Posted by: lovediaries | December 20, 2008

Vogue feat. Big Bang

I assume it’s the January issue but not 100% sure


Okay, that pic might not be very appealing (I know I had quite a shock when I saw it) but there are some better pics under the cut! Well, at least the one of Seungri as Justin Timberlake is worth drooling over. As for the other members *cough*TOP*cough* … well, you can judge for yourself.

So…did anyone faint? XD.


  1. omg TOP scared me!

  2. ^AHAHA literally right? Cause I screamed when I saw the pic XD

  3. This => … is … is… LENIN!!! Just a little bit… mmm… playful.
    Please compare =>

  4. *falls off the chair*

    What is the theme? scary artists?

  5. ^ yea i tottally agreedd with you guys
    but damn seungri looks HOT(not in the scary caveman/the beetle shoot but in the justin timberlake one)

  6. well
    i don’t like all these
    the justin timberlake ones are actually nice

    and idk
    tabi looks…….actually awesome. i love him in the first picture….i think he totally pulls it off…….and the ‘bob dylan’ pictures…..are actually good too

  7. Oh? So that was the theme? I saw a few of these before and was almost frightened to watch the rest. I just thank goodness they didn’t try this concept with my SHINee boys.

  8. ROFL, TOP scared me in the Rolling Stones picture and Taeyang was just like WTF. o____o
    And then I screamed at the last picture with Daesung and GD. xDD
    Kinda creepy. xD Seungri looks the best ^^b

  9. i love the boys but what were the stylists thinking!?
    bigbang just dug up their own grave.. bashers from different korean pop sites will have a fiesta with this photoshoot. :|

    they looked like girls. OMO.
    taeyang > michael jackson.. when he was still black. ROFL.

    PUHAHAHA seungri and his love for justin timberlake!!

  10. I almost died laughing at the embedded pic, but then again, it *is* GD…. As for the rest, Top as Bob Dylan is pretty good imo, Seungri is looking strong baby!, Taeyang…., Daesung’s fake sideburns make me really happy idek. XD GD as Andre 3000 is awesome.^^

    It took me forever to realize who was who in the group shot. Scary Caveman #1 does not look like TY. Scary Caveman #2….well their originality is why I like Big Bang I guess.^_^

  11. omg, I’m afraid it’s my fault that one of pictures is unavailable, yes? it should not be directlinked? I’m really, really sorry, I’m not used to this system of saving pics and did not think about what I was doing. Sorry once again. T___________T

  12. Xenia
    Aw, that’s okay! Do you mean you hotlinked it? Well the whole pic is gone (I think) no ugly yellow frog so it’s alright! But yes, directlinking/hotlinking means that you take the link and paste it somewhere else (I think).

    Lmao they really got into character XD.

    Haha yeah for the Seungri pic, we decided to post :D

    Hehe I only like the JT one ^^”

    I have a feeling that if they made SHINee do it, I’d probably like it XD. But I would laugh harder :D.

    Alex Ryom
    Lmao TOP really scared me too XDD.

    Love the username :P (and icon too :3)

    Haha aren’t you glad I couldn’t make some dirty comment from this shoot? XP

  13. Idols..Boybands..MEN, should just ban being in Vogue photoshoots. Seriously..
    >.> They are almost NEVER appealing..

    Ummm..i like the harmonica??… XD
    I just have to comment..on how i have no comment.

    BB..I still ♥ you!!

  14. ^LOL XD the harmonica XDDD.

    Vogue girl shoots are nice, though :D.

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