Posted by: lovediaries | December 21, 2008

The Kim Twins’ Duet

I hate it when stuff gets cut out of variety shows (especially good stuff) but I love when it still gets uploaded onto youtube :D.

{credit: 15ambot15 @ youtube}

This is Junho and Junsu performing ‘I love you, oh thank you’ (original by MC Mong) from ‘Introducing Star Friends’ and omg THEY NEED TO PERFORM MORE DUETS IN THE FUTURE. Junho RAPS and he is GOOD. I’m totally blown away by his talents lol. First the dancing and now this *_____*

I’ve only seen the first minute but I’m gonna be late for Church so I really have to run-


  1. Woah Junho is good, they are so cute together, no wonder Junsu likes to spend his free time with him. Though i have to admit that i find Junsu bopping to this song is kind of funny, except for when he’s singing, he’s great when he’s singing.

  2. Whoa! Junho is so cool, and not just b/c he’s next to Junsu!cop. XD Exactly what does he do for a living, b/c he’s got the talent, looks, and connections to do showbiz. He is a bit shy I guess…and that lifestyle isn’t for everyone. I want more 2Jun, SuJun?, HoJun?, SuHo?, JunJun?

  3. They are REALLY cute together!
    Haha one girl got grabbed and moved away fron them XD

  4. I liked their performance. The rapping of Junho was nice with the combination of Junsu’s fluid singing.

    lol I still hate that episode though. It was a REALLY shallow episode. lol I still can’t forgive how most of the guys went to that girl -_-

  5. nataly
    Hahaha yeah Junsu was great but I just got really distracted by Junho and his awesome rapping *___*

    He was a pro baseball player but I’m pretty sure that was in the past so…yeah, what does he do now? I know he goes to their dad’s pizza shop every now and then hehe. But yeah, he is really shy ^^

    Lol I think that girl got pulled away so that Junho could be rapping to her ^^”

    Omg you’re exactly like me! That’s the only ep I’ve ever seen of that show and I thought ‘gee, is every episode like this!?’ I was pretty disappointed in teh DBSK members because like you said, it was extremely shallow. I liked Hyunji’s friend because yse, she was an embarrassment and total fail in everything she did but come on, she was cute and at least she was willing to try out everything! As for the other girl, her guitar broke and…that was all she prepared for. Whoop-dee-doo. And yet, everyone still went for her. I really liked Boom’s friend for what they did so why is it that Hyunji’s friend still went for Junho? (was it?). Well I could understand why but considering what Boom’s friend did, she should’ve chosen him. It was sorta slack :/ Yeah okay I didn’t intend to have a massive vent XD.

  6. haha i was indeed upset she chose junho instead of jaeduk. But it seems jimin liked junho from the bat, I guess it makes sense her opinion does not change. But yeah, I was fairly disappointed in the DBSK members. If their friends are shallow like that, it kind of shows maybe those dbsk boys are shallow as well. People say people who were disappointed are jealous but no lol. No jealously at all.

    I feel that Jae Duk had the most welcoming feel from the start. Junho was attractive but Jae Duk seemed naturally adorable.
    But I enjoyed watching jimin cause she was random and cute but I was like…uh what? when hye kyung couldn’t do anything just cause her guitar string got destroyed -_-;;

    lol sorry for rantingXD

  7. ^Lol at least you went to the effort of learning their names XD. And omg serious? People said those who were disappointed were jealous? Lol yeah I’m so jealous that I’m saying they should’ve picked the other girl *rolls eyes*. I just felt sorry for her because she clearly put in more effort (even dancing along with Junho :D) while the other one just stood there looking pretty. And I always find cute girls better anyway.

  8. LOL.
    Everyone kept saying how manlier Junho was than Junsu..but..seriously, he seems more like a girl than Junsu!! Except for the..nice..muscles..T_T

    I bet theres more!
    I mean, interaction between J&J, they just cut it, which really sucks.

    Ah they are so cute!
    Though..the song was weird. ^^
    I really want to see more of them together!!

    And as for the whole shallowness thing..
    I basically skipped most of those parts.
    I couldn’t watch it without being like “Wtf?”
    I would hate to ever think that DBSK was that’m just going to keep thinking that they just went with whatever their friend wanted.
    Yup. XD

    Thanks for the clip!! ^^

  9. I absolutely loved Junho. He was so awesome. But I think I agree with the Dong Bang guys. The taller girl seemed more sincere and approachable and the tiny girl just came off as trying to be something she wasn’t. And my theory is they saw something that we didn’t. They were shooting from early in the morning til late at night so they saw a lot that we didn’t.

    But the tall girl did turn out to be horribly shallow; choosing Boom’s friend just because he didn’t choose her. And the little girl did prove to be more sincere. It was kind of obvious she had her eyes on Junho from the minute he walked into the room. lol that would have been a cute couple lol

  10. ImJustKeed’In
    Hahahaha but he does have such a good body *___* Aw really ? You didn’t like the song? I did ^^

    Ah, you’re absolutely right! Maybe there was something else that was cut out…but still, it was still shallow!!!! XDDD. (I love how you call hyunji’s friend little girl because she was older than the two taller girls hehe)

  11. OMG!!!
    I am taken aback!!1
    I saw that show and I swear that wanst in it…?
    아무튼~ They are the best twin duet I ever herd!!1
    My two twin brothers are like nothing compared to them!!
    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealouse of junsu/junho for having such a nice brother!!!
    I … I … dopnt know what to say !!! they are so good together…
    Like nataly said, No wonder Junsu lie s to spend time with his bro and he got so exited in 놀러와요/ Come Play ( a korean show, search in on you tube!!) that he was able to call his borther!!!
    His parents are so blessed to have two perfect Children!!!
    And I hope the very very best for Junho, Junsu and the rest of 동방신기
    and they should always remember that their fans, Cassiopiea, is always behind them to support them!!!!!
    Love you 동방신기!!!!!


  12. ^Yeah this part was cut out of what got broadcasted. Not sure why though :(

    Aww you have twin brothers. Cute! ^^

    And yeah I’ve seen that ep of Come to Play. It was so cute how every time someone mentioned Junho, Junsu would immediately light up. They have such a good relationship!

  13. I wish Junho would participate in any programs which Junsu is in. Imagine how it’ll be in Family Outing XDD

  14. ^LOL Junho on Family Outing XDD I can’t even imagine…

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