Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 21, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 6



Technically there’s only five days till his album comes out, cos last night my internet was screwed so I couldn’t publish this XD. ANYWAY, yes, I have no idea who Julia is or why he wrote her a song (maybe she’s an imaginary friend..? Or maybe the name sounded good with the tune :P) but I read somewhere that he wrote this in THIRTY MINUTES O___________O.

Henry performed this on one of the shows that SJM went on when they first debuted…can’t remember the show though….but I’m sure it’s on Youtube :D. I remember talking to Beckery about how awesome it would be if Leehom, Henry and Top Combine’s Mars did a violin battle *____*

I don’t actually like this song a lot, I just like the violin playing XD. He looks so happy playing his little violin in that clip, it’s adorkable <333


I remember seeing Henry performing this song once…somewhere, sometime ago lol…I dont remember when ok, but I’m positive he did! Cuz I remember going, “awww everyone loves Leehom XD” hahahaha.

Anyways, now you get to see the original artist rock this song!!! The performance was from his Heroes of the Earth concert. Have I mentioned that that was ONE OF THE BEST CONCERTS EVER! And that was only through the TV. Imagine it in real life omg <3

Doesnt he look gorgeous playing the violin in that white suit jacket *___* The song is a very happy, getting the crowd bopping type. Dont ask me who Julia is and why on earth she’s so special as to get a song dedicated to her, cuz I seriously have no idea. But I’m definitely jealous lol. He totally turns the dork on here hahaha. Gosh, I love dorky Leehom♥ And you HAVE TO check out the ending violin solo.


  1. When Henry and Siwon[on drums] did Julia, it was at SJM’s 100-day anniversary event.

    ^^ I really loved their rendition, but this is my first time hearing Leehom sing it. D: DANG he rocked the violin! He’s too awesome at lives!

    • Ahhhh, thanks for letting me know :D. See, I knew it was at AN SJ-M event, I just forgot which one XD

      And yeeees, the guy is a genius; he could make a band with just him and prerecord everything XD (which he did with his Change Me band, but still :P)

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