Posted by: beckery | December 20, 2008

DBSK Bolero Website Photos

I’m actually not a hundred percent positive where these are from, but I’m assuming they’re from their THSK official website. I think they did a new layout with photos for Bolero etc.

I think the theme really suits the song “Bolero”. It gives off an olden day, antique sorta vibe with the clothes, setting and black and white photos. Nothing drastically OMG about their hair (phew for Yoochun XDD) haha and their clothes are nice. <3 The single shots are really really nice too. I especially like JaeJoong’s pose with the tie *_*

Credits: DBSKnights + TohoWebsite


  1. suspenders are fun to play with :D

  2. is this release in Jan?

    i actually found bolera(mp3) in someone’s blog…

  3. lol in what way? The type of way we talk about for 10 minutes each night =PPP HAHAHAHA

  4. omggggg~~~
    At first, when I saw the pic, I thought it was SHINee. >.<
    Mostly cause I thought Yoochun was Minho… O.o
    go black and white~~~

  5. lol your conversations corrupt my brain…well at least what i imagine you talk about

  6. *Ignores first two comments* XD

    Oh wow..they look really good!
    I can’t wait for the photos that come with the single!

    They really..really..REALLY look good in suits, and ties, and stuff like that.
    I mean, whens the last time you thought suspenders were hot?? Hmm..

    I they LIKE wearing tight shirts?..tight pants..Ahhh T_T

    They all look good, but i have to say my favorite picture is Yunho’s. It would be Changmin’s..but his shirt makes him look like he has boobs..and..XD


  7. *0*

    aaaaaaaaaa.pero que guapisimos que se ven en
    las fotitos….realmente estos chicos cada vez estan mejores….mi preferido es junsu..XD

    muchas gracias por las fotitos…
    realmente estan hermosas..




  8. just sending some links your way =]

    AHH IT’S BACK! CHANGMIN’S SMIRK dsfjlkdsajflkjwaekfdlksmf =]]]]]] they did really well in their music bank performance, i must say. they seem a lot less tired =D

    taemin changed his dance solo again! IT’S RIDIC to say in the least (but why is he wearing that? he looks like a little boy wearing his dad’s army clothes X_X). Onew looks like an elf XD UMM
    did minho wink and smile at the camera at about 2:55? *dead*

  9. UMM so i just realized that that wrong number performance is actually from last month -____-
    how fail-licious >.<

    well, it was still a good performance XD

  10. Kara
    Hhahahaha..Yoochun does kinda resemble Minho there XD

    LOL. The point of our conversations are to corrupt PAS’s brain and its actually working, so I guess that gives you a hint of how hardcore it gets =P Trust me, you’d run a mile if you read our convo’s HAHA.

    LOL. We’ll let you join in sometime if you want =P

    Yea, the photos are looking pretty classy <3 The clothes, theme and b&w quality gives it a nice touch. Lol..I’ve actually always found suspenders quite attractive if the right guy is wearing it with the right clothes and the right attitude XD

    Jae’s is still my favourite XDDD

    Sorry, I’m actually not sure what you’re saying, but PAS said that you said that you prefer Junsu and that you said thank you. So my pleasure XD

    Love your username btw XD

    And thanks for the links <3 I’ll tell Candychu. And dont you just love Changmin’s smirks for the Wrong number performances. They’re the highlight for me and I watch them a dozen times afterwards haha. Obsessed much? XD

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