due to the hotness of Yunho’s body. He’s been half-naked on stage for months so why do those pictures still make me feel like I’m seeing his abs for the first time? And the half-lidded, drowsy after sex look on his face is just … guh.

    And the picture of his head on Jae’s shoulder! That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing how quickly he can go from being a sex god to a cute little boy sleeping on his Boo’s shoulder. Then tackling him and straddling his waist while Mickey laughs at their (foreplay) antics. My slashy heart is totally satisfied for the next year with those two pics.

    Jae looks gorgeous as ever but the picture of his head in the washer is totally my favorite. It’s just so Jae.

  9. omg.. yunho is smokin’ hot.. and jae is hilarious with his head in the even happens to look sexy… but man yunhos chocolate abs are lookin delicious.. makes me just wanna ……… !

  10. I luv Jae’s pics b/c he’s wearing clothes! He’s much sexier that way. Lol I think he’s washing the clothes that Yunho was stripping off during the shoot. I think Micky randomly pops up in the chest-sitting pic b/c…idk it would be really awkward otherwise.XD Jae is mighty flexible.

    Such classic JaeHo lovin’ in the last pic.<3 Yunho’s socks match Jae’s shirt!

  11. Leyla:
    Me too ^^

    Lol, he looks so confused :P

    Throwing up? LOL XD.

    Their stylist really doesn’t like Yunho, does she? His hair looked soooooooooooo funny in that group shot XD.

    Lol, their pictures made me want to go buy some CK underwear too XD. Ahhh, the power of DBSK.

    I have a pair of CK jeans as well, but…I prefer my Levis and Guess ones…idk, I just prefer the cut to the CK cut.


    Lol, I know right, out of allll these gorgeous pictures, my favourite is the one of Jae sticking his head in the washer XD. But like you said, it’s sooooo Jae :D

    These pictures reminded me of the ones from S Mag (whatever happened to that magazine, anyway?).

    I know, Yunho and Siwon should do a photoshoot together…it would make me so happy *_*

    YAY, YOU AGREE :D. I thought I was so weird for not liking his topless pictures, but hooray you agree with me :D.

    And yes, he is very flexible ;)

  12. They are SO NOT endorsing..I mean..its they REAL them.
    I for one believe Yunho walks around lifting up his shirt all sexily, and Jaejoong bends down and puts his head in Driers. Hes just prac~

    …I’ll stop now. XD

    I love these pictures!
    & i don’t want to spoil the fun of waiting for the magazine, so i’m going to just look in this thread.

    Ahhh..usually i don’t bother with mag. but the pictures i’ve seen so far..are SOOOOO GOOOD.

    XD..This isn’t going to stop all the gay rumors and what not..Oh well, its not like its bothering anyone. ^^

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