Posted by: beckery | December 26, 2008

081226 Music Bank

Happy Boxing Day everyone!! I personally, had a great one (Boxing Day Sale weeee XDD and of coure, Leehom’s album <3) hahaha. And to end the day, we even have an awesome, special Music Bank show. SHINee performing Shinhwa’s (♥) Wild Eyes, Korean’s Pussycat Dolls performing “Buttons” (I’m not a huge fan of PCD, but has anyone heard their song “Played”? So goood!), Big Bang performing all their top hits of the year and many many more!

Will update as more performances are uploaded XDDD

SHINee – Wild Eyes
Wooooot I LOVE THIS SONG!! And I’m glad SHINee is performing this. The Shinhwa boys will be proud of their hoobaes :DD When Candychu told me about this I was all “OMG they better do the chair dance!!!” and yippee they did XDD They all look so fly in their black suits (minus all those dangly silver chains haha) *_*! Minho and Key looks so hot when they’re rapping! They all sound pretty good, especially Jonghyun! A bit out of breath here and there, but hey, this song is REALLY HARD to sing live cuz of the crazy choreo. Plus, they just got back from Taiwan (right?) so they must be dead tired. Thus, props to them <33 (But man, seeing them perform this makes me MISS SHINHWA SO MUCH </3)

Korean PCD – Buttons
Korean PCD = Taeyeon (SNSD), Sunye (WG), Nam Gyuri (SeeYa) and Ga In (BEG). Sunye was sizzling hot!!! OMG. She had the attitude, the dance, the sex kitten concept all down pack! The other girls all look very sexy in their black outfits too. Poor Taeyeon looks really akward though! She’s probably not use to it or she’s tired or something. She just doesnt look like she’s enjoying it as much as the others XD Hot performance though!

DBSK and BigBang under the cut ;)

DBSK – Mirotic (clean version *giggles*) || Winning MVP + Encore
Awww congrats to the boys for winning <3 They looked really hapy in their encore performance!! But first, let me ROFLMAO HAHAHAHAHA! I cant stand the clean version, I seriously CANT! Its all fine and dandy until they go “under my sky” HAHAHAHAAHAH. Oh my poor boys~~ And dont get me started on their clothes :/ I think I’ll get bricked if I tell you what I seriously think haha. So I’ll keep it to PLEASE GET NEW STYLISTS NOW!!! BUT OMG WATCH 3.03 JAEJOONG SOUNDS SO HOT *drools*

Big Bang – Haru Haru || Sunset Glow || Last Farewell.
I miss them performing Haru Haru!! I love the song so much ♥ Haha I see, GD’s furry friend is back on his head XDDD Absolutely love what Seungri’s wearing. The type of clothes I like my guy to wear haha. They sound awesome as always. But can you hear Daesung’s really off tune “ey” at 1.30?!?! And how GD is cracking himself so hard afterwards HAHA Soooo cute :D

As always, I really enjoyed their Sunset Glow performance. I find the song ok, but the performances are always so much love. Its really fun and gets you all hyped up and bouncing woooot~~  Perfect for the festive season XD This was one of their best, they’re so HIGHHHH!!! At the first “ah ah ah” part at 2.20 they bowed down on their knees to the audience O__O THAT IS SO SWEET OMG! And their ending was SOOO FUNNY AND CUTE! GD hitting everyone and strangling SR d’awww <33

Last Farewell weeeee XDDD Man, I haven’t heard them perform this song for ages. I LOVE THE SONG, its so good to hear it again. And they changed clothes again (3 sets of clothes for 3 different songs, wow!). They sound so good!! Great, now I feel like listening to all the Big Bang albums again hahaha.

K Will ft Mc Mong and박장근– Love 911
I swear, K Will and Mc Mong both dont get the recognition they deserve :(( Anyways, I love this song. Been waiting for a live of it to post and spazz about!!! ITS SO GOOD, PLEASE GO LISTEN TO IT!! K Will sounds amazing and I love Mc Mong rapping. He’s seriously one of my favourite Korean rappers out there! I’m not really sure who the other guy is lol. But who cares, the song is great, the performance is great. Now go listen! You’ll have it on repeat for ages like me hhaha XDDDD



  1. i thought the SHINee cover of Wild Eyes was pretty good, the dance is crazy! but the english doesn’t make any sense to me!

    congrats to dong bang shin ki! (:

  2. omo, DBSK’s clothing! Junsu looked good though but i really dislike that furry patch JaeJae wears. I’m happy they won though, and OMG Sunye and all that jazz in the vid, wow u go girl!

  3. i didn’t watch dbsk cause…I don’t know whyXD
    But congrats to them!

    SHINee’s wild eyes was good but hmm the engrishXD? But well I love shinhwa so SHINee covered well to their part.

    But omg buttons. Sun Ye’s so…skinny ahaha.
    Gyuri’s a sexay one and Taengoo’s too cuteXDDD
    I love Ga In’s voice and charisma. She pulls off the sexay charisma.

    I always love big bang’s perfs. Always full of energy and charisma and I love sunset glowXD Makes me all happy. But I’m so sad there’s this DBSK vrs. Big Bang by the fans. How lame can they be? I bought mirotic and remember cause I love them both but fans have to ruin it for me T_T

    Kwill is amazing. I looved it when he sang with Younha. It was gorgeous. Sad that he’s underrated though.

  4. mel
    It was very good indeed. Being a hardcore Shinhwa lover, I can say I’m very proud of Shinee XDDD

    I couldnt stop rofling at their clothes!! I’m so mean, but its just very EWWW haha. The fur on JJ, the whole fur trench coat on Yunho and those PJs look alike on changmin *shudders* XDDD

    I love all the sunset glow performances. I think I”ve practically watched every single one cuz they always make me sooooo happy XDD Like seriously, I start bopping up and down. But yea I agree how stupid it is too have the BB vs DBSK thing. Seriously, they’re both great bands, get over it =_=

    YAHHHH Someone who knows Kwill <333 I wish more people did, he’s so talented!

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