Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 19, 2008

Some New DBSK Lotte Promo Pics

Pictures: Baidu

If I could be bothered photoshopping, that white board would say “more pictures after the cut” =D

Awww, I’ve always loved the Lotte pictures, they’re so cute and normal :DD (minus Yunho’s spray tan :P). The first pic looks like a DBSK family photo; Yunho looks like a proud father XDDDD. I love the JaeHo pic, HE’S HOLDING HIS SCARF :DDD SO CUTE. And don’t you just loooove the last pic?? It’s like they’re DBSK Santas holding out presents/flowers for me. I’VE BEEN GOOD =DDDD


  1. lol at Junsu’s closed eyes, why do i get the feeling that he got last dibs on his beauqet. If only i could be Yunho pulling Jae’s scarf, or Jae whose scarf is being pulled by Yunho.

  2. The scarf holding! Oh it makes my slashy heart so happy. All Yunho needs to do is just tug a bit harder and pull Jae into his arms. I think this calls for a fic.

  3. the boys look gorgeous and funny in some of the pictures ..haha. and dolphin boys eyes are closed.. and yunho looks really tanned.. :)

  4. Nataly:
    I wouldn’t mind being in Changmin’s position in that first thumbnail, either ;)

    It does, it does! Lol, don’t you love Micky’s expression in that pic? It’s like he’s going “..meh…typical…” XD.

    Lol yea, I think he got a spray tan XD

  5. did JJ get braces? it looks as if he got something on his teeth if my eyes is not wrong ? haha

  6. Ah yes..someone really need to photoshop that.

    I love these Lotte pictures, they must of taken a lot! They always make you smile.
    (Though..they always look the same..)
    Who cares! They look good.

    All these new pictures, full of couplily? goodness. ^^
    I am not convinced that YunJae & YooSu do in fact exist, and they stayed 5 just so i could have Changmin. (KrisMin?) LOL XD
    I’m too bored..T_T

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