Posted by: lovediaries | December 21, 2008

Where Taemin isn’t a bad boy but Key still likes to nag

Awww, UFO radio messages are so cute :3

081205 Taemin’s Message – Every time I see ‘bad boy’, I think of Minho singing “I’m a bad bad boy” and doing the little fist into palm move while rocking from side to side XD. Anyway, fans (probably Key too) are calling Taemin a bad boy and he isn’t liking it so he says that Key and Minho are also blood type B but they’re not bad boys xP. Basically, the message he is trying to deliver is blood type B boys can be nice and soft too. Gosh, he’s so adorable.

081208 Key’s Message – HE IS SUCH A MOTHER! He talks about nagging and how he really isn’t nagging – it’s all for the good of the members! And when he mentioned he was responsible for Taemin’s education, I pictured him helping him with his school work :D. Though, that job should probably be Onew’s :P

I really love listening to Key’s radio messages though because he’s just so dramatic XD. He should do voices for cartoons and stuff :D. Or else give him a drama, please. If you haven’t seen the one from 11/12 then watch it now. He says thank you in english :D.

Also, I posted the one on Onew-ache in the last post but in case you haven’t seen it yet then CLICKETY CLICK. Onew ;~;


  1. Doh, they’re all so cute you can’t help smiling. ^___^ Whenever I heard the words “bad boy,” I immediately have this image of Minho, Jonghyun, and Key with their Rainism performance and I can’t stop laughing, haha. [You know, I realized that I have absolutely no idea what my blood type is… 0_o]

    I’m trying to imagine Onew helping Taemin with his homework… and all I can see is them sitting at the table, Onew scratching his head and looking hopelessly confused and being adorably unhelpful. He’s probably smarter than I give him credit for, I know— it’s just whenever I see Onew I have trouble believing he’s older than Taemin (let alone the eldest, lol).

    I’m going to be away for the next couple of weeks [which means no internet :( ], but I expect to find an amazing account of the SJM show in HK when I get back. :-) Hope you have a great holiday season!! ^__^

  2. I love listening to Taemin talk.^^ Maybe it’s b/c he’s young, but nothing in his UFO replies ever sounds scripted, like the “broken record syndrome.” He’s so random sometimes. Lol

    I often wonder how Key got to be such a mother. Jaejoong has a load of sisters, but Key is an only child so where did it come from? His mother must be awesome sauce. ;) It’s funny how even the older ones must cower before umma Key at the dorm. XD This kid needs his own radio show like yesterday.

  3. Lili
    Haha yep that’s the same performance I picture ^^

    (And dw, I have no idea what my blood type is either ;P)

    And yes! Onew is definitely smarter than you give credit for. He came 2nd in his school and he did no tutoring!!! Hard to believe eh? Considering he’s so silly all the time. Silly but adorable :).

    WHERE ARE YOU GOING??? Even though you haven’t been commenting for that long, I’ll still be missing your comments :(. And when you get back, there will be a wonderful account for you to read!

    Merry Christmas and stay safe <3333.

    IAWTC. Key needs to not only own a radio show but have his own show to MC so that I can see/hear him as much as possible *_____*. I don’t understand why Key is so motherly either. His mum really must be awesome :DDD. (My future mother-in-law, possibly? XDDDDD)

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