Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 19, 2008

DBSK SINGLES Magazine Individual Shots [MinSuChun Edition]

JaeChun wants you to keep reading ;)

Pretty much the same as the JaeHo ones, except these three boys obviously didn’t sign a contract with Calvin Klein :(( And, Purplefanatic, Changmin didn’t get paired up with food :'(( He good paired up with an ipod instead…but that’s close, right? Ipod = Apple = Food :D!!



  2. Ohhh they don’t have Yoosu OR MinFood =[
    I’m disappointed. Jaechun is cute tho <3
    Whoa, Minsu in the black and white pics + Yoochun in the 5th last look like vampires!! Whaa, bite me please lolol
    “Ipod = Apple = Food” I like the connection! Very creative~

  3. YAY! Changmin with specs! love. That JaeChun hug is making me smile from ear to ear :)

  4. gah.. i been so busy and tired lately that i haven’t been able to see my boyfriends.. haha. thats what i call them.. i don’t know but lately Max has been oh so damn sexy.. and JaeChun so adorable.. too bad its not yunho.. haha..

  5. “What’s a buin?”

    Well honey, buin is a “bin” with a “u”, which equals YOU IN A BIN XDDD HAHAHA ARENT I SMART?!?!

  6. Purplefanatic:
    Lol, I tried :P

    Mmmmm, vampires….*___*….Edward Cullen <333

    I know, it’s so cuuute :D

    Hahaha, I haven’t stalked them in ages either XD.

    I wanted to ignore this comment, but since i’m nice…



  7. “BUIN”

    that means “WIFE”

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