Posted by: beckery | December 24, 2008

LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 3

Kiss Goodbye

Video: uevilwoman @ youtube


This song definitely belongs to my top 5 Leehom song list <333 Actually, it might even be number 1. Its an absolutely BEAUTIFUL ballad. One of his most famous songs. I’ve seen a million other artists perform this song and why would they do that? BECAUSE ITS A GREAT SONG SO LISTEN TO IT!!!

Again, the embedded clip is from his Heroes of the Earth Concert LOL. Its not our fault we’re promoting his concert like crazy ok. If you had to choose between an mv and an amazing live performance, of course it goes hands down to the live XD And yes he sounded great here. He looks sooo sad aswell. He always does when he’s performing Kiss Goodbye, Forever Love and Wei Yi. Painful memories bb? :(


This song is soooooooooooooooo famous; it’s in the top 10 of every chart (ringtone downloads, hottest songs, most sang at karaoke, etc.) and after you listen to it you’d know why :] It’s one of my favouritest Leehom songs ever (along with Forever Love and Can You Feel My World) cos it’s so sad and beautiful and good to listen to when you’re having an emo day XD

Has everyone heard Ryeowook cover this song? HE SOUNDED SO GOOD :D. Leehom would’ve been proud ^^. I first heard this when S.H.E covered it on a variety show, and I fell in love with it straight away *_*. Like Beckery said, sooooo many artists have covered this song, BECAUSE IT IS SO AWESOME =DD so it’s always good to watch an original performance of this done by the guy who wrote the song <3


  1. Can we say FAVORITE SONG EVER?? Sorry for the caps…I just absolutely adore this song. 3 more days…I’m waiting..but I’ll be in Vegas having an affair with JJ Lin at the time. >< WHY MUST I CHOOSE?

  2. I tried singing this at karaoke and… died at the high notes. It’s in my top 5 as well ^^ I liked the mv a lot too; I remember I actually dreamed about it a few days after I watched it, like I met Lee Hom and… asked him to take a photo with me using my cell? Something like that lol.

  3. @ jujubeans, you’re going to the JJ Lin concert in Vegas ?!?!?!? JEALOUS!!! INSANELY JEALOUS SLDFJKSDL. XD Have fun!!

    Also one of my favorite Leehom songs <333

  4. jujubeans
    Lol trust me, I abuse my caps much more when it comes to Leehom XDDD I love the song heaps too and OMG HOW COULD YOU DITCH LEEHOM FOR JJLIN!?!?! Hahahah I’m joking. I would have a hard time choosing between those two too <3

    LOL I cant sing chinese so I dont bother trying. But just by listening to it, I know how hardcore it would be. I wished I could dream of Leehom :(

    Definitely one of my favouritest too XDDD

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