Posted by: lovediaries | December 23, 2008

We Got Married Ep 39 – Kangin/Yoonji Cut

I know I stopped recapping this show (I got too depressed when news of the Lettuce Couple and Ant Couple were leaving) but I’ve still been watching an episode here and there :D. I still need to watch Hwangbo & Hyunjoong’s last ep though…and I won’t bother watching the new couples – to me, they lack real chemistry – even if Hwayobi’s retardness reminds me of me at times xP.

So from now on, I’ll probably only just watch Kangin & Yoonji cuts :).

{credit: ktinsj @ youtube}

(Part 1 only)

The filming starts while Kangin and Taeyeon are doing their radio show (2pm were guests and they looked nice and warm). You know what, I think it would’ve actually been cute if they were a couple, don’t you reckon?

Omg my net lagged again and I thought it took Kangin a minute to guess who his wife could be XD.

So Kangin leaves for the address on the WGM mission card and ends up at a library in a university (the whole way there, he was telling everyone he was getting married XDD I miss watching Kangin on variety shows. Heck, I miss watching Super Junior on variety shows ;____;). When he finds the seat number, there’s a notebook belonging to a man (Kim Sungmin) and a slipper on the floor which he lifts up and smells. Foot fetish. He realises he may possibly be in the wrong room and distracts all the other students again. Lol I feel so sorry for them.

(P.s I didn’t know libraries in Korea were open 24/7 O_O. And I thought people here were nerds xP)

When Kangin finally comes to the spot where his wife is, he puts down the Christmas tree that he brought and IT FALLS TO THE GROUND LMAO. Kangin then walks around and Lee Yoonji enters. She’s so so pretty and gorgeous and alkfalkdjflasdf she was my favourite character from ‘Princess Hours’ :DDD. Kangin gets so shy he hides behind his Christmas tree while Yoonji hides behind her book. AWWWWW.


  1. I was so happy to found subbed cuts of Kangin+Yoonji and Hwanyobi today <3
    I assure you the departure of Joongbo will make you cry. My tears flowed out non stop. =*(
    We Got married’s kind of going downhill since the originals couples left and the hosts have been cut off.
    But Kangin is one of the reasons that I’m still watching
    Like with Hyunjoong, we might see some Super Junior members? I hope (like Eunteuk visiting!)

  2. when you said the new couples.. do you also mean that KangJi lack chemistry?
    I thought they were positively adorable. Kangin especially. but that may be my extreme bias talking. (I ADORE HIM! ♥ XD)

  3. thank you so much for the eng sub!!!! i love watching this show but i must admit i lost some interest since the original couples left but now i am in love with the new new couples i’ll just watch the cuts of them if you’ll continue to subb. thanks for all your hard work I hope you’ll continue until the end. happy holidays!!!

  4. purplefanatic
    Oooh have the Hwanyobi cuts been made separate too? I’ll consider watching them then…cause Hwanhee was always so moody & bipolar to Hwayobi. You could never tell :/

    Yes I hope SJ members visit :DDD.

    Ah, my bad. I fixed up the post lol. Yesterday I’d only seen part 1 so I wasn’t in a position to see whether they had chemistry or not (and plus, only time will tell). But I actually meant the 2 new-ish couples ^^

    Um…I think you must’ve misunderstood! ktinsj on youtube is the one that’s been subbing! You should leave a comment on her youtube channel if you can! :)

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