Posted by: beckery | December 22, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 5

Hua Tian Cuo

Video: Spartan915 @ Youtube


Weeeeeee Hua Tian Cuo <3333 I love this song so HARD! Like PAS, its one of my favourite Chinked-out song. It incorporates really nice traditional chinese music sounds in it. Very soothing and pretty XD

Lol at Leehom’s chinked out, red jacket. It always reminds me of a big, fat, red packet that I’d like to tuck away in my pockets hahahaha. Why so squishy? <3  Its quite funny actually cuz in all the Hua Tian Cuo performances I’ve watched, Leehom somehow ALWAYS seems to sound drunk hahaha IDEK. I guess thats the charm of the song. He slurrrrrsss it and drags it out but still somehow makes it sound great *_* And dont you love how he shouts “listen to my erhu” XDDD


The clip we embedded has Hua Tian Cuo and Shangrila, but that’s okay cos I don’t think we’ve shown you guys the clip of him performing Shangrila at his concert.

Lol, have we mentioned enough times how much we love his Heroes of Earth concert? IT’SSOAWESOME *___*. And if you buy the deluxe version, you get TWO DVDs and TWO CDs AND a photobook :D. Ok, back to the song.

Hua Tian Cuo is one of my favourite Chinked-out ballads (after Shangrila) cos he uses Er-hu, and the melody is really nice and relaxing~ I liked this performance, too. He looked like he was just having a really good time on stage, running around and giving fans Hi5s =DDD I MUST SEE HIM PERFORM LIVE.

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