Posted by: potensvita | December 20, 2008

It’s back to a smaller stage for BoA

Ever since she made the decision three years ago, BoA started preparing mentally and physically for a smaller stage in America. And that’s exactly what happened.

She is in America, speaking English and well, singing on a smaller stage. Why would she leave Japan and Korea which were her comfort zones to break into America?

Because she can, I guess, and that was what ought to be learnt. It doesn’t matter to me whether she has antifans, or critics criticizing her. For me, all artist are the same, they follow his or her company’s orders, and then hope to one day gain fame.

BoA is different. It seems to me that she was made for the stage. Any stage, despite the size fits her. She owns the stage once she stands upon it. Seldom have I seen anyone that can call the stage her own.

A girl, 22 years old so tough is already worthy of my praise.

Anyway, Eat you Up was not the only song that she had been promoting lately.She has a new song which was Look Who Talking. So far I am loving the titles. Eat you Up sounds so yummy and Look Who’s talking sounds so intimidating.

Girl power to the max.  ;3

Gosh, I miss the day when girl bands are not so cute and more powerful, projecting an almighty image. LOL.

Oh well. Below is a fancam (the less shaky one and less screaming one) from her Jingle Bell 2008. Have fun. ^^

credit : princess10sf @ youtube


  1. To everything you said on this post, WORD.

    I don’t mind the cute concept, even the catchy tunes, but an image of a powerful girl is really something else.

    A kickass girl, FTW. I do hope Boa can make it. Show some girl power, the right way. =)

  2. Lol. I dont really mean I detest it. One or two is fine … but ever single the Tell Me / Kissing You syndrome, I was deprived. laughs.

    I really hope she wins the heart of American while retaining her … personality?

  3. Shes always portrayed a stong girl to me.
    Ah, no matter what she does..i will always LOVE..ADORE BoA.

    Seriously, if it wasn’t for her, i wouldn’t know about asian music..Kpop..DBSK, i wouldn’t know what i wanted to do in life.
    Thats true!
    It all goes back to her.

    I’m glad shes trying it out in America, most singers if going to another country, would use all the money they could, getting Usher, or whatever to promote them.
    Shes starting small and i have a feeling she’ll do great!

    I just hope she doesn’t stress herself out, and have fun!

    (I’m trying to resist stalking that shes in America. LOL JK)

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