Posted by: beckery | December 20, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 7

One more week to go wooot. Cant wait for the album <3

Wei Yi/ The One and Only

Video: lane88 @ youtube


Man, this was really hard. I had this huge self debate for ages cuz I didnt know whether to embed the MV of this (where he plays the piano *_*) or the live performance of it at his concert. In the end, the piano won (nah duh haha), so I’ll link the live performance HERE HERE HERE (btw he looked sooo good *drools*)!! Leehom’s lives are ALWAYS worth watching, and his live performances of Wei Yi are a MUST WATCH! The awesome adlibs he adds and the emotions he brings out is just WOW <333

Wei Yi is probably one of his most famous song and is of course one of my favouritest song of his. Its absolutely, beautifully, purely, heartwrenchingly amazing. You can feel your heart breaking yes yes?!! The lyrics are so sad :'(( “Baby I cannot love you more than this” WHY SO SAD LEEHOM?!?!


One week left to go (and six days till Christmas!).

Man this song is so ooooooooooollllllddddd (you can tell from his haircute, lol XD) but, like Beckery said, it’s a really classic Leehom song. I think its also the song that he’s performed most?? But I still love the performances of this, cos he changes it up everytime :D

This was the song he performed for the encore of his Heroes of Earth concert, and I think he went rally off-tune during one bit?? It was sooooooo cute ^^ (it got cut from the final dvd though :( ).


  1. lajsdklfjdskl whyyy is he so amazing 0.0
    this is probably my favorite song by him<3

    ahh i cannot wait for this next week to hurry and go so his album will come out..i don’t think i’ve ever wanted christmas to be over so fast but i am just COUNTING THE DAYS until his album comes it just me or has it seemed like forever since his last album came out?


    I cant wait!! Another few days and we can celebrate another awesome album release. I’ve heard samples of a few songs and I’ve liked every single one so far. I’m sure the album will turn out great. Cant wait cant wait CANTWAIT!!!

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