Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 23, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 4

Video: spartan915 @  youtube


Awww, I love this ballad <333

This performance is one of my favourites from his Heroes of Earth concert (omg, Sony BMG should pay me for all the advertising I’m doing for that concert XD) but the performance was reaaally good. I love how he’s standing on that bridge thing and pausing every now  and then to let fans sing along :DDD I really liked the ending :]

Imo, this song’s one of his songs that sound a lot better live than in recording, just because of the EMOTION that he puts into the performances <333 Btw, how pretty does the stage look. It’s all green and shiny and pretty *____*.


I’ve always thought that Leehom was born to be on stage and shine. He has sooo much stage presence, it kinda demands for your attention. You just want to be there in the audience to soak it all up hahaha.

I really liked this performance.  Ni Bu Zai is really one of those songs that needs to be performed live for the emotions to sink in. And he does a dam great job of it <33 I love how he reaches those intensely high notes when he sings “Ni bu zai”. OMG and that ending was love! I’m sure we’ve mentioned it a gazillion times before but I must emphasize again that this guy RARELY goes off tune!! Seriously, him and JJLin are insane when it comes to perfect live performances <33



    alsdjfkldsj how are you guys picking all these beautiful pictures that i’ve never seen before/don’t have. XDD

    love this performance <333333333333

    • Only three more posts to go :DDD I’M SO EXCITED. Have you heard the previews of the other songs on the new album? THEY SOUND SOO GOOOOOOOD *___*

      And the pictures are results of late-night baidu raids XD

  2. :DDDDD ME TOO SO EXCITED. There was a lot of good Chinese music that came out this year! Very happy about that, although my wallet isn’t XD.

    SJDKFL YES I just listened to the previews last night … should be a good album!

  3. In a (failed) attempt to not spoil the album for myself, I only listened to 3 other songs XD I think my favourite one so far is the one with “listen to the rhythm of the falling rain” in it. I can’t remember the song name, but yea it’s nice XD

    I love all the Cpop that was released this year! I’m gonna have a fun time selecting songs for our next Cpop post :D

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