Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 19, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 8

Perfect Interaction

Video: 2ndxdream @ Youtube


A week till Christmas =DDDDD!!

This definitely isn’t one of my favourite Leehom songs XD;;; But we thought we’d choose this song today because it has Rain in it, and most of you know who Rain is (I hope??). Leehom and Rain both sing in this, but you don’t see Rain in the mv, you just hear him :D. There’s a bit of English, a bit of Chinese and a bit of Korean XD. I don’t really like this song, but it’s reaaaally catchy O___O

How cute is the little boy in the mv, omg I WANT TO GIVE HIM CANDY :DD And Leehom play guitar in this <333


Agree with PAS. Not exactly my favourite Leehom song haha. Its very hip hoppish, so you hip hop type out there will probably like this. Oh and of course those Rain lovers will have to give it a try. But I gotta give it to him, cuz the song is catchy. I especially like J-Lim’s part. For those who dont know, J-Lim (Lim Jeong He) is actually a korean singer under JYP. And I’m crazy I know, but I actually like his shout outs at the end. It sounds kinda hardcore and all, but its attractive lol. When he goes “the hit man…bang” HAHA. SO GANGSTER!! <3


  1. O_o wow I almost missed all your post about Wang Leehom, guess that’s what I get for working all the time :(

    anyways this is pretty catchy, not one of my favorites of his but I’ll give it to him cause he had Rain singing in it and the boy in the MV was just squishable.

  2. I think we’ve done a week’s worth now??

    Yea, the beat’s really catchy but I just don’t like it XDDD

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