Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 26, 2008

Leehom – Heart Beat Album Review



I haven’t been this excited for an album since JJ Lin’s Sixology came out. Lol, this morning after breakfast, I was like, hmmm something’s happening today…nope…not boxing day….OH YEA, LEEHOM’S ALBUM!!! So I went and listened to it straight away, and I’ve had the album on repeat ALL DAY.

I didn’t really like his last “Change Me” album, so I didn’t know what to think of this new one, but omg EEEEE. Not disappointed at all :D . There are some reaaally great tracks on here, and the variety is awesome :D . Did we mention that he wrote all the songs himself? YAY FOR MUSICAL GENIUSES!! I can’t wait to see him perform the songs live!!

AKFJOERWIOWU ITS FINALLY HERE!!! Leehom’s newest album zomg. I was out shopping the whole day and I couldnt wait to get home to listen to this hahaha. And omg omg omg ITS AWESOME!!! I was scared all that hype would leave me disappointed, but of course Leehom doesnt disappoint. I’m surprised that theres quite a large variety of genres in this album. Rock, pop, RnB, ballads etc. I was actually expecting more Rock fused with Chinked out like they said at first, but there wasnt much. Anyhow, still a fantastic album from a very talented guy. I’m sure he’ll manage to snag a few top spots on charts and awards for this! GO LISTEN NOW!

Click song titles for the youtube previews ;)

1. Dirty

Haha, I’ve got to admit that normally Leehom picks better Intro tracks than this. Not exactly my cup of tea. Its not horrible, its just…not my type of music. LOL. I’m more of a ballad and RnB type.  I need translations for this though cuz I’m uber curious about what he’s actually saying.

Lol, when I first heard the intro, I was like OOOO, it’s gonna be a sad song; little did I know…. Um, I don’t really like this song, cos Rock’n Roll isn’t my favourite genre. But it’s a really fun song and really different to the asian pop that I’ve been listening to. It reminds me of old American Rock’n Roll, actually. He must’ve had fun composing this XD.

2. Heart Beat

I think we’ve already said enough about this when it first came out. But <333333333333333 sooooo much love. I was a bit about it when I first heard it, cos I think the preview I listened to was really crappy XD But IT’S SUCH A NICE SONG. Leehom penned the lyrics, composed it, arranged it, produced it, and personally played all the instruments you can hear in the song. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT?!?

There really isnt much more I can say about this, cuz I’ve spazzed and capslocked and declared all the love I have for this song already. Its truly a beautiful and heartbreaking song. After listening to it for weeks, its still definitely one of my favourites from the album. The MV sure helps alot as well. *___*

3. Spring Rain Washed Over The Sun

A FAVOURITE RIGHT HERE!! I luuurrrvveee the chorus so so so much <333 It kinda reminds me of that classic oldie “Rhythm of the rain” (its such a good ol’ classic. My parents are always listening to it hahaha). This song has such a nice, soothing melody. SO PRETTY GAH! The whistling at the beginning gives the song a really nice touch too. <333

This is one of the songs that I listened to the preview of. The preview was pretty bad (no offense to the person who uploaded it XD) but I liked this song straight away :D. It reminds me of “Big City Small Love”. Really relaxing :DDD Something that you can chill to on a hot summer day with a glass of really cold lemonade while sitting in a hammock

4. Everything

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SONG ON THE ALBUM. IT’S SO NICE. I WANT HIM TO SING THIS AT OUR WEDDING WHEN WE GET MARRIED :DDDDD *gets bricked by Beckery* XD. I think this is my new favourite Emo song . The lyrics are sooooooo beautiful: “you’re my everything, the one reason that helps me face this world with courage; want to give you everything, doesn’t matter how many days it will take, forever starts now” SEEEE. SO SAD :((( It’s like something Edward Cullen would say Minus the cheesiness XDD. Have you guys seen the video of him performing this with the HK orchestra? IT WAS SO EPIC. Maybe I’ll do a post on that performance later…

OMMMGGGAHHHH ANOTHER FAVOURITE!!! (CAPSLOCKS MUST BE ABUSED FOR LEEHOM OK! HAHA) I listened to the radio version a few days ago and thought “wow what a beautiful song”. Kinda like “Forever Love”, “Kiss Goodbye”, “Wei yi”. You know, the typical, awesome Leehom sad ballads. But I didnt want to ruin the album for me, so I didnt listen to it more. But zomg after listening to it properly, I’ve fallen in love with it too!!! And like those other great songs, this one is going to be a hit FOR SURE. Its simply beautiful full stop. He needs to perform this live right now, not at PAS and his wedding though!!  ♥♥

5. I Don’t Have Any Reason To Care For You

Ok, this song got me cracking from the very start and I didnt even understand it!! It just sounded really..different? XDD And he goes “and thats the truth b*tch” which made me laugh so hard LOLOLOL. So I asked PAS what the song was about cuz I kept hearing “Lio” so I thought he was probably talking about his brother rofl. But then PAS showed me the translations and OMG ROFL HAHAHAHA WHAT THE?!!?! Its soooo funny. Its about  “him walking into a deli wearing pjs and slippers” IDEK OK! But if you read between the lines, you realise that its about pretty deep stuff. I mean, just reading the title gives you somewhat a hint doesnt it?


I didn’t really like the tune of this when I first heard it, but then I read the lyrics and omg THEY’RE SO FUNNY XDDDDDD. I don’t know if he had someone in mind when he wrote this song, but it sure sounds like he was directing this at someone.

The first part of the song goes “walking into the deli, wearing pjs and slippers; the checkout looks shocked, i look so different from the posters. He’d been brainwashed by magazines, said my skin isn’t actually that good, said I’m not as tall as I look on tv”. And he goes on to say how the other customer in the store took his phone out and frantically took photos of him even though he had spinach stuck in his teeth, but he didn’t care cos he “doesn’t have any reason to pay attention to [him]” XDDDD.

6. Another Heaven ft Jane Zhang

Tbh, I was a bit worried when I first heard that there was gonna be a duet on the album. Cos er…..Cpop female artists are….interesting XD But I love this girl’s voice *_* WHO IS SHE?? Her voice is actually really STRONG, which makes her 98475928928470x better than all the other cpop female artists that I’ve heard and disliked XD. It’s a really nice, flowy song. I think her voice and Leehom’s voice goes really nicely together. PLEASE DO MORE DUETS, GUYS! :D

I always have a weakness for duets, so I really really liked this one <333 I’m actually not familiar with Jane Zhang *gets shot* haha. But they sound great together ♥. Nothing exceptional, but it has a really nice, easy on the ears melody. Though, I have a feeling its the type of songs that will grow on you after awhile. So maybe a week later and I’ll be declaring my undying love for it hahahah XDDD

7. Puppet

Very upbeat and jumpy jumpy weeeeeeee XDD Great song for festive seasons. Makes me bop my legs up and down and sing the “ooooooooohhhh” along with him hahaha. I also hear traces of Leehom’s famous chinked out sounds. A very fun song! It’ll be heaps fun when he performs it at one of his concerts <3

This song is really fun . Like the title implies, the song’s pretty much about how he doesn’t want to be someone’s “puppet”. I think he sounds really cute in this, I’d like to see this song made into an MV. A Leehom puppet would be cute to see XD.

8. Script

ALSKDJF;SLDHG;LAKSFH;SLKJ;OWIEHG ANOTHER EMO SONG FOR ME TO ROCK BACK AND FORTH TO :DDD I haven’t read the lyrics yet, but you just KNOW that they’re really sad : ((( As soon as you hear the piano intro you just *know* that it’s an emo song XD. I really like his voice in this song, it’s kinda *magnetic* <3

Hmm…I need to listen to this a few more times. I couldnt put the title to the song, which means it hasnt really made a big impact on my mind yet. I’m sure a few more listens will fix the problem. The song is good though. The instrumental is nice, it gives off an OST feel. The whole building up to the chorus and ending and then going BAM WHAM. Yea, that type of song haha. XDDDD

9. Competitors

THIS IS SO MY SONG PEOPLES!!! SOOO DARN CATCHY ♥♥♥♥♥♥ After listening to the whole album, this was the first song I listened to again XDDD When I told PAS, she was all “OMG I KNEW IT, I knew you would like this song. Its so your style” haha. Its because I’m a major RnB lover. Korean RnB, Chinese RnB, English RnB. If its RnB, its me baby hahaha. And this song kinda gives off an RnB vibe. Not the typical RnB, but its still soooo much love. Really catchy. I like the songs where not everyone can karaoke too. And this is definitely one of that. It just wouldnt sound the same if it wasnt Leehom, so he better do a live of this soon!!! <3333

Lol, as soon as I heard this I thought “Beckery is going to love this”, and I was right XD. I don’t love it as much as “Everything”, but it’s a reaaally nice R&B track. And I like the rap . It sounds really different to his previous stuff (which is a feat of its own, considering how Leehom’s released 200+ songs XD).

10. What’s Up, Rock!

Erm ….not my favourite song on the album XD. But Leehom personally composed this and penned the lyrics, so he deserves some credit, yes? YAY FOR HIM :DD. Not my type of music, but YAY for him writing a song, cos I know I can’t XD. Unlike his Chinked-out songs, where he mixed hip hop with traditional Chinese music, this time he mixed rock with traditional Chinese music. It’s…interesting? Have you guys seen the mv for this? It’s really cool! Leehom does a “music battle” with this girl who plays Pi-ba, a traditional Chinese string instrument. Leehom plays electric guitar while the girl plays pi-ba~

This was already released a few months ago. Its one of his Rock n Roll and Chinked out mash. I like it! Since I’m a ballad/RnB girl, I found it really different. Heaps of attitude. The hard out screaming. Very AGRESSIVE and ROAR! Hahaha. Its cool!


  1. “I’ll love you till I’m dirty? or ‘得体'” I’m not really sure what that means but google translate says ‘befitting the occasion’ LOL, I’m confused but it really does sound like he’s had fun singing the first song xD
    Spring Rain Washed Over The Sun was really soothing to the ears. I liked the whistling, gives it a carefree feeling~
    And is Lee Hom good at ballads or what?? His ballads are amazing. The lyrics for Everything are beautifully written.
    I don’t have any reason to pay attention to you was another song that sounds like he had fun haha. It’s got a really catchy beat! The way he sings the lines is hilarious.
    I still have to say Heartbeat is my favourite track. Gosh, I can’t stop listening to the song. It’s freaking awesome. I’m still in the process of hearing the others so I can’t really say at this stage.


    I’ll be back with a more coherent response later (gotta hit the malls XD), but OMG THAT ALBUM COVER. LIKE OMG. OMFG. OMGGGGGGGGG SLDJFKLSJIELJFKDLSFJLSDJFLEJKFDLS.

  3. YAY!!! LEEHOM!!!! (yes caps and ! is necessary)
    haha..nice album…didnt disappoint me..
    i just noticed…isn’t the album pic of leehom

  4. Thank you for the review. I love this album! Been waiting for a long time just like you guys. Do you know where I can read the english translation to each songs?

  5. This is mainly some background info…

    ” I Don’t Have Any Reason To Care For You” is written in response to some guy who criticized Leehom for I forgot why.

    And just a heads up, did you hear how high that whistle register was in “Another Heaven?” Apparently most none-Jane fans thought it was an instrument, but it’s her voice…and since we’re here, a little more on Jane, who needs to be known.
    I suggest youtubing “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina – Jane Zhang” and then “Chinese Girl with an amazing voice, versatility & range” to hear her in 2005, without any professional training and zero packaging…
    since then, of course, she has her own songs and style. She was the only Asian artist to sing the World Peace 1 song with Madonna, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, U2, etc.
    Her first CD had no songs good enough for her, though…only her movie/drama/event theme songs have been good enough for her voice…

  6. hei, do you know where to find all the lyric’s translations? thx.

  7. Love love track 3:) It’s so.. EPIC ♥♥♥

  8. totally spamming on your site…but Jane and Leehom did do another “duet” before. They were a pair and Stefanie Sun and Sun Nan were a pair in the song “Light the Passion, Share the Dream.”

    This may sounds offensive,but really isn’t meant to be….
    there are plenty of good cpop female singers…but since you don’t know Jane, you probably don’t know the other ones except maybe Jade Liu because she worked with Fahrenheit…try the lives of 何洁(He Jie), zhou bichang 周笔畅, 谭维维(Sitar Tan) and both lives and mvs of 尚雯婕Laure Shang. and if you haven’t yet, Jade Liu’s wo jiu shi zhe yang.

  9. You don’t know Jane Zhang? *sharpens knife*
    Actually, I heard about her when I went on my “Zhang Li Yin sucks and everyon needs to know about it” phase (exaggeration, but I was pissed about how overrated the girl was. Think she’s sweet and all, but still was waaaay too overpromoted and overrated for what actally debuted), and Jane came up, and I HAD to go look her up! So good. She’s from the same area Anson’s from. I’m sooo surprised Anson hasn’t called her up for a duet yet (THAT WOULD BE BEYOND EPIC. I WOULD DIE. JUST DIE).

    Anyways, you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve actually quite liked… “Heartbeat,” lol and one of my friends is going back to Taiwan, so she’s going to get me a copy (forreals) of the CD. hehe. I’m kinda happy to be getting it.

  10. OKAY :D!

    SO! I pretty much agree with everything everyone’s said … tracks 2,3,4 are my favorites, but all the tracks are really good! I even like the rock ones hehe although I was like whoa is this really Leehom singing these lol.

    ‘Heartbeat’ has to be my favorite though SLDJFKSL. Like I don’t even know, but lsJSDKLFjl. There’s so much going on in that song, lol! Very layered, very pretty <3333.

    And ummm *raises hand* I’m another person who’s never heard of Jane Zhang before ^^;;. I’m gonna go youtube some of her performances now; she has a really pretty voice :).


  11. ugh sorry for the spam, but lol I was just reading part of the lyrics you’ve translated for ‘No Reason To Care For You’ and just laughing my ass off XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. FOR REAL?! LMAOOOOO <3333


    I feel like I miss out on a lot of lol-worthy lyrics because I don’t understand like 90% of the muic I listen to ;___;. But thank you for the translation <3!

  12. He such a talented and cute guy… his song is very beautiful and make me love at first heard… its remind me about my cute boyfriend.

  13. His Album fantastic!!!

  14. I need to listen to the album a few more times, but yeahhh it’s growing on me especially Everything and Competitors. Lol what a weird contrast.

    Anyway not sure if you’ve seen this –

    The mv for Spring Rain washed over the Sun (it reminds me of that Rhythm of the Rain song too!) – it’s of rather low quality but I really like its simplicity. Couldn’t really catch what he was saying in the beginning, but I did get that he said this could be his fave song on the album :)

  15. Oh my gosh I fail for not having listened to this sooner x_x
    Like woww, Heartbeat is so pretty! As is Spring Rain washed over the sun and Everything!
    The duet with Jane Zhang was surprisingly very nice too!!
    Thanks for this post PAS && Beckery =]

  16. Purplefanatic:
    I think 得体 means “suited to”? Idk…. I don’t really get the song XD.

    Did you hear the swearing in “I don’t have any reason to pay attention to you”?? I was really shocked XD

    I’ve had the album on repeat for the last couple of days (it’s playing on my stereo right now, actually :D) and I think my favourite tracks are “Everything” “Heart Beat” and “Script” ^^

    I’m taking it that you liked the album? XDDDDD

    When I first heard Heart Beat, I didn’t like it cos of all the layers. Idk, it just sounded weird XD But now I LOVE it. LEEHOM IS A GENIUS *_*

    I love the rain song too (i cbs typing the full name xD) did you know that he was inspired to write it after reading his dad’s poetry? (or something along the lines of that). ISN’T THAT REALLY, REALLY CUTE :D. You should read the full translation of “i don’t have any reason to care for you”, it’s reaaaally funny (and kinda insulting to whoever it was directed at) XD.


    Wow, you’re so observant. YES, it is reversed! I didn’t notice till you pointed it out O_O

    Hmmm, not sure sorry :S Have you tried Soompi??

    Uhh, yea, I thought it would be directed at someone who criticized him. I wonder if it’s someone in Showbiz? Cos the lyrics said something like “you haven’t released anything good in ten years”. Hmmm.

    Thanks for the Jane Zhang info! I’ll go youtube her now. I need more female singers to listen to!!! I’ve got Jade Liu’s song on my ipod ^^ I went and looked her up after hearing the duet she did with Aaron. But I haven’t tried the other ones yet; will give them a listen :D By “bad” cpop female singers, I meant Jolin, Rainie, etc. I know they’re really popular, but er….they’re not my type? Haha.

    Lol, I definitely agree with most of the thoughts you have towards ZLY. She’s a really sweet girl, but she NEEDS to work on those lives!

    I’m surprised you’re getting a copy of the CD!!! I thought you didn’t like Leehom??? Lol, when we were writing this, I said to bec “you know, the only people who DON’T like Leehom are Candice and Nanshi”. Now I can cross you off that list :P

    Awww, that’s sweet :D

    YUP :D!

    Haha, I like those two songs too :D

    I saw that!!! It’s so cute, I loved his dork!faces in it XD. I liked his hippy guitar too ^___^

    You’re welcome :DDD

    Glad you liked the album ^___^v

    Not sure sorry…I think Beckery normally uses Soompi?


  17. hi. I’m joee. I’m a fan of Lee Hom. I LUVVVVVVVVV him. I’m looking for Lee Hom Heartbeat BACK COVER…Does anyone here has it ? if you do, can you send it to me at this email ( ) Pleaseeeeee….your help will be appreciated. I really want it. I’ve been looking for week in the internet but i still couldn’t find it. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee…anyone……..


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