Posted by: lovediaries | December 22, 2008

081221 SHINee – Amigo

Thank you everyone for your links that you left on the Music Core post. I’m sorta stealing beckery’s post and replying to all the comments hehe but since my internet was misbehaving this morning, I haven’t checked everything out.

Another “Christmas Special” performance (thanks to tristabelle and AMShakeIt – I just saw your comment – for linking) <333. OMG THEYRE ELVES. Onew and Key are clearly Mr and Mrs Claus because they’re wearing matching outfits – matching in that Onew’s vest and Key’s jacket are made of the same material. Minho is Santa’s little helper (no, not the dog in the Simpsons XD) or the big Elf in charge of making all the toys. Taemin is the bellboy, who opens the door to Santa’s workshop and takes the presents out to Santa’s Sleigh. Jonghyun is then the Sleigh-rider because he’s hot. Oh and cause he has the best outfit so it’s okay for him to fly around and be seen.

And on the performance, it was a great one as usual (even though…*goes insane* – but I didn’t miss Taemin’s new dance moves alfdfheasldkasdkaskd got down on the floor this time :DDD). How long has it been since Onew cracked his voice? XD. The camera-men have also been suprisingly good lately. I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on any one member too much :D.

Also, thank you so much to epicism (ILUSOOOOOOOMUCH *stuffs you with marshmallows*), you can now see SHINee dancing as ELVES (as in, dancing as Elves and not dancing while dressed as Elves). ITS BRILLIANT. THEIR FACES OMG. And though my internet lagged like crazy during it, I laughed SO hard (lucky I was at home). My favourite was Key because it’s Key and he’s my favourite, duh. But Jonghyun is a close second. He looked stoned XDDDD.

If anyone wants to pay the $4.99 to download it then please share the video with me afterwards LOLOL I’m so cheap XD.


  1. heyhey! dbsk has a new jap song which is written and/or composed by jaejoong. it’s really lovely to listen to (:

  2. That shiny fabric that they made Key and Onew’s jackets out of it should be banned from public viewing – seriously. I thought Taeminnie just looked like a helper elf actually as opposed to a bellhop but I agree about Jonghyun though – his outfit was actually totally normal (or it would have been if not for the green rope thingie around his neck).

    This was a really good performance though! And Taemin’s new dance solo was awesome! And the cameramen really are getting the hang of things now – everyone’s getting equal screen time.

    Oh, ELF Yourself has a new theme. Major props to whoever made this – the pictures they chose are so funny! I loved their expressions. XD

  3. Lol at the Dancing as Elves, their shoulder shimmy is amazingly funny, omg. I don’t think i can say much more.

  4. Oh, and I don’t know if you watched the SHINee segments where they showed what’s in their bags for a Thai interview but I thought you’d want to know that the Key cut is out:

  5. AHHHH sexy performance… but yet again can’t help but notice the gangsthurrss around them =)

  6. Hahaha.. cool. XD
    THe first thing that popped into my head when I saw Taemin was… HITLER?!
    Then again, this is coming from someone who just did a term paper on him.. so yeah. XD
    SHINEE <3

  7. tristabelle
    Thanks for the heads up! You’re awesome for always leaving me links :)! I’ll listen to it as soon as I can.

    Thanks for letting me know :D ILU for it <3 Hoping SHINee subs will find Onew’s raw soon :3

    (And yeah Jonghyun could’ve done without the green rope around his neck – it could’ve strangled him!)

    YES lol the shoulder shimmy was the best XD. There’s a CSJH one somewhere out there too XDD

    Then you’re not paying full attention to SHINee >:D

    LOL Taemin as Hitler? NEVER! Taemin is soft :3 hehe

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