Posted by: beckery | December 20, 2008

081220 Music Core Christmas Special

Big Bang and Solbi – Santa Claus is coming to town – Well technically, its the host’s (Solbi, Daesung and Seungri) intro performance. The other BB boys turn up at end though XD I gotta make it straight that I adore Solbi (♥ AnBi/AnSol lol) but is the girl singing in english?!?! O_O She started off the performance and I seriously thought she was singing “you better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout” in korean..but then after a few more listens, I dont know if thats just mumbling engrish or what haha. She looks sooo cute though <3 And I like how she points and goes “Seungri”. Seungri looks very Christmas-sy with his red sweater. The perfect gift to find in a box delivered to my very front step XDD HAHA. Then its Daesunggg in green <33 The boy is so smiley, you cant help but smile with him *grins like a maniac*

SHINee and Kara – Silent Night and Jingle Bell Rock – Remember to click “watch in HD” cuz it gets really big and clear *_* I’ll let Candychu edit this later cuz we all know she does a better job than me at pedo-ing spazzing over SHINee hahahaha XD But d’awww THEY ARE SO SQUISHY <333 And they sounded amazing for Silent Night, great harmonisation.

Candychu: WHY SO SHORT????????? ‘Silent Night’ was in Korean but ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ was sung in English :D.

Ssomeone cure me of my Onew-ache because when he was singing, I had my mouth wide open ready to eat him in awe and I almost DROOLED. What is wrong with me!?!?!??! But the singing in ‘Silent Night’ was so beautiful *___* And I want Jonghyun’s watch :D.

Then, Kara come out of a box (sorry, I don’t know member names ^^”) and SHINee start bopping. SO CUTE :3. OnKey stand off to the same side at the start too lakfklsdflsfd. Kara have really pretty voices! They sounded very sweet and merry :). In this performance, each member gets paired off with another. Onew is so awkward around girls lmao. But Key *____* Omg his english and his low voice – I loved the way he sung “clo~ock”. I need this in HQ (or at least the audio rip) !!!!!! Minho and Taemin only get to dance with their partner and they were sort of awkward too. Especially Taemin who didn’t wait for the Kara member to form the heart hehee. Jonghyun sang pretty softly; though I suspect it’s cause his voice is higher than Onew and Key’s so it didn’t stand out as much. Also, did anyone LOL @ Jonghyun and Taemin (or technically everyone else deserves to be LOLed at) at the end when it seemed like only them two remembered the choreography? XDDD.

SHINee – Amigo – Thank you nylenuol for the heads up <33 OMG PURPLE AND PINK OUTFITS ALKFJALSDFKLSDF *DIES*. (Sometimes, I think I like Purple above everything else XD.) Why is it that they have such awesome clothes!? I’m loving all their performance outfits but whenever it’s an important event (like Golden Disk) their stylists seem to screw up. Purple, pink, grey and white *___* Best combo ever.

And Key really needs to stop sexing the camera (0.24-0.32) because it’s unfair to the other members since I can’t watch them while they’re singing. I’m not biased, I’m not biased … I’m so biased T________T.

Onew looks like a ball in his vest. I really want to roll him over or make snow angels with him :DDD. I keep coming up with new things I want to do to with this boy :P. And he really shouldn’t wear white skinnies. The others are allowed to; but not him XD.

I noticed Taemin’s new moves this time! They’re not as ‘big’ as before eh? Sexy Cute nonetheless ;).

(Also, Abdul, I hardly ever notice the back up dancers because SHINee steal all my attention xP.)


  1. SHINee and Kara’s special stage!! <3
    Although I already expected it to be short! XD
    Everyone was cute in this perf and yes they were awkward at some point (LMAO @ Dubu)but overall they did well. I love how they didn’t overshadow anyone. Their voices blended well too! And SHINee’s silent night was fantastic!!

    Onew-ache! Everyone seems to be suffering of that which includes me!! :)

  2. Oh I forgot.

    Their Amigo perf was great as usual! Purple and pink outfits and Taemin changed his dance moves again. I’m still waiting for a clearer vid though. :)


    Making of Smart CF.
    It’s catchy. Hehe.

  3. ^I find it cute how Onew’s the only one with all the conditions/illnesses, eh? He’s just so … so … ah, fans need to invent a new word to describe him.

    And totally agree! Their voices blend well together! And I think I’m gonna start looking into Kara because I was really impressed by them :).

  4. Onew is a very “unique” person, in a good way at that! XD He’s the epitome of cuteness! Everything about him is just so lovable and yeah we need a new word to describe him!

    I wasn’t expecting anything from Kara actually but when I saw their Christmas stage on Music bank, I figured they’ll do well with SHINee. Haha! Pretty girl is a catchy song but I like their yodel song more! :) They can totally hold a note. :)

  5. ^Ooh thanks for your links! I almost missed it since we posted at the same time *runs off to watch* :DDD.

  6. oh man! why so cute, shinee and kara! >< but i noticed kara pronounced jingle as zingle while shinee has the correct pronounciation, and it was rather hilarious to hear the diff when kara first sang then shinee. dddd: but ah! the couples so cute xD onew you are too cute for a 20 year old! (not that i mind of course xDDD)

    their amigo performance this time just made me want their purple jackets! *_* but why so little solo shots T_T though key and onew seize every chance they have with the camera be it far or near to make us swoon. go shinee! <3

  7. ^Haha I know they were so cute and adorable with each other *wibble*. And yes I never wanted their clothes more than from watching today’s performance *____* Even without solo shots, Key and Onew always manage to steal my attention :D.

    Early Merry Christmas to you too! <33

  8. I love all these!, so cute… iv been sat here for hours now.

    Ohh and Merry Christmas everyone! :D

  9. LOOOL!
    The Jingle bell rock performance was ADORABLE!!!
    Kara are sooo cute!
    Ok two comments I have to say!

    Like the girl had to reach up to him.
    I think Taemin went in to early!
    And then he was just smiling XD
    Awww they are so cute =)

    Now that you mention it I can’t help but notice key STARING INTENSILY at the camera =X

    I usually focus on SHINee too but I can’t help but notice a bunch of bigger older guys dressed in dark clothes appearing on stage!

    Taemin… is that a TIE????
    Jonghyun is hot as always…
    And they all have amazing thighs…. makes me want to work out mine but… *laziness*

  10. Alice
    Haha why were you sitting there for hours? xP

    Lol actually I only noticed them this time cause of your last comment :PPP

    And yeah Taemin put his hand up too early and took it down too early XD. I know eh, Key just keeps staring and staring and you can’t help but stare back *_____*

  11. Oh, BB’s special stage was nice! And while I also heart Solbi (all thanks to Anbi as well), I could have done without hearing her sing in english. That was….interesting. Daesung sounded pretty good tho! And they all looked really cute in their winter outfits, I particularly liked Solbi’s pigtails.

    candychu, Audio rip of the special stage thanks to sarsee on LJ:

    I wish the special stage was longer too – SHINee’s rendition of ‘Silent Night’ was lovely, their harmonizing was amazing and the Jingle Bell Rock was so much fun to watch! Ha, I really loved that special stage. Tbh, I don’t think the boys were really that awkward with the girls except Taemin – he looked like he wanted to get in and out as fast as possible XD – but his smiles totally made up for it. I missed his smile.

    And Onew and his partner were so cute! (as was everyone else) and I really liked Minho and his partner’s little bop bop bop dance thing. Actually I was LOL-ing at how tall Onew was compared to his partner – I actually think their height difference was bigger than Minho and his partner’s.

    Oh, these new AMIGO performances are not helping my current bout of Onew-ache. Every time I see that boy throw a smile or grin at the camera, I just want to jump into my screen and kidnap him! He’s just so cuuuuuuute! ‘_’* LOLOLOL, you really have an active imagination candychu – I don’t know how you always come up with something new to do to poor Dubu. (‘Make snow angels with him’) Don’t worry Dubu – I’ll protect you. :)

    I love her soooo much. Seriously. XD
    Their english..was..really really cute!
    Seungri is really cute, but..i still don’t know much about him..or have seen a lot of him..
    Hes my favorite of BB, hes..just..really dorky, and odd. XD

    KARA is soo cute!
    I’m really starting to like them.
    They sang well, and looked really good.
    I’m glad they sang with SHINee, they go really good together.

    LOL..I feel sooo bad!!
    At the end of the song..i was like..”Wheres Taemin?” XD…
    & I’ve been reading your SHINee post so much, that i’ve starting to really really liking TaeMin..AND I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE HIM.

    I’m sorry i spammed your comment board..
    this virus is completely owning my computer and so i haven’t been able to get on.
    ^^ heh.

  13. onew is just too cute ! xD whatever he does is just pure cuteness. hahaha.. and pink is definitely his color. onew ache ! ><

    i cant help but watch key throughout the whole christmas stage with kara cos he was all bouncy. xD

  14. Teehee I was MIA for a week or so huh ^^ Miss me?

    Well, here’s a present (: Early Merry Christmas OR something for leaving so such a long time ><

    Solbi and BB are sooo cute ♥ It’s so cute how it’s so sweet when they sing “Santa Claus is coming to town” and TOP echoes so… harsh and rough and deep like “to TOWN!” XDD

    Key’s sexy English voice is loveeee ♥ And and his deeeeeep sexyyyy voice and his EEENGLISHHHH and his “yeah!” at the end ♥♥♥

    I love the purple and pink and white and grey :D So pretty. Plus, Key is really really really awesome ♥ And ONEW!! Don’t think dirty thoughts my dear. And did I mention I slept with Onew last night? :D Yes, true story.

  15. hey candychu! SHINee performed yet another amigo live! and omg RED and GREEN outfits! *____* they look super nice! taemin look so adorable and his new solo moves!
    ENJOY! xD

  16. oh by the way, minho’s wink and smile at 2:54 like killed me *___* key’s jacket soooo shiny!

  17. yumimaki
    AH THANK YOU ILU <33333333 I’ll have to wait another day to dl because the computer is hating me today ;___;

    I’m always thinking about how I can kidnap Onew. It would be so easy too. “Onew?” “Um..yes?” “Please follow me” “Okay :D”. TEEHEE.

    Ahh, what can I say, Onew is very inspiring ;)

    I like it when different groups come together for special stages and it turns out right :D!

    Ooh so are you saying that I’ve influenced you to pedo like Taemin? ^^

    And I hope your virus goes away soon :(

    Pink does look good on Onew! (And Key too – what a coincidence :D). Key is definitely very eye catching ^^

    YOU…YOU…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *tackles*. I still can’t believe they charge for you to dl the video T_T
    Also, you’re in no position to tell me not to think dirty thoughts :P sif I can resist. And WTH what is this about you sleeping with Onew? Don’t you have a doll called Onew? XD

    Ahh again, ILU for the links <33 You don’t know how much it means to me because I haven’t been able to go on forums and youtube all that much; so thank you heaps!~

  18. OMG, your Onew kidnapping example is SO FUNNY! Just because it’s so true. He totally wouldn’t question you at first and then even when he did, if you said “You’ll see”, I’m sure he’d still go along with it. LOL – Onew is so naive. He needs me to protect him.

    You’re welcome.

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